Which spin bike should I buy?

Things you need to look for before you buy a snip bike are:

  1. Frame: For any type of spin bikes, it's frame is the most important part to check and make sure it's quality is good. Make sure it's wide enough for you.
  2. Flywheel: It's located on the front side of the bike. Check the weight of the wheel, it will be spin more smoothly depending on its weight.
  3. Resistance: 5 types of resistance mechanisms can be found in a spin bike. Cable, manual screw, electronic, magnetic, and electromagnetic resistance. Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable controlling your bike's resistance.
  4. Chain or belt: There are two types of drive systems, chain, and belt. Try to go for the best type of drive system.
  5. Adjustment: Most of the spin bike's now have adjustable seats. It's important to be able to adjust the height and position of your seat according to your physical structure or you won't feel comfortable riding it.
  6. Breaks: You can find three types of brake systems which are fabric breaks, leather breaks, and magnetic braking. Magnetic breaking ones should be your first choice as it requires less maintenance and noise-free.
  7. Display Screen: Most spin bikes come with a display screen, although not all of them. The display screen helps you measure your workout progress, like distance, bike speed, calories burn count, and many more.
  8. Pedals: You should not worry too much about the bike pedals as almost all of them have quice good pedal for you to put your feet comfortably. But still, just check before you buy it.
  9. Transportation Wheels: If you are buying a spin bike for home, then, you should check if the bike has transportation wheels attached to it. It will help you move around your spin bike from one room to another, as it can be very heavy.