Whole Body Vibration Machine Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy a full WBV machine you must make sure that you are getting the right price for your dollars and that the product fits your needs. Must be noticed that none of your money and time is wasted. There are so many machines available in the market. Each company has given different features to the machines, which differentiates them. This buying guide will help you to know more about this machine and where, how to buy it, which company would be better.

A quick checklist that you needed:

  • You have to know the types of different vibration machines.
  • How much powerful machine should you need for your purpose?
  • do you want to hold onto something while your work out?
  • The platform size how big do you need.
  • How it works.
  • Is the machine able to meet your needs? If you buy the most expensive machine so it will suitable for you, It’s not like that.
  • Is the vibration machine certified for sale in your country?
  • How reliable is where you buy from?
  • The company where you buying from, how reputable it is?
  • Take a look at their warranty.
  • Better check some FAQ

Vibration machines for newly invented fitness have become wildly popular for roughly 2 reasons. They make exercise easier and get better results when proper diet and extra exercise are done. These machines are easy to use and preliminary research has shown that they can improve your overall health.

These machines help you optimize the results of your low-impact calisthenics workout. If you exercise daily with a routine, you will feel comfortable in your own home, you will become slimmer, stronger, and improve your performance.

you can get this machine easily but, it’s too difficult to find a suitable machine for you and your family. If you read this, I think it can help you a lot.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing a machine:

  • Size: You have to think first about where to put this device. Will the model you choose, fit in your space? You will need a reasonable amount of space around you to use this machine.
  • Quality: These machines should be durable and quality build. Otherwise, you can’t feel safe and secure. Check very well before you buy. It’s expensive so it’s better to buy it, don’t think like that.
  • Feature: You just don’t want to buy a machine that can’t fulfill your need. The machine you need to buy should have the option for armband attachments and speed controls.
  • Price: Does this machine fit with your budget? Set a budget for how much you can spend then start your search. It’s good to look at all the possibilities, but if you plan to buy one, you need to be realistic.
  • Usages: You need to see how many times you use the machine and how many people use it. Because different users have different needs.
  • Experience: Do you know how to use this machine? Otherwise, you will be injured. Before you use please consult your doctor.
  • Powerful: Is this machine powerful enough to lift your weight? You need to check first before buying this machine how much weight it can take up.

There are so many vibration machines out there. Here are some best full-body vibration machines:

Models ZAAZ 20K WHOLE BODY VIBRATION MACHINE VT High-Frequency Vibration Machine Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Axis Vibration Machine
Product Image ZAAZ-20K VT High-Frequency Vibration Machine Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Axis Vibration Machine
Ratings 90% 90% 88% 84% 80% 79%
Capacity 300 lbs 265 Lbs 300 Lbs 265 Lbs 275 Lbs 266 Lbs
Speeds 99 Levels 15hz-40hz 50 Levels 20 Levels 99 Levels 99 Levels
Incl. Bands Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $1,774.94
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In these models, you can grab your choosing one. But I suggest you buy ZAAZ 20K. Because this WBVmachine is one of the best machines in the market and one of the best vibration machines people use to lose weight.

It is a well-known reputable company. The ZAAZ 20K will help you hold your body fit, build your strength, lose weight, maintain blood circulation, massaging your body to refresh, maintain bone density, etc.

ZAAZ 20K Pros & Cons:


  • ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine comes with a resistance band
  • FDA approved this medical device
  • Small and space-friendly
  • 12 minutes workout time
  • 8 built-in programs
  • Heavy duty


  • This machine’s draw-back is more pricey than other vibration machines
  • After a workout, you have to wait 45 minutes to use it again


The recommended length of how long you should stay in the vibration machine is 15 to 30 minutes at a time. You can stay at the ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine is 12 minutes.

You won’t get rid of thigh fat while shaking your thighs, lose weight by practicing a healthy, low-calorie diet and eating. Consult your doctor before starting any type of weight loss or exercise procedure.

ZAAZ’s patented sinusoidal wave oscillation motion is specifically designed to provide smooth and continuous vibration to all parts of the body.

Better not to use this machine during your pregnancy. It can majorly harm you. Always consult your doctor before use it.

It depends on your present condition & your commitment. Usually, 2 to 6 weeks is the time when you will achieve significant results.

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