If we talk about a full-body vibrator machine, the first name that comes up is ZAAZ 20K. It’s the top vibration machine on the market and one of the best vibration machines people use to lose weight. The ZAAZ 20K will help you hold your body fit, build your strength, lose weight, maintain blood circulation, massaging your body to refresh, maintain bone density, etc.

The ZAAZ 20K is carefully engineered to deliver high-level treatment motion therapy to any WBV machine available. At the end of decades of scientific research, ZAAZ’s patented sinusoidal wave waving motion is respectively designed to produce smooth and uninterrupted vibrations to all parts of the body.

The movements performed on the oscillation platform of the ZAAZ 20K whole body vibrating machine showed four times more effective results than the stationary surface.

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Applications Home use
Plate Surface 20.8 x 14.5 in
Motor output(vibration) 480 watt
Speed Range 1-99
Machine Weight 105 lbs
Time Setting up to 12 minutes
Time Setting 24" x 30" x 54"
Amplitude 1-10 mm
Frequency 6-16 Hz
Maximum user load 300 lbs
Programs 8 pre-set programs
G-force 5.2 Gs
Handle Bars Side-mounted for easy grip and balanced support
Warranty 2 years on motor, parts, and labor

ZAAZ 20K Pros & Cons:


  • ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine comes with a resistance band
  • LCD screen
  • FDA approved this medical device
  • Small and space-friendly
  • Very easy to assemble
  • This vibrator machine comes with a one year warranty
  • It is very and comfortable to use
  • 12 minutes workout time
  • It can also act as physiotherapy
  • 8 built-in program
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • 1 to 99-speed settings
  • Heavy duty


  • This machine’s draw-back is more pricey than other vibration machines
  • After a workout, you have to wait 45 minutes to use it again
  • I think a little bit expensive


  • Built-In Program: ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine comes with 8 pre-set programs, so you can choose your workout routine from here. you can work out with this up to 12 minutes at once, then you have to wait 45 minutes to vibrate again. you can use this machine 4 times a day with 12 minutes of workout time
  • 3D Vibration Plates: This machine provides a 3D vibration plate that reduces your body mass by vibrate. The setting feature of this vibrator which you will like, you can set your speed as per your need.
  • LCD screen: An LCD screen comes with ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine Which will help you to identify the settings when changing workout settings. You can see selected programs, your progress, and the time left to finish your workout, music, vibrations intensity, and much more with this LCD.
  • Broad surface area: The ZAAZ full body vibration machine provides a wide surface area for your feet to set and stand securely. Regardless of the size of your foot, the wide surface area of the ZAAZ is large enough to fit all.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: When we listen to music, we all imagine ourselves in a character. Music can motivate your actions, your moods, increase your strength. Sometimes, whether your work will be finished or not, depends on the music’s rhythm. ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine has a built-in Bluetooth speaker which will connect your phone or tab or other Bluetooth devices. So you can play your favorite workout playlist. That’s really good.
  • Side Bars: When you’re doing a shoulder press, especially if you wanted to do situps and triceps dips, you need to rest your hand on the vibration machine. For this ZAAZ 20K provides a sidebar that is pretty heavy. If you have fewer workouts other than standing on the platform, you don’t seem to have a problem with this handlebar.

User benefits:

It allows its users to set the vibration, program, and timing of the machine according to their desired goal.  The most appealing advantage to most users is the tendency to use ZAAZ 20K full-body vibration machines to create self-directed programs.

With the help of the ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine, you can set the vibration program and speed according to your desired goals and objectives. There are several videos on YouTube that show you how to make your workout more productive while using a vibration device.

Many physiotherapists use and recommend the FDA-approved medical device ZAAZ vibration machines for their patients. This ZAAZ 20K whole-body vibration machine can help you to Strengthen your core, build muscular power, tone your body, pain, and stress relief, burn fat and lose weight, improve blood circulation.

If you’re getting older, then you’re losing your balance slowly and your bones became weak. In this case, this vibration machine will help you to control your balance increase your bone density. And for that, And it will also reduce your chances of falling।

People with the following conditions should avoid using ZAAZ 20K full-body vibration machines:

  • Diabetes
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Acute hernia
  • Are pregnant
  • Migraines
  • Hip or knee replacements
  • Have present cancer or tumors
  • Neurological conditions
  • Acute thrombosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Recovering from an operation
  • Epilepsy

If you have any of the conditions, you must contact your doctor before using this vibration machine. Using a machine that vibrates too frequently can have a detrimental effect on the spine, so it is important to use the machine as part of an overall exercise program.

Lots of people are using this machine without side effects, so it depends on your body, health history, and how you react. You should follow the user manual must.

Final Talk:

ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine can provide you significant health and wellness benefits which are supported by experts as well as customer reviews. As you read through the various reviews, pay attention to these advantages and disadvantages and consider how they will affect your results and your overall user experience. So you can better determine if it is the right vibration machine for you to buy.



  1. If you do full-time workout, you can do 4 sessions every day.
  1. The recommended length of how long you should stay in the vibration machine is 15 to 30 minutes at a time. You can stay at the ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration machine is 12 minutes.
  1. ZAAZ’s patented sinusoidal wave oscillation motion is specifically designed to provide smooth and continuous vibration to all parts of the body.
  1. ZAAZ Studio has a lie about production space for physical vibration machines. They claim that the machines are made in Canada, but they are all made in China.
  1. You won’t get rid of thigh fat while shaking your thighs, lose weight by practicing a healthy, low-calorie diet and eating. Consult your doctor before starting any type of weight loss or exercise procedure.

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