Best Bowflex Tread climbers Buying Guide

TreadClimbers is a modern type machine that combines an elliptical machine, a stair climber, and a treadmill. This makes it easier to get a complete workout than imagined by allowing users to use a machine for a specific period without switching.

So if you have a TreadClimber at home you’ll get 3 fitness machine workouts in only one machine. Everyone wants to keep in shape, stay strong, build strength & we know that daily exercise can refresh you also your mind. Everyday walking & running is a good exercise for anyone.

If you can do all this in your home then why should you go outside for a workout? A TreadClimber machine can save your time, money and provides all this walking, running, climbing in one machine. It’s very affordable than buying three different machines. Also, this machine is good for various leg injuries.

If you buy two of these fitness machines( a Treadmill, an elliptical, and a stair climber ) that’ll need lots of space in your home and very expensive also. That’s why you should buy a TreadClimber machine and for that, BowFlex is the best option.

BowFlex is the most reputable brand on the market for its satisfying products. In the market among all TreadClimbers, BowFlex is a leading brand. Everyone likes this brand’s product because they feel very comfortable and trustworthy.

Why you should buy a cardio training machine?

Cardio training is not only for the heart and the cardiovascular components of it. It is also beneficial for the respiratory and muscular systems. We need to fit cardio training into fitness routines to efficiently deliver oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout the body. Also, cardio helps to burn excess calories, thus, and, fat.

Everyone should do a cardio minimum of 4 times a week to keep their strength ability, muscle group activity. Going out to do cardio is time-consuming and after a few days, it becomes annoying.

So if you have a cardio machine at home, then it’ll be a home partner to do cardio and saves your time. You can do cardio exercises anytime and, no need to worry about it.

Quick checklist for buying a TreadClimber:

  • Why you should buy a TreadClimber?
  • Benefits of TreadClimbers.
  • Which one is perfect for your demand?
  • How much your budget? Is this TreadClimber affordable in your budget?
  • How much space available in your home?
  • Which companies TreadClimber is better?

Benefits of having a TreadClimbers:

  • It’s clinically proven that TreadClimbers can burn 2.5 times more calories than a treadmill.
  • It offers several programs that are helpful for your various exercises and this machine is very easy to use by controlling its resistance.
  • If you exercise 30 minutes a day in a TreadClimber, you are expected to burn two to three pounds of fat in a month.
  • It can target and activate large muscle groups. It makes your leg muscles strong.
  • When walking and jogging speed and climbing up and down speed are combined, calories are burned faster.
  • Build the bone size and strength for your bones.
  • You can work at home anytime, no need to worry about your outfit.
  • It can reduce your injury.

There are lots of TreadClimbers in the market, but these two models Bowflex TC100 & Bowflex TC200 are the best in the market.

Bowflex TC100:

Short Spec:

  • Dimensions:  57″ L x 31.5″ W x 59″ H
  • Speed Range: 0.5-4 mph
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: User Height + 20″
  • Warranty:  2 Years

Bowflex TC100

The brand new entry-level TreadClimber TC100 is designed for low-impact workouts that are highly efficient and effective. This 3-in-1 designed Bowflex TC100 combines the top-selling three fitness machines & provides 2.5 times more calorie burn than a treadmill, an elliptical, and a stair-stepper.

This machine can burn the same number of calories in ten minutes as much as a treadmill can do in 25 minutes. It’s low impact so no matter how old you are to exercise, it provides you good exercise without any pain & injury. Also, this machine is space and user-friendly.

You can put your iPad on the media tray to watch or listening something. You’ll get two controllers to increase or decrease your speed by 0.1 miles an hour and one by 0.5 miles. Bowflex TC100 has a 300 pounds weight capacity that’ll good enough for home fitness equipment for everyone.

Here are some good features of Bowflex TC100:

  • Grip pulse heart rate monitoring system
  • Two users profile
  • BowFlex Connect app support
  • Console with LCD screen.
  • App support


Bowflex TC200:

Short Spec:

  • Dimensions: 55 L x 31.5″ W x 62.5″ H
  • Speed Range: 0.5-4.5 mph
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: User Height + 20″
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Bowflex TC200:

The Bowflex TC200 is a top model & best-selling TreadClimbers on the market which is a low-impact 3-in-1 designed machine. This low-impact workout machine provides a comfortable exercise for everyone.

TC200 has an upgrade console system than TC100. With an LCD screen, you will get Bluetooth connectivity and free TreadClimbers app support. 4 customizable user profiles will help you to track speed, time, distance, and calories burned while monitoring your personal fitness by LCD.

Communication grip sensors are conveniently placed on fixed handlebars for heart rate monitoring and you’ll get a chest strap and wireless heart rate monitoring system. Bowflex TC200 can burn 2.5 times more calories than a treadmill and can lift up to 300 pounds of user weights.

Its speeds reached up to 4.5 mph which is more than TC100 and also it’ll take care of your space at home.

Here are some good features of Bowflex TC200:

  • Heart rate monitoring system with grip pulse, chest strap, and wireless monitoring system.
  • LCD monitor and dual-purpose USB port
  • TC 200 has a 4 users profile.
  • 5 workout programs like Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal, and Interval
  • App supported data sharing system

Bowflex TC100 & Bowflex TC200 both models are good to use. If you need a fitness machine then go for one of these two BowFlex models.

*Before you buy a TreadClimber machine, read and know about pros & cons and, some frequently asked questions.

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