Best Smith Machine Buyer’s Guide

Who does not want to live a healthy and happy life? But for this, you have to keep your body fit and it cannot be imagined without exercise. You can exercise outdoors or at the gym, which is difficult to do in this corona epidemic, and it’s time-consuming to go to the gym a minimum of three or four times a week.

That’s why everyone chooses to exercise at home and it saves you monthly gym fees. Exercise is the best way to keep fit, and the Smith Machine is a great way to exercise at home. The Smith machine is a weight machine that is used for weight training. It consists of a barbell that is fixed between steel rails allowing only vertical or near-vertical action.

The barbell of some Smith machines is unbalanced. The machine is used for a variety of exercises although it is commonly used to perform “Smith Machine Squat”. The machine was invented by American Jack Lalan Smith, who built a sliding machine in his gym in the 1950s.

Some Smith machines also allow horizontal movement. These machines can be used for heavy lifting, curls, lunges, deadlifts, and a few other weight lifting exercises. The Smith Machine is a great alternative to free weight lifting and is a tool that any bodybuilder, professional, or home weightlifter should use.

If you want the best smith machine for you, I think this guide will help you. So let’s begin.

Benefits of using a smith machine:

Easy to use:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert, because this machine is very easy to use. If you want to start exercising for the first time, the Smith machine is best for you.

All in 1 machine:

A good quality Smith machine can replace many exercise machines that can save you money, time, and space. Smith machines usually come with an adjustable bench, lat pull-down attachment, and a cable crossover as a bonus with a back row attachment.

Using the attachments and benches of this machine you will be able to exercise almost all the muscles in your upper body.


Smith machines are very effective for your body. A study published in December 2009 found that free weights activated 43% more muscle activation than the Smith machine when performing squats.

Suitable for squat exercises:

Squatting is very important for your body and it is a necessary exercise that creates great toned legs and will improve your fitness and overall strength. Squatting can be painful for you if you have a bad knee or an injury.

Reduce your injury:

Using this equipment helps you avoid some of the injuries associated with free squats. Improved stability means you are less likely to harm yourself.

Lift more:

Many users of the Smith Assisted Squat Machine has taken the opportunity of more benches. Give yourself time to build your confidence and strength. Whether you are a new user or an experienced player, Smith Machine will help you with your daily lifting. It Will help you to recover from your injury if you follow the manual carefully.

It is safe:

This device makes it safe for those who do not have a spotter during practice. If you feel discomfort suddenly while exercise, you can lock the barbell easily in place. Some models have inbuilt devices that can be automatically adjusted to stop the barbell at a certain height. With these safety measures, they are safe when performing exercises.

Increased strength:

In a smith machine, you are stronger than free weights press, which means you can lift a lot more weights which is very useful to increase your strength. Studies show that most free-weight press people are on average 3% weaker than Smith machine presses.

A total body workout machine:

The Smith Machine is best for total body workouts that provide weight lifting, cardiovascular workouts, muscle building, strength increase, upper body workouts, lower body workouts, etc.

A quick checklist to consider before buy a Smith machine:

⦁ Your budget
⦁ Frame & materials
⦁ Quality & Stability
⦁ Measure Out The Dimensions
⦁ User weight
⦁ Storage
⦁ Safety features
⦁ Versatility
⦁ Ease of Assembly
⦁ Design
⦁ Attachments
⦁ Available space
⦁ Linear Bearings
⦁ Number Of Workstations
⦁ Pricing
⦁ Warranty

Best Smith Machines:

There are so many Smith machines from different brands with some different features on the market. Among them, here are some best models:

  1. INSPIRE Fitness FT2
2. FORCE USA Monster G3
3. Valor Fitness BE-11
4. Body-Solid GS348QP4 Series 7
5. Marcy Smith Cage
6. Marcy Pro SM-4903


61MZbIDH4L. AC SL1000

Short Specifications:

Dimension: 58” L x 61” W x 83-88” H
Machine weight: 825 pounds
User weight: 460 pounds


FORCE USA Monster G3

Short Specifications:

Dimension: 51″W x 55″D x 87″H
Machine weight: 337 pounds
User weight: 770 pounds


Valor Fitness BE-11


Short Specifications:

Dimension: 58” L x 38” W x 81”
Machine weight: N/A
User weight: 500 pounds


Body-Solid GS348QP4 Series 7


Short Specifications:

Dimension: 98″L x 69″W x 83″H
Machine weight: 774 pounds
User weight: 600 pounds


Marcy Smith Cage


Short Specifications:

Dimension: 70″L x 79″W x 84.5″H
Machine weight: N/A
User weight: 600 pounds


Marcy Pro SM-4903

marcy pro

Short Specifications:

Dimension: 86″ L x 73″ W x 85″ H
Machine weight: 368 pounds
User weight: 600 pounds



There are so many or more variations of home gym equipment on the market. The parts of the Smith machine separates and merges into another, providing many features that you may or may not need. When choosing a Smith machine, keep in mind the most important things to consider.

The best Smith machine is one that is versatile in terms of consistency and features its positions, made of durable and high-quality parts, one that allows for wide movement, one that is safe to use, and one that can train your whole body from top to bottom.

*Before you buy a Smith machine, make sure you know about this machine very well and read lots of reviews, pros & cons, FAQs.

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