13 best spin bikes reviews

In these stressful times of lockdown and being quarantined at home, the fitness industry has continued to serve by offering not only quality and affordable best spin bikes which can be used at home but which is effective, gets the heart pumping, is compact, versatile and most importantly gives a high-level workout.

A high proportion of fitness aficionados who have never gone near a gym prior to the pandemic and enjoyed the contact and team sports such as football, soccer, and rugby as well as those who enjoyed swimming and volleyball have found the cardio workout achieved on a spin bike at home is their new go-to sport for burning calories and strengthening cardio.

If you have thought about trying indoor spinning but are unsure as to the best indoor spin bike for you, worry not; this and more questions are answered below. Meanwhile here are 7 great reasons why indoor workouts on the best spin bikes are good for your health, your fitness, and your general well-being.

Best Spin Bike For Beginners

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike

Best Spin Bike For Pro -Athletics


NordicTrack Commercial

Best Spin Bike For Most Impact

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Spin Bike With Most Features

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Another Great Spin Bike


Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Another Great Spin Bike


Sunny SF-B1001 Spin Bike

Another Great Spin Bike

Ancheer M6008 Indoor Spin Bike

Ancheer M6008 Spin Bike

Another Great Spin Bike


Cyclace Exercise Bike

Another Great Spin Bike


Bluefin Fitness Spin Bike

Another Great Spin Bike

Best Spin Bike

Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike

Another Great Spin Bike

SYRINX Indoor Spin Bike

SYRINX Indoor Spin Bike

Another Great Spin Bike

MEVEM Indoor Spin Bike

MEVEM Indoor Spin Bike

Read all our recommended spin bikes details below
  1. Workout as and when you like – no restrictions and no limits when using best spin bikes
  2. Keep fit regardless of weather, winter or summer, snow or sunshine workout in the comfort and safety of home
  3. It’s time effective – no need to get ready to go on the road or to a gym – work out as and when you like
  4. With smart bike hook-ups, training and competing in real-time with cyclists all over the world is infinitely doable
  5. Set personal goals and work at your own pace
  6. Use interactive training apps to keep motivated and to have fun with the workout
  7. Decide on what matters to you – use the training time to define your goals and set your focus
best spin bikes

5 Benefits of spinning at home with the best spin bike brands

  1. Builds a healthy heart. This helps control breathing and anxiety levels
  2. Burns calories. Helps maintain a healthy weight
  3. Builds lean muscle tone. Gives the body that sculpted look
  4. Start at any fitness level and work up as fitness increases
  5. Best indoor cycling bike is versatile and can be used by any member of the family

The best indoor spin bike is compact and will fit in any size room; unlike the more cumbersome pieces of kit such as treadmills, rowing machines, or cross-trainers which require more space. Best spin bikes have been built with the racing bike in mind and this shows in the forward propulsion of the design.

As well as go faster ergonomics, created for comfort as well as endurance, best spin bikes come equipped with a console that attaches to any smart device for an app that tracks your training every step of the way.   Spin bike with the screen makes for a more intense and adrenaline-fuelled workout.

So whether you are a complete novice, have been spinning since forever, or are an outdoor biker working indoors due to lockdown, spinning is a sport for everyone at any level and best spin bikes are the way to get you there fast.

best home spin bikes

The main difference between best spin bikes built specifically for spinning and a fixed exercise bike is the large wheel positioned at the front or the rear of the machine. This appendage, the flywheel, is usually built separately from the pedal mechanism and it is from the flywheel that resistance is applied and momentum can be built up to simulates the outdoor biking experience. The flywheel, by necessity is a heavy beast and can weight anything from 30 pounds upwards helping the user, that’s YOU, gain fitness whilst enjoying a super intense workout delivered only by the best indoor cycling bike.

There are two methods to create resistance on best indoor spin bikes and these are:

  • Friction resistance
  • Magnetic resistance

Friction resistance can be recognized in two ways:

1)  A singular block pad located at the top of the flywheel. This pad is pressed downwards as the dial is made tighter

2) A dual pad system set like pivots on either side of the flywheel and as the tension dial is made tighter the pads draw in to squeeze the flywheel making it more difficult to pedal

Magnetic resistance for a best indoor spin bike is employed like this: in place of the dual pad system of friction resistance, two magnets are placed on either side of the flywheel. This means that as the flywheel spins it moves through the magnetic field causing a natural resistance on the flywheel. In other words, the flywheel acts as a conductor. The resistance can be increased or decreased by moving the magnets closer to or further from the flywheel. Resistance levels are regulated by a tension switch or knob or via a touch screen on a console.

13 Best Indoor Spin Bikes For Home

So whatever your current level of fitness, here are 13 of our recommended best spin bike brands and not just because we say they are – we got the intel to prove it:


1. Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Adjustable   

Flywheel Weight:  49 pounds (22-kg)

Construction: Steel construction to allow standing up and leaning forward whilst working

Additional Benefits:  Strain handle, slowing mechanism, silent workout, vibration-free,

Suitable for: Suitable for novice and experienced users making it one of the best spin bike brands currently on the market

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2. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle (S15i & S22i)

  • S15i has a 14” screen
  • S22i has a 22” screen
  • Both models come with HD touch

Resistance Type:  Inertia-enhanced magnetic with user-friendly controls and customized settings

Flywheel Weight:   49 pounds (22-kg)

Construction:   Commercial grade steel, snugly fitted to ensure a safe, wobble-free workout

Additional Benefits: 12-month ifit membership is included with purchase, real-time interactive training workouts with personal trainers from around the world, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

Suitable for:  Beginners and experienced riders. Those who are looking for a gentle workout will not be disappointed in either model. In addition to being well-designed, the Nordic is lightweight, easy to store and transport without sacrificing the quality features expected in modern-day best spin bikes

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3. Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Spin Bike

Resistance Type: Adjustable

Flywheel Weight: 55 pounds (25-kg)

Construction: Aluminium frame

Additional Benefits: Integral app for use with any smart device, LCD display, HRC pulse
monitors, stop brake system, target workouts

Suitable for: Both low impact and high-intensity work making this one the best choice in the spin
bike with screen class

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4. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Resistance Type:  Adjustable high resistance control and customization options are available.

Flywheel Weight:   35 pounds flywheel can support a maximum of 270 pounds weight.

Construction:  M10 steel, which is more rigid and suitable for high resistance cycling.

Additional Benefits: This indoor spin bike is equipped with an LCD digital monitor to track your speed, time, distance, burned calories, and many more. Pedals are designed to make it more comfortable and not sleepy. They also added a brake pad, bottle holder, and transportation wheels for moving around.

Suitable for:  This easy to control and features mainly focused on monitoring workout progress spin bike is a perfect choice for a heavy-duty workout routine. Compact and high durability with fitness tracking features makes it one of the best spin bikes in the market 2020.

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5. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Resistance Type:  Magnetic with 24 tension levels

Flywheel Weight: 8 pounds (3.6-kg)

Construction:   Durable stainless steel

Additional Benefits:  Heart rate monitor, compact in size (easy storage), transport wheels, pre-installed e-chip to allow the transfer of information to other devices,

Suitable for:   Cardio work, body toning, and weight loss. Both novice riders and seasoned spinners will easily find their way around the Keiser M3’s user -friendly interface.

Note: no electricity required: the Keiser M3 consoles are battery-powered, making this one of the best spin bikes to use in areas where there is no electrical output eg garage, outdoors, etc.

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6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1001

Resistance Type: Adjustable resistance for a variable workout.

Flywheel Weight:   30 pounds chromed solid flywheel.

Construction:  Heavy-duty crank and steel frame construction.

Additional Benefits: Micro-Adjustable Resistance knob & Pad Resistance, 4-way adjustable seat, Caged Pedals, and Transportation Wheels for easy moving.

Suitable for: Gentle to intermediate level workout. Choose this one for best spin cycle for home if you enjoy low resistance or gentle aerobic workouts.

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7. Ancheer M6008 Indoor Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Magnetic with user-friendly controls and customized settings

Flywheel Weight:   40 pounds (18-kg) with silent belt drive

Construction:   Solid steel frame, snugly fitted to ensure a safe, wobble-free workout

Additional Benefits: This best indoor spin bike is robust but neat enough to fit in a bedroom or garage space. It has an easy-to-read LCD unit, two water bottle holders, bracket for phone 

Suitable for:  Users who have limited space and who want a model which is compact, lightweight and easy to transport without sacrificing the quality features expected in best spin bikes

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8. Cyclace Exercise Bike

Resistance Type: Adjustable Resistance Ergonomic resistance bar

Flywheel Weight:  36lbs flywheel and belt-driven system, can support to 330lbs

Construction: Thickened steel with a triangular frame.

Additional Benefits: Its seat has 8 adjustable positions and customizable. An extra break pad with multi-grip handlebars. LCD monitor for all workout tracking.

Suitable for: An all-round cardio intense workout. A great choice for a high-quality spin bike with a screen.

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9. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Resistance Type: Reduce/increase the resistance with knob controller.

Flywheel Weight: 35lbs flywheel

Construction: sturdiest bike with heavy-duty steel frame.

Additional Benefits: LCD monitor tracks, adjustable non-slip handlebar, and Caged Foot Pedals for better griping.

Suitable for: Riders of any fitness level who enjoy goal-setting and tracking progress will love this  best spin bike for home.

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10. Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Magnetic - 100 micro adjustable tiers of resistance for the perfect workout

Flywheel Weight:  30 pounds (13.6-kg)

Construction:  Alloy steel. Sturdy but easy to move around

Additional Benefits:. Connects with Peloton and Zwift for instant streaming, fully adjustable saddle, padded armrests, slip resistant pedals make for a workout easy on the joints

Suitable for: An all-round cardio intense workout. Great choice for high quality spin bike with screen

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11. SYRINX Indoor Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Adjustable, belt-driven

Flywheel Weight:  35 pounds (16 -kg)

Construction:   Anti-corrosive steel coated frame.

Additional Benefits: 4-way adjustable seat, multi-grip handlebars, user-friendly interface, battery-powered.

Suitable for: Gentle to intermediate level workout. Choose this one for best spin cycle for home if you enjoy low resistance or gentle aerobic workouts

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12. MEVEM Indoor Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Magnetic

Flywheel Weight: 18 pounds (8-kg)

Construction:   Steel tubing: offering strength, stability, and reliability to the best spin bike experience

Additional Benefits:  Magnetic resistance ensure quiet operation, pedals cradle the feet from slipping to ensure safety, compact, stable and easy to move around

Suitable for: Users from small to average height. The versatility of this machine promises a comfortable ride to riders at all fitness levels on this best indoor cycling bike

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13. VIGBODY Spin Bike

Resistance Type:  Adjustable

Flywheel Weight:   24 pounds (11-kg)

Construction:   Steel

Additional Benefits:  slimmer, minimalistic design, all parts are easily adjustable, Vigbody is one of the quietest best spin bikes on the market today

Suitable for:   Experienced cyclists who enjoy pushing themselves for a power-filled workout will love this best spin bike for home

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How Important is the flywheel weight and how does it affect performance?

The heavier the wheel  the more energy it takes to get it moving, and a  lighter flywheel will take less energy to get moving. Simple physics. But whatever the weight of the flywheel, once it is moving the effort is in keeping the momentum going.

Unlike Tesla 3, best spin bikes are not designed to go from 0 – 60mph in 3.2 seconds, and even if they were it is unlikely that any human cyclist, no matter how fit, could test the design spec!

The point here is that whilst the aim of the best spin bike for home may not necessarily be to take off like Tesla, the art of spin is twofold:

  • Strength to get the flywheel moving to the speed required
  • Endurance to be able to keep the momentum flowing once you get there

This brings the flywheel weight question down to one thing: personal preference.

Some best indoor cycling bike users enjoy working out on a bike with a large, heavier flywheel. This is likely to be because larger wheels emulate outdoor biking more closely. For example a large percentage of outdoor cyclists who start spinning prefer the heavier flywheel for this reason.

Our recommendations with heavier flywheel include:

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike   55lbs/25-kg

Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Spin Bike  49lbs/22-kg

Ancheer M6008 Indoor Spin Bike  40lbs/18-kg

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle 42lbs/22-kg


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