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Are you on a budget but need a good spin bike for your indoor cycling needs? Or maybe you’re just starting on your fitness journey and wish to do so with the right stationary bike?

We recommend the ANCHEER M6008 Spin Bike if your answer is YES to any of these questions. It’s a cheap, beginner-level indoor bike targeted at the home user.

Over the years, ANCHEER has established a solid reputation as reliable dealers in low-cost but standard quality stationary bikes for home and commercial use. With their bikes, you should expect great construction and smooth performance.

One of the things we like about the M6008’s design is how the manufacturers kept things very focused and direct with the essentials. They didn’t load up the bike with several features and accessories. While this may be a setback for some users, it’s a win for people like you who just want something that works.

If you consider this bike a good fit for your consideration, you may read through our comprehensive review to know your prospective buy in depth.

How does the ANCHEER M6008 Spin Bike measure up against your expectations?

Let’s find out.

ANCHEER M6008 Spin Bike
ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike

Model Overview

The ANCHEER M6008 Indoor Bike is an entry-level Spin Bike for home use. Due to its affordability, many buyers on a tight budget consider it a good option.

Not to be judged by its beginner-grade status and low-price point, the ANCHEER M6008 is an amazing gym piece that sticks to the essentials. Users will find their workouts to be simple, direct, and focused. Of course, some users prefer it this way, something they can just hop unto and go—no waiting for the different units on it to the booth or connect.

You can quickly start your daily routine comfortably and decently with a couple of minutes’ ride on your ANCHEER M6008 Spin Bike. There’s almost a no better way to get physically and mentally ready for the day’s challenge than a quality dose of daily exercise. The ANCHEER M6008 bike will help you loosen stiffness joints, unknot sore muscles, and free condensed blood channels.  

This ANCHEER bike comes with a solid steel crank and frame, which provides the strength and durability for your M6008 to go the distance.

What bothers us about this product is that the weight and the weight capacity are not given, not even by the manufacturers on their website. And it was a bit annoying finding varying figures for these values on several review websites. What we did was to stick with consistent, first-hand information from verified real buyers and users from across multiple reliable independent sources in cases where the manufacturers have not provided solid data. We consider these to be more reliable.

In terms of size, the bike is small and compact, which makes it easy-to-handle fitness equipment and a great space saver.

The seat, handlebars, and pedals are ergonomically designed to offer easy and comfortable workout—no stress! As for the pedal type, though not a demerit on its own, we prefer a caged pedal design to the straps model of our M6008.

Another winning feature of this bike is the excellent belt drive mechanism and the adjustable felt pad resistance, which offer smooth and quiet transmission. The resistance mimics the feel of a road bicycle, making it great for those who love that peculiar road experience and persons who wish to alternate between their road biking and indoor cycling on days when the former proves impossible.

The 22 lbs flywheel makes up part of the drive mechanism. Most users say they prefer heavy flywheels, and that’s understandable because it has a direct relationship with the pedaling resistance. The heavier the flywheel, the higher the resistance felt.

The M6008 presents an interesting exception to this case with the unique bidirectional edge of the flywheel. This allows for forward and reverses pedaling, to works more muscle groups on the lower body.

By comparison, a “lightweight” flywheel with bidirectional characteristic targets more lower-body muscle groups (if backpedaling is incorporated) than a “heavy” flywheel with the one-way directional transmission.

You can always adjust the resistance using a tension knob attached to the main steel frame leading up to the console. Twist clockwise or anticlockwise to set intensity to taste. The same tension knob doubles as a quick stop break in an emergency situation.

Moving forward, there is a water holder on the frame to keep you hydrated with your favorite drink. A media tray on the console holds your phone close where you can easily access it mid-workout.

An LCD digital monitor displays data for time, distance, speed, and calories to help you track your fitness performance and progress every step of the way.

Regarding mobility, the two strong front wheels make the already light bike so easy to move from room to room, while 4-floor levelers add anti-skid safety.

Cosmetically speaking, the bike has a striking esthetic appeal and simple design. It comes in two different color variants for the same model: Black colored version and the silver-colored one.

In summary, the ANCHEER M6008 is a perfect home match for budget buyers and entry-level users. In these categories, customer reviews have been harmoniously positive and encouraging, for the most part.

Let’s find out more about this bike.

ANCHEER M6008 – Pros and Cons


  • Low-budget exercise bike
  • Great for home and office use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Smooth and quiet transmission
  • Bidirectional flywheel allows you to pedal forward and backward
  • LCD Monitor for tracking time, speed, distance, time, and calories
  • Multi-grip handlebars allow you to target more muscle groups
  • Tablet holder keeps your smartphone/iPad handy for streaming online content or taking calls
  • 1 bottle holder keeps you hydrated
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
  • SpaceSaver design
  • Low maintenance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Unspecified assembled weight and maximum user weight capacity
  • Too small electronic monitor
  • Strap pedals may be less preferable for some users
  • Not for advanced users or very tall persons (6’3” and above)
  • Not for users looking for more accessories or computer app features

Specs Rundown

  • Manufacturer: ANCHEER
  • Model: M6008
  • Rating: 4/5 (88%)
  • Applications: home, office
  • Colors available: 2 variants (black and silver + red)
  • Assembled dimensions: 9” L x 18.9” W x 43.3” H
  • Seat to pedal adjustment (max/min):2”-27.5”
  • Handlebar to pedals adjustment (max/min):0”-33.0”
  • Ideal user height: 4’9”-6’2”
  • Display monitor: LCD screen; time, speed, distance, & calories
  • Net weight: UNSPECIFIED
  • Weight capacity: UNSPECIFIED
  • Material: plastic, metal, rubber HDI foam material
  • Frame construction: heavy-duty crank &steel
  • Flywheel: 22 lbs (10 kg), bidirectional
  • Drive system: belt
  • Resistance: smooth and quiet
  • Pedals: straps
  • Transportation wheels: YES
  • Price: $269.99
  • Warranty: 1 year

Additional features include:

  • Fully adjustable seat & handlebars
  • 1x bottle holder
  • Media tray

Key Features Description

Frame and construction

The most prominent feature of the ANCHEER M6008 Indoor Bike, visually speaking, is a small size and simple design. It comes across as good looking and humble.

In terms of construction, the bike is taking nothing away from its heavy crank and steel frame, which are essential to its sturdiness and durability. Unfortunately, there is no direct manufacturer information on the bike’s weight and user weight capacities, and we can’t understand why. But we prefer to not use information from any other non-direct source.

Going by reviews from verified users from across several platforms, we could deduce that the bike is really sturdy. One 220-lbs user on Amazon wrote about how he enjoyed the nice snug fit of the stainless steel tubing, and how stable the bike feels, even during the most intense workouts.

The bike comes with a 22 lbs bidirectional flywheel. This may not be a heavy enough weight for a flywheel; however, the bidirectional bonus balances out any downsides by adding backpedaling to your gains. Together with the belt drive transmission, you’re assured of a smooth and quiet workout.

In terms of size, this model is on the smaller side with assembled dimensions 42.9” L x 18.9” W x 43.3”. This makes it easy to handle and convenient to use or save in limited spaces. At the same time, it makes it unsuitable for persons 6’3” and above.

To make up for some of the height setbacks, the handlebars, seat, and pedals have been designed ergonomically with adjustable capabilities. More specifically on these in the next listing.

Overall, the ANCHEER M6008 is a small-size gym bike for home use. We aren’t sure about its weight strengths, as these aren’t specified by the manufacturers. However, we have to believe it’s sturdy and durable enough for the typical user in a home setting.

On the other hand, the small size, simple design, and belt drive operation reduce maintenance hassle considerably, making the ANCHEER M6008 a long-term investment for you.

Seat, handlebar, and pedals

The bike comes with an ergonomically designed seat, handlebars, and pedals to accommodate users of various sizes and heights.

ANCHEER M6008 Spin Bike fetures

The inseam (seat to pedals) adjustment is 36.2”-27.5”. The length from the handlebars to the pedals is 37.0”-33.0”. This makes the bike ideal for users from 4’9” to 6’2” tall.

The handlebars offer a firm and comfortable grip. The pedals are the standard 9/16 size and use straps to hold your feet in place.

Drive & resistance

Performance is one of the positive highlights of the ANCHEERM 6008 Bike. It features an efficient belt drive transmissions and an adjustable felt pad resistance mechanism. These assure smooth and silent operation.


The 22 lbs flywheel is bidirectional, which means you can pedal forward and in reverse to target more muscle groups. For the M6008, this is a winning advantage over bikes with heavier flywheels but non-bidirectional quality.

You can adjust the resistance to preference at any time by twisting a tension knob attached to the mainframe tubing. Turn the knob right or left to increase or decrease intensity levels. With a double function, the tension knob can also be pressed down to stop the bike in an emergency situation or to switch pedaling directions.

Another advantage:  With a belt-driven drive mechanism, maintenance is kept really low. This is quite very different from chain transmission systems which often suffer wear from friction.  In the case of the ANCHEER M600, there’s no need for periodic lubrication. All you need to do is to change the felt pad when due.

LCD Monitor

The M6008 features a basic non-backlit LCD computer that displays your workout data for time, distance, speed, and calories burned. This helps you track your fitness progress and make improvements in real-time.


Users’ general feedback on the bike’s computer is positive, in that you can trust the accuracy of the displayed stats. But we personally don’t like the too-small size of the monitor screen. The designers would have done better to increase the size.


Even though this bike isn’t the most lavishly equipped bike in terms of accessories, it still offers great value for your money.

 It comes with an LCD monitor, a bottle holder for hydration, and a media shelf for your smartphone.

Obviously, these are basic features of an indoor bike, but it’s still a cheer to know that they are there. Besides, some bikes still do not have some of these features.


The ANCHEER M6008 sells for less than $300, which is the price category for gym bikes at the lowest end of the market.

It’s a good way for beginners to introduce themselves slowly into gym bikes or get familiar with the market options until they’re grounded enough to upgrade.


There is a solid warranty of 12 months and follow-up customer care to give you peace of mind.

Final Words

The ANCHEER M6008 Stationary Bike is not the best in terms of featuring lots of accessories and internet-enabled benefits. It prefers to narrow things down to the very essentials, so that your workout will be simple, stress-free, and focused.

This makes the M6008 the perfect gym bike for 3 types of persons:

  • A buyer on low-budget
  • An entry-level user
  • Home or office users

On second thought, it’s unfair to expect too much from a gym bike that costs less than $300 (a low-end price). Like every other product, it has its wins and its losses, depending on your expectations.

Among all the benefits of this bike, we especially like how it targets buyers of every financial level. When compared to a typical high-end model like the Peloton bike, which costs above $4,000, you will be on the winning side with well above 10x saved on your money.

That’s a great value.

Of course, we are not saying you should ditch any plans for getting a better choice in the future—NO. We’re only pointing out that this bike will give you the value you seek if you just want something that works.

And like already stated, it’s an ideal option for budget buyers, beginners, and home/office users.

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