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Sunny SF-B1002 indoor cycling spin bike is one of the most popular spin bikes among the spin bike lovers. Mostly because of it’s great features, performances & for its affordable price range. Easily a great choice for home cycling.

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike is designed with a top-quality built and some cutting-edge technology such as a heavy flywheel and a belt drive system that together make this model a solid investment for both beginners and advanced users.

sunny spin bike
Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike
  • Product dimensions: 90 x 20 x 44”
  • Product weight: 115lbs
  • Frame: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Flywheel weight: 49lbs
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Maximum user weight: 275lbs
  • Drive mechanism: Belt drive
  • Adjustability: Seat and Handlebars
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • LCD screen: No

Pros & Cons



Under Budget Spin Bike

I wanted to talk about a cheaper alternative exercise bike The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 that you can get for a fraction of the price and you’re going to have a heck of a lot of fun. It’s not the same quality compared to a peloton but it’s way cheaper and if you get a couple of years of use out of it then it’s money well spent.

  • Cost

I bought everything under $370 bucks and it’s a very sturdy bike. It has a 49 lbs flywheel and it’s a belt driving spin bike which I did my research and it seems like the belt drive is more durable than a chain drive exercise bike. This is the Sunny SF B1002 model and I did buy the gel seat cover for the seat because I like these.

Sunny SF B1002 Seats

  • iPad Holder

Also, what I did is I ordered an iPad holder that holds any mini or the regular-sized iPad.

Sunny SF B1002 iPad Holder

  • Audio Input

And then I just plugged in my headphones, which is good because one of my instructors likes to use some language. So, it’s good because then my kids, they don’t hear that.

Sunny SF B1002 Audio Input

  • Cage Pedals

Another thing I did is that I swapped out the cage pedals and I put on the Shimane KO or Shyam KO the speed sport pedals.

Sunny SF B1002 Audio Input

Then I did get my clip-in shoes I got them on eBay and I love them. They work awesome.

  • Budget Spin Bike

Overall, the Sunny SF B1002 Indoor Spin bike is a great bike under this price and they feel great doing exercises on. I did purchase some of the extensions for myself and if you don’t feel like buying them then the spin bike is even cheaper for you.

  • Multiple Extensions

It also has a clip-on on its back for hanging some of the five-pound weight dumbells. Really a great bike with many useful features and gives you the ability to use multiple extensions.

  • Workout App

You can get a workout app downloaded for exercise programs and instructions. Helps you with your daily exercises on the spin bike and also makes it more enjoyable.

  • Best alternative Spin Bike

So, yeah if you’re looking for an alternative due to some of the the more expensive bikes, I think this is a great option to go for. I mean if you get a couple of years to use out of it you totally got your money’s worth. It’s got those moveable wheels for really easy to move it around the room and it’s very sturdy. So, it’s something I recommend for anyone who is looking for a good exercise bike under a budget.

Sunny SF-B1002 Key Features:

  • sunny-sf-B1002-spin-bike-adjustable-seat

    Adjustable Seat:

    This feature allows Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike to be adjusted to suit users of various legs length. The satisfaction of an easy setting gives users the control to adjust seats to your desire height. This same satisfaction is replicated in the handlebars. Users have the leverage to move the handlebars forwards and backward, which prevents you from leaning over and straining your lower back. The only downside of this feature is low-quality models are related to the saddle which can be inconvenient to taller individuals.

  • sunny-sf-B1002-spin-bike-Bottle-Holder

    Bottle Holder:

    This metal water bottle holder ensures that you’re hydrated through your entire training session without constantly having to get up for a drink while you’re training. Amid the most vigorous workout routine, this slip-resistant feature will keep the bike stationed.

  • sunny-sf-B1002-spin-bike-Transport-Wheel

    Transport Wheel:

    Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike is equipped with transport wheels for easy storage. The wheels allow you to move it to the desired position, including your porch or backyard. Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike is the right choice for anyone with cramped living quarters because, with a solid and sturdy frame, it claims very little floor space.

  • sunny-sf-B1002-spin-bike-best-drive-system

    Belt Drive System:

    Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike is designed to operate using a delightful smooth belt drive system that shares a resemblance with realistic cycling motion. A user can customize training sessions with the brake system and adjustable resistance setting. With the capability of push as much or little as you want, Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike allows you to yield full user control over your workouts.

  • sunny-sf-B1002-spin-bike-49-pounds-flywheel

    49 pounds flywheel:

    With similarity to its chain drive counterpart Sunny SF-B1002C, Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike comes with an impressive heavy 49 pounds flywheel. The flywheel is designed to allow you to burn more calories within a shorter amount of time. Attached to the wheel are comfortable pedals with wide straps to cater to just about any shoe size. Best of all, you will easily be able to stand up and work out since the pedals are exceptionally sturdy and able to bear your entire body weight.

About Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike has been as best upright stationary bikes that deliver superior quality build with magnificent features. Its signature selling feature is a heavy flywheel of 49Ib that provides the real-time cycling experience with precision.

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike mimics the same feel as cycling on the road with a bicycle. If you’re a senior or beginner, The Sunny Health SF-B1002 provides an excellent cardiovascular workout with low impact on your joints. The Sunny Health SF-B1002 creates a secure, quiet, vibration-free workout, and features adjustable resistance that simulates actual riding. Variable resistance thru a tension knob and press down brake system. The padded seat and handlebars are completely adjustable for a suitable fit. The bike has a heavy-duty steel frame coupled with transportation wheels provided for portability.


  • Frame: 1 year
  • Parts: 90 days

Sunny Health and Fitness is a well-known brand in the fitness industry that is uniquely known to deliver a quality-driven fitness machine to the users. All the equipment of Sunny Health Fitness is covered with reliable warranty coverage.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 Indoor Cycle is covered by three years warranty on frame and 90-days warranty on parts and components.

Easy Assembly

Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike has a very high rating as relates to packaging. The machine is exceptionally packaged before being shipped. This is something we’ve observed throughout the reviews of all Sunny spinning bikes. There was no single complaint of the package being damaged in transit.

Fortunately before you even open the Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike package, the majority of the assembly has already been completed for you. Flywheel and height/resistance adjustment knobs are attached.

With the already assembled mainframe, you won’t have any problem putting the Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike together. Handlebars, seat, and transport wheels are the only parts that aren’t attached in the shipping package. The process of attaching each of these has been simplified as possible. All that is required in most cases to join parts together is a pair of bolts and washers. As convenient, the boxed packaging also comes with Allen keys, tools, and other such accessories.

Customers who are confused by the assembly process can very easily consult the detailed booklet which includes step-by-step instructions. On average it would take around thirty minutes or less to assemble all the different parts.


Judging from above, Sunny SF-B1002 Spin Bike has been recognized in the market through its robust built quality, and result-oriented performance adds to its excellent outcomes. It provides quintessential heavy-duty flywheel, adjustable seat, and handlebars that make it worthy of investment.

Its noticeable drawback is the lack of console, and built-in workout programs. So, if you prefer to have an LCD monitor with overall good performance in your indoor bike, then we recommend buying other different Sunny Fitness models like PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bike.

However, Sunny SF-B1002 indoor Spin Bike is the perfect choice if you’re in the search for sturdy build quality, and real-time cycling experience. Sunny SF-B1002 indoor Spin Bike turns out to be an excellent choice for users who prefer to have a robust flywheel and smooth pedaling motion without any noise.

In a nutshell, it is a recommended indoor spin bike for offering the realistic open-air cycling experience to the users at the comfort of their home.


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