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The MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike for all your cardio workout needs. It’s generally considered a good gym bike and we will find out why.

Cost shouldn’t stand in the way of getting a good stationary bike for your fitness goals. You only have to know where to look and how to look, and that’s exactly what you’ve done—cheers!

The MEVEM M3 is a simple spin bike that focuses on the essential qualities every user needs in a gym bike. It’s a good option for people who just want an indoor cycler that delivers, without bothering about recent tech trends common in the more advanced models.

If you’re more interested in deliverability, then this is the bike you want. It comes with a powerful construction and outstanding performance, qualities I’m inclined to say are its topmost selling points. And that’s if I don’t mention that the M3 is super affordable for a bike that uses magnetic resistance, has a very low maintenance edge, and is optimized for long-term use.

So much value at a little cost!

To know more about the M3, stick with us as we provide an in-depth and reliable review of the MEVEM Indoor Bike.

That said, how does the M3 bike meet your expectations?

Let’s find out.

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MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike
MEVEM M3 Spin Bike

Model Overview

Reach your fitness goals faster with the MEVEM M3 indoor stationary bike. One of the biggest wins of this cycling bike is its modest and direct approach to fitness. Peeling back layers to the things that matter the most, the M3 bike offers a simple and focused riding experience that accelerates your fitness growth.

The bike is pretty basic, with all the essentials available for user convenience and comfort. It doesn’t try to do more than necessary. And by that, we mean things like computer-integrated features apps; Bluetooth connectivity; sound systems; or attached dumbbells. No doubt, these are amazing features, but they are not essential to accelerating your fitness growth or reaching bodily conditioning goals.

The MEVEM Stationary Bike comes with a sturdy frame weighing 66 lbs and rating 280 lbs max weight strength.

The drive system consists of an 18 lbs bidirectional flywheel and a magnetic resistance mechanism. These are interesting features every gym bike savvy individual looks out for. That said, what can you expect of a magnetic resistance?

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Bidirectional Flywheel

Magnetic resistance provides:

  • Smooth and whisper-quiet transmission
  • Infinite resistance adjustment
  • No resultant friction from wear and tear
  • No need for periodic lubrication
  • ZERO maintenance

Speaking of the flywheel’s bidirectional capability, this compensates for the wheel’s lightweight with the advantage that you can pedal forward and in reverse for more workout gains. Pedaling backward uses more energy for strength building, burns more calories, engages more leg muscle, and builds body balance, and adds an interesting new dimension to your cycling, to name a few benefits.

At any point, you can ramp up or reduce the intensity of your ride by twisting a small tension knob right or left, respectively. Press it down to double as an emergency brake.

With fully adjustable handlebars and seat, the M3 is ergonomically built to suit riders of various heights and sizes. But you will have to look for another option if you’re way above 6 feet tall. The CYCLACE Indoor Exercise Bike is a perfect alternative, and it can accommodate riders up to 6’5” tall. Both bikes are in the same price category and share a lot of similarities.

The MEVEM bike comes with a tracking monitor that displays basic workout information on distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

Accessories include a Digital monitor, phone/tablet holder, and water bottle holder.

Transport wheels cut down the bike’s bulk significantly, allowing you to move easily from room to room.

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Horizontal Adjustment

Among all said about the MEVEM M3, what impresses us the most is its solid construction and efficient drive system.  These ensure you’re investing in a bike with outstanding long-term capabilities.

On top of that, you can take advantage of the affordable cost to secure a piece for yourself. It’s just about $300.

Who can Use?

The MEVEMindoor bike is ideal for:

  • The homeowner
  • Low budget buyers
  • Persons below 6’2”
  • Users who want a simple and focused workout—no distractions
  • Buyers who want good value at a low cost

Specs Rundown

  • Manufacturer: MEVEM
  • Model: M3
  • Rating: 4.5/5 (90%)
  • Colors available: gray
  • Assembled dimensions: 39” x 18.2” x 42.9”
  • Display monitor: LCD display for time, speed, distance, & calories burned
  • Net weight: 66 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 280 lbs
  • Frame construction: steel
  • Flywheel: 18lbs (bidirectional)
  • Drive system: belt drive
  • Resistance: magnetic
  • Inseam height adjustment: 27.9”-33”
  • Min/max handlebars height adjustment: 39.3”-42.9”
  • Pedals: standard size 9/16 (caged design)
  • Transportation wheels: YES
  • Power option: NO
  • Price: $309.49
  • Warranty: 12 months

Additional features include:

  • 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebars
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • 1 x bottle holder
  • 1x tablet/phone holder
  • 2 AAA battery required (included)


Key Features Description


The MEVEM M3 is made of a solid steel frame. Its design features a classic V-shape, with the main tube slightly curved for more visual appeal. Looking at this bike’s design, two words jump to mind: stout and tough.

And it is.

The steel bars joining at points throughout the entire construction seem much too thick for a home gym bike. Of course, this is a welcome bonus as it adds to the bike’s sturdiness and durability.

The M3 Spin Bike weighs 66 lbs (30 kg), which is a great convenience for easy assembly, stress-free handling, and fluid transportation. The two front transport wheels add to the locomotive advantage. The maximum user weight rates at 280 lbs (127 kg), which is about enough to accommodate the average home user.

With dimensions 39” x 18.2 x 42.9”, the M3 is a small bike. On the one hand, this automatically gives it a space-saver advantage, making it a welcome addition to your room. On the flip-side, the M3’s small build makes it unsuitable for taller riders well above six feet.

Slightly helping matters, fortunately, are the adjustable handlebars and seat. The handlebars accommodate 2-way vertical flexibility spanning from 39.3” to 42.9”, while the seat post has 4-way adjustability, with an inseam of 27.9”-33”. This adaptability promotes more leg extension for seated riding sessions.

MEVEM M3 uses magnetic resistance, which a big bonus for a bike at this price point. Magnetic resistance drive systems offer smooth and quiet transmission and are also maintenance-free.

The flywheel is considerably light, weighing only 18 lbs (8kg). But sometimes, the sweetest things come in small packages. This deficiency is effectively made up for by its bidirectional attribute. I will explain later in the category captioned “drive & resistance”.

The frame of M3 is protected by an anti-corrosive and chip-resistant coating. This keeps it looking ever new and functioning at its peak for a long time to come.

The MEVEM M3 indoor bike is available in one color variant only. The mainframe is beautifully painted in dark gray, while the handlebars and the seat’s post are coated in the lighter gray shed.

Strong and durable, MEVEM M3 stationary bike will be a HUGE help to your fitness journey, if you’re looking to invest in the long-term.

Seat, handlebar, and pedals

The seat

The MEVEM M3’s saddle is designed for maximum user comfort and safety, more so than many other models in the same price category.

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Fully Adjustable Saddle

For starters, it’s fully customizable to taste. This means that you can always change the saddle or its upholstery with compatible options whenever you feel the need. Thanks to the slider’s standard collar-based connection system.

The seat design leaves options for adjustment in four ways (up/down and forward/backward)so that users of various heights will be comfortable with the pedal reach.

The saddle uses impressive engineering.

It’s well-cushioned with quality upholstery to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. A cutout underneath its center allows air permeation, keeping the saddle full and soft. Meanwhile, two rear suspension springs keep the saddle bouncy and resilient against pressure for as long as possible.

The handlebar

The handlebars are formed by two long side grips and two smaller aero grips, both of which are optimized to facilitate multiple grip possibilities.

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Multi Grip Handlebar & LCD Monitor

Change arm positions to engage different muscles, while preventing wrist/arm twists or fatigue. Thankfully, the handlebars are covered with a thick foam padding for a firm and safe grip.

The handlebars have a 2-way adjustment (up/down), spanning between 39.3” and 42.9”. Together with the 4-adjustable seat, the height disadvantage is considerably made up for.

The pedals

The pedals are the standard 9/16 thread size. The design is the now common toe cage & straps type, great at keeping your feet held securely in place during the most intense rides.

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Caged Pedal

Drive & resistance

One of the selling qualities of the M3 Spin Bike is the drive system. It operates purely on magnetic train resistance, which is the best so far in the industry. This is an impressive thing to know because magnetic resistance is often found in advanced, costlier models.

Why are magnetic resistance bikes sought-after?

Well, a couple of reasons stand out. Firstly, they provide extremely smooth, silent, and progressive operation. Also, they need no maintenance because there’s zero friction or wear from it, as is often the case with bikes that have the wool pad(s) and flywheel come in contact. This immediately eliminates the stress of periodic lubrication and brake pad replacement from your shoulders.

It can well be summed up that magnetic resistance bikes are a better long-term investment than bikes with any other resistance mechanisms. And usually, they cost more, but our MEVEM M3 is a lucky exception—yet another unique win.

The M3 comes with a modest 18 lbs bidirectional flywheel. This may not seem like much, but with the combination of the magnetic resistance and the bidirectional feature, you will be getting as much resistance as you need. Bidirectional flywheels support forward and reverse pedaling so that you can target lower body muscles.

The intensity adjustment mechanism is the same as in other bikes. Twisting the attached tension knob right or left will increase or decrease resistance, accordingly. Pressing the knob down forces the transmission train to an emergency stop.

The entire resistance transmission unit is covered with a solid aluminum plate, which serves as a sweat-resistant guard.

Console & accessories

Digital monitor

Built into the console is an LCD screen that displays workout data for distance, time, speed, and calories burned. It helps you monitor your performance over time, keep your focus, and make plans for improvements where necessary.

The screen is not backlit, but the displayed units are clear and bold for easy reading, as long as the room’s lighting isn’t dim. The meter operates with 2 replaceable AAA batteries.


On the dashboard is a holder for your phone or tablet. Keeping things within easy reach allows you to stream workout videos or take calls, as the case may be, without breaking sequence.

MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike Bottle Holder

You need water to stay sufficiently hydrated during workouts. An attached bottle holder serves this purpose.

Transport wheels

Two transport wheels at the front base of the unit transform the bike into a lightweight, so that you can easily roll out to work-out or storage space,

Maintenance & assembly

The main bulk of the M3 comes preassembled, so you will only need to attach a few other parts, which include the seat, handlebars, console, and pedals. The task should be quick and easy, typically within 30 minutes, give or take. Included in the package is a toolkit for assembly and user manual for assembly/maintenance.

The bike doesn’t require much maintenance. It is built strong and durable with a solid steel frame. And with magnetic resistance, there will be no need to bother about wear from friction, because it’s non-existence. By extension, this means you won’t be stressing yourself over periodic lubrication, as would be the case with chain drive

However, once in a while, you still need to check for loose nuts or chipped parts and to always keep the machine clean and dry.

Pros and Cons


  • A perfect bike for home use
  • Sturdy construction and durable frame
  • Small and lightweight for easy handling and space-saving
  • The impressive weight-bearing capacity of 280 lbs
  • Bidirectional flywheel for both forward and reverse pedaling
  • The sweat-resistant guard protects the flywheel, bearing, and the entire transmission system from corrosion or rust
  • Magnetic resistance for ZERO noise and smooth operation
  • Low maintenance due to small size, sturdy & durable construction, and wear-resistant transmission
  • Holders for a water bottle, phone/tablet, and reading materials
  • LCD exercise meter for setting workout goals and tracking progress
  • No lubrication required for transmission in the future
  • Low-cost spin bike


  • No pulse reading function
  • Non-backlit screen
  • Small-sized, not ideal for taller riders way above 6 feet

Pricing & Warranty

The MEVEM Bike retails on Amazon for about $309. This is a great price for a machine that offers top-quality performance and remarkable long-term capability.

The MEVEM M3 Indoor Spin Bike comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 days refund policy.

Final Words

“Is the MEVEM M3 worth my money,” you may ask?


If you don’t mind the basic display and the slight height inconvenience for taller riders, then the M3 is the bike you want. It has all the basic features you need, with a couple of add-ons.

And it will be a good option for you if you are a/an

  • Home user
  • Budget buyer
  • The user below 6’2”
  • The user who wants a simple and focused workout
  • The buyer who wants good value at a low cost
The MEVEM Stationary Bike stands out in these areas: construction, performance, maintenance, and pricing.

It has a powerful construction that guarantees long-term delivery; its performance is an advanced grade with the efficient magnetic resistance; the magnetic resistance eliminates maintenance headache right off the bat—all these at a very affordable cost.

Buyers’ reviews and users’ reception of the MEVEM M3 have been generally positive across multiple platforms. We are also impressed with the product, so we rate it at 4.4/5.

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