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If you’re looking for a good home gym bike that offers quick and quality workout without the peculiar distractions of a typical advanced spin bike (delayed components booting, multiple functions, noisy studio, and slow instructor-led class) you might want to consider the CYCLACE Exercise Bike.

The CYCLACE Indoor Bike is an affordable stationary bike that allows you to lift your mood and cruise to fitness from within the cozy convenience and safety of your home.

Right off the bat, you should expect outstanding construction and solid performance, the two areas where the CYCLACE probably has no betters among competing bikes in the same price range.

We love this humble little piece and we hope you will too.

Read through our detailed review of the CYCLACE Indoor Spin Bike to know if you’ve finally got your choice pegged.

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Model Overview

The CYCLACE Indoor Spin Bike is designed to meet the cycling demands of budget buyers and homeowners.

It features a V-shaped solid steel frame, with tubes thicker than what we would expect of a stationary bike for home use. This quality is on the plus side, of course.

Combined with the bike’s 86 lbs (39 kg) weight and its impressive 330 lbs (150 kg) user weight capacity, you will be getting a sturdy and durable piece. You won’t be looking at repairing or changing the machine or its parts any time soon.

The flywheel weighs 36 lbs, which is a good scale for any bike with bidirectional flywheel quality. As you may already know, a flywheel is called “bidirectional” when it allows both forward and reverse pedaling. Pedaling in both directions helps you target more leg muscle groups, effectively making up for the seeming lightweight of the flywheel.

The bike uses a belt drive system, which experts and users alike agree provides smooth, noiseless, and friction-free transmission.

Resistance intensity can be tweaked to preference using an attached tension knob. To increase or decrease intensity, turn the knob right or left, respectively. You can also bring the bike to a forced stop by pressing down the same tension knob.

The entire transmission system (flywheel, belt, and bearing) are covered with a plastic guard to protect against corrosion from sweat.

The handlebars, seat, and pedals are all ergonomically designed and fully adjustable to suit riders of widely varying sizes and heights.

The bike features an LCD screen monitor that tracks your workout and shows your data for distance, time, speed, and calories burned. This helps you to effectively monitor progress and make adjustments toward your goal.

Built behind the console is a holder for electronic gadgets, like an iPad or a phone. There’s also a bottle holder to keep you hydrated with your favorite drink during workouts.

With dimensions, 24” L x 24.21 W x 47.2” H, the bike can be considered portable. This is great news if you have a limited workout/storage space.

Powerful transport wheels allow you to easily the unit to any convenient spot.

Pedal to the finish line on the CYCLACE Indoor Spin Bike.

Your riding experience will be nothing short of simple, focused, and fun—proving that, indeed, less is more.

Specs Rundown

  • Manufacturer: CYCLACE
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (92%)
  • Colors available: black
  • Assembled dimensions: 47.24” L x 24.21” W x 47.2” H
  • Display monitor: LCD for time, speed, distance, & calories burned
  • Net weight: 86 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Frame construction: steel
  • Flywheel: 36 lbs
  • Drive system: belt
  • Resistance: adjustable
  • Inseam height adjustment: 28”-39”
  • Ideal user height: 5’10”-6’5”
  • Pedals: 9/16 standard thread size
  • Transportation wheels: YES
  • Foot levelers: YES (4)
  • Power option: YES
  • Price: $369.99
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty + post-purchase care

Additional features include:

  • 2-way adjustable multi-grip handlebars
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • 1 x bottle holder
  • 1x iPad holder
  • Monitor batteries required (not included)
  • Extra brake pad

 Key Features Description

Frame and construction

The CYCLACE Indoor Bike features a triangle-shaped mainframe built with thickened steel. This design lends so much to both its physical beauty and its sturdiness. We have to agree that the general construction is even a bit much too tough for a home stationary bike. But then little bits of extras are always welcome.


You won’t have issues allowing family and friends to try minutes on your bike, because it’s so strong and durable. No disappointments when things matter.

The CYCLACE Indoor Bike weighs 86 lbs and can support a maximum user weight of 330 lbs. These weight values differ by quite a wide margin. But then, it points out just how much strength is contained in the 86 lbs unit. It’s just tremendous.

The unit operates on a belt-driven system, which is the next best thing after a magnetic resistance drive mechanism. Belt drives are marked by smooth and quiet transmission. 

The flywheel is 36 lbs heavy and is bidirectional, the latter which means you can match the pedals forward or backward.

Ergonomically designed 2-way adjustable handlebars and 4-way adjustable seats allow for easy user reach and positioning on this machine. Tweak settings to preference for optimized user comfort.

Four thick rubber levelers resiliently bear the unit’s entire weight while providing anti-skid tenacity under the most intense pressure.

Two transportation wheels allow you to easily push the bike from room to room.

Speaking of visual appeal, the bike is a beauty. It’s colored in black paint and anti-corrosive coating which gives off a sparkling radiance.

Seat, handlebar, and pedals

  • The seat

The seat is designed for the rider’s ultimate comfort and safety. It is fully adjustable in four different positions: upward/downward and forward/backward. Specifically, the bike has an inseam adjustment of 28”-39” with an ideal user height range of 5’1” to 6’5”.

The saddle is well padded for your comfort. There is a center cutout underneath, which allows for interior air circulation inside the saddle. This keeps the seat pumped and soft all the time so that you can ride for as long as you want without feeling the impact of your buttocks.

  • The handlebar

The handlebars are 2-way adjustable (vertically and horizontally), allowing for a variety of workout styles. It is coated with PVC material and padded with high-quality foam to provide a safe, non-slip grip during even the most intense workouts.

  • The pedals

The cage-design pedals are standard thread size 9/16, designed to provide anti-slip protection during your fastest spin.

Drive & resistance

The CYCLACE spin bike provides a stable, smooth, and quiet workout. Much credit to its effective drive mechanism.

It comes with a 36 lbs bidirectional flywheel, which not only is responsible for the drive train’s resistance level but also adds extra balance to the machine’s frame. More so, the bidirectional flywheel allows you to pedal both forward and in reverse, to target more muscle groups. This makes up for the lightweight.

A strategically positioned tension knob allows you to either adjust intensity levels or activate a quick forced stop on the machine. The brake is enabled in a flash to prevent anticipated accidents or to switch pedaling directions. Twist right or left to add/reduce resistance, in that order. Press down the knob for emergency brake activation.

The drive system is a belt transmission. This is midway between the magnetic resistance and the chain resistance alternatives, in terms of noise and friction.

What do I mean by this?

Well, a stationary bike comes with any of the three types of train drives: Magnetic, belt, or chain. The magnetic transmission offers the best benefits in the sense that it is the smoothest, the quietest, and the least friction prone (zero friction even).

At the other end is the chain drive, which is the noisiest of the three, due to friction produced during transmission. This is why gym bikes with a chain drive always require lubrication or pad replacement at some point.

Belt drives have qualities between these polar systems, and most bikes use it.

Speaking of the CYCLACEs’ belt drive system, it’s not as whisper-quiet as a magnetic transmission, but it still offers a quiet experience, as well as a smooth and friction-free edge. There will be no need for future lubrication, but you will still have to periodically change the brake pads when it’s time. Fortunately, your package will come with extra brake pads for future replacements.

A solid plastic protection guard covers the bike’s flywheel and the entire drive system. This keeps sweat, water, dust, and all other unwanted elements away.


To maintain the long-term integrity of your fitness investment, you’ll need to make sure the bike is fully sound and functional at all times. You have to periodically clean and check for small damages or loose parts.

LCD Monitor

Integrated into the bike’s console is an LCD electronic monitor that displays your fitness statistics for distance, time, speed, and calories burned. These are pretty basic features for a stationary bike (with a monitor), but, it’s good to know they’re there. There are still gym bikes that do not attach them.

The screen display is non-backlit, but the data readouts are clear and bold enough to see even in dim lighting. The unit is powered by cheap replaceable batteries.

All in all, the monitor’s design keeps it humble, direct and focused to help you monitor progress and provide for improvements in record time.


As a basic stationary bike for home use, the CYCLACE features just the essentials. A holder on the console keeps your smartphone or tablet handy for picking calls or accessing easily content during workouts. A bottle holder is conveniently attached to the frame so that you can take sips as you train toward your fitness goals.

CYCLACE Exercise Bike: Pros and Cons


  • Built for home use; perfect for you and your family
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Outstanding user weight-bearing capacity
  • Ergonomic design for users of almost any height and size: 5’1”-6’5”
  • Adjustable handlebars & seat provide a more effective and comfortable workout for the user
  • Heavy-duty flywheels add extra intensity for increased gains
  • Bidirectional flywheel adds a reverse pedaling option
  • No lubrication required for drive transmission system
  •  Anti-corrosion guard protects the flywheel and drive system, cutting down maintenance work
  • Accessories include tablet shelf, water bottle holder, and free extra brake pad
  • Esthetically beautiful bike
  • Good value for money
  • 1-year warranty + after-sale care to ensure 100% customer satisfaction


  • Not ideal for commercial use
  • Not the quietest bike in the market (but not noisy, and even quieter than chain drive)
  • Non-backlit screen
  • No heart rate tracking feature


The CYCLACE Spin Bike retails for $369.99 on Amazon. This is a reasonable price for the bike, and anyone willing to get a quality indoor bike can work toward securing this CYCLACE stationary bike.


You will get a 12-month free parts warranty. Amazon verified and certified vendors will answer your questions and address your concerns typically within 18 hours. You should expect 100% customer care and protection.

Final Words

The CYCLACE Indoor Exercise Bike is perfect for home use. It’s a decent gym bike, which focuses on the essentials to keep your workout simple and direct—no distractions. This helps you work harder and reach your fitness goals faster.

Overall, it’s a very strong and durable bike, with tremendous load-bearing strength, when compared with its seemingly small (numerically speaking, anyway) net weight. This quality, in addition to the fully adjustable handlebars, seat, and pedals makes the bike an ergonomically designed piece. This means that it can comfortably accommodate users of widely varying sizes and heights.

With a low maintenance advantage, there will be no need to always put this machine on a repair budget. And hopefully, this adds to the resale value if you see the need in the future.

The CYCLACE Spin Bike is a nice solid piece to own, apart from a few downsides, which aren’t even too serious.

Talking of noise, it’s quite not just loud enough to disturb anyone around. The idea of noise comes to mind only when compared to the magnetic resistance system, which is noiseless.

Regarding the non-backlit monitor screen, the display is clear, crisp, and bold as long as the room lighting is bright enough. However, chances are you won’t be exercising at night or in the dark, will you? If so, then you will need proper lighting.

We haven’t given much attention to CYCLACE’s budget-friendly edge. For just about $370, the CYCLACE spin bike can be yours. This is a reasonable price, even though, I personally feel the bike is a bit underpriced.

In conclusion, the CYCLACE Indoor Bike has the qualities to deliver to your expectations, as long as you want to keep things simple. It’s strong and durable; it performs brilliantly, and it’s affordable. 

On a general scale, we will give this bike 4.5/5 or 90%.

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