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PYHIGH S7 See Price If you’re looking for a new indoor cycling bike, and you want something better than the standard commercial stationary bike, you might want to consider the PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling Bike. One of the best highlights of this gym bike is that it offers great quality at a surprisingly lower price. The PYHIGH S7 is an upgrade on the older S2 model. As you’d expect, it comes with enhanced features, specs, and, of course, cost. We are going to examine this PYHIGH spin bike so that you can see if it meets your indoor cycling needs or not. In this review, we will cover in detail the key features and the pros & cons. Then, we will evaluate the price and warranty offerings. Let’s get started. table of content PYHIGH Indoor cycling bike See At Amazon

Model Overview

The PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike is made of heavy and durable steel construction that forms the major bulk of its frame. It measures approximately 42” L x 22” W x 44” H in estimated size and weighs approximately 90 lbs. These make it a fairly large and quite heavy exercise bike, effectively lending to it more sturdiness. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 330lbs, which is on an impressive high side. The entire bulk of the PYHIGH S7 is supported by stabilizers, which offer firmness and balance on surfaces of all textures. You don’t get that wobbly feel peculiar to most spin indoor cycling bikes. Feel comfortable and safe as you pedal away to your fitness success. A close-up image of an indoor bike The bike is equipped with a heavy-duty 48 lbs bidirectional flywheel with adjustable resistance to properly challenge bikers according to their fitness levels or personal preferences. An attached resistance dial can be twisted to increase or decrease intensity as desired. Press down the knob to activate the emergency brake that brings the bike to a forced, abrupt stop which can help prevent accidents. There is no need to worry about possible injuries due to the sudden halt. The multi-grip handlebars are made of durable, non-slip vinyl that offers a firm, comfortable, and safe grip. The bars are 4-way adjustable and come with a multi-function holder that can accommodate a phone, tablet, laptop, or book. The intention behind this design is to offer you the chance to enjoy a less stressful, more fun workout. You can take your calls, play music, or enjoy videos. An LCD monitor displays time, distance, speed, RPM, calories burned, and heart rate. Built-in pulse sensors on the side handlebars collect your pulse signals and reflect them on the large electronic monitor in a crystal-clear graphic display. The saddle, like the handlebars, is also 4-way adjustable. It is large enough to accommodate all buttocks sizes, well-cushioned for biker’s comfort, and adjustable (up/down, front/back) to suit all user heights or comfort levels. The aluminum alloy pedals come with a caged design and adjustable straps that firmly secure your feet from slipping off while pedaling. Dual transport wheels at the front base of the PYHIGH S7 offer support and allow you to easily move the heavy bike from room to room.

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy, stable, and durable construction
  • Can support user weights up to 330lbs
  • 48-lb heavy flywheel
  • Resistance system suits users of all fitness levels
  • Customizable for users of all height and weight sizes
  • LCD monitor tracks workout stats and lets you set goals for time, distance, and calories
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handlebars with ergonomic design
  • Pulse sensors built into the handlebar
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Compact and transportable
  • SpaceSaver design
  • Easy assembly with necessary tools and manual
  • Low maintenance
  • Great price
  • Attractive warranty


  • The LCD monitor is not backlit
  • No heart rate monitoring feature
  • Friction resistance makes a bit more noise than magnetic resistance
  • Handlebars are only vertically adjustable

PYHIGH S7 Specs Rundown

An image feature specs of an indoor bike
  • Model: PYHIGH S7
  • Rating: 8/5 (96%)
  • Dimensions: 42” L x 22” W x 44” H
  • Display: LCD display
  • Net weight: 90lbs
  • Weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Frame construction: steel
  • Flywheel: 48lbs bidirectional
  • Drive system:belt drive
  • Inseam height adjustment: 27”-38”
  • Pedals:standard 9/16 size
  • Transportation wheels: YES
  • Power:manual operation
  • Price: $450
  • Warranty: 12 months

Additional features include

  • Break pad
  • Large & cushioned seat
  • Pure wool felt pad
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Tablet holders
  • Batteries for LCD monitor
  • Adjustable resistance system

PYHIGH S7 Key Features

Below are some of the winning features of the PHIGH S7 Indoor Bike.

Frame and Construction

The PYHIGH S7 Belt Drive Indoor Bike is a heavy-duty cardio bike designed to support any spin workout. It is made of a solid steel frame welded at precision joint points that make it a sturdy and durable machine. It weighs 90lbs and supports a maximum user weight of 330lbs, which are impressive weight categories. The frame is coated with protective anti-rust and non-corrosive paint, while the handlebar and seat posts are both covered with a chrome finish. All plastic parts are made of ABS material, which gives them high surface protection and esthetic values. The PYHIGH S7 is ergonomically designed to suit nearly all user sizes, types, and preferences. It measures 42” L x 22” W x 44” H, which isn’t small but remains compact enough for almost any workout/storage space. The seat is adjustable in 4 different positions (up/down, right/left), with a vertical adjustment settings range of 27-38 inches. This means you can be sure it will suit you perfectly, regardless of your height. Set to its tallest vertical seat position, it measures 44.5” above floor level, which is enough to accommodate your spin exercise or mountain climbing cycling program without ceiling hindrance. Overall, the PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling Bike offers great stability, even for the most intense spin workouts. The entire bulk is supported by rugged adjustable stabilizers with large rubber pads, which ensure a firm grip on the workout surface. Without any rocky feel, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe exercise session and train more efficiently. Two sturdy silicone wheels allow you to easily roll to the desired workout or storage space.

Seat, Handlebar, and Pedals

The PYHIGH S7’s seat, handlebar, and pedals are ergonomically designed to fit all user sizes and cater to a wide range of preferences. The seat A seat of an indoor cycling bike The PYHIGH S7 has a considerably more comfortable seat than most other spin bikes. The saddle is wider than the standard slim spin seat, and it is especially well-cushioned at the rear part. Two shock absorption springs below the saddle provide extra cushioning comfort. The lining cover is made of durable vinyl material. The entire saddle design works on a system that allows air to permeate while heat evaporates, improving machine shock absorption and increasing user comfort. Interestingly, the seat’s construction design allows for saddle replacement or customization as it fits your preference. The saddle can be adjusted in 4 different positions (up/down, forward/backward). The upright post measures 27”-38”, offering an approximate 11-inch adjustment. This means that you don’t have to worry about your legs being too long for the machine or not reaching the pedals comfortably. Easily adjust the saddle to your preferred height and enjoy your cycling session. The handlebar The multi-grip handlebar offers 4 grip adjustment positions: up/down and front/back, which allow you to enjoy your workout in different postures. It is covered with ultra-tough & durable rubber, non-slip, and anti-rust material, which offers firm grip and stability while working out. An integrated holder allows you to keep such items as your smartphone, tablet, or book. You can take moments to answer your calls, entertain yourself, or take your mind a little off the exercise pain for a more effective, fun, and comfortable workout. Additionally, there are two built-in EKG pulse sensors in the handlebars, which track your heart rate and workout progress. The pedals The standard size 9/16 pedals are made of aluminum alloy and are designed for anti-slip efficiency. The caged design and adjustable safety straps prevent your feet from slipping off during workouts. The pedals can be replaced or customized to your taste.


The indoor exercise bike has a simple but efficient belt drive system, which comprises a heavy-capacity belt, a heavy-duty crankset with solid steel arms, pulleys, a 48lbs flywheel, and a pedal. These individual parts work in harmony to ensure a smooth and quiet operation. With a belt drive, there will be no need for periodic future lubrication, as this is a permanent default benefit from the manufacturer. The 48-lbs heavy flywheel adds resistance to your workout for increased intensity while reducing joint strain commonly associated with bike workouts. This heavy wheel spins simultaneously with the pedals while in motion. The pedals can be matched backward to target more muscle groups. An emergency brake system can be activated by pressing down a conveniently located tension knob. This action brings the spinning flywheel to a forced stop, preventing potential accidents or injury.


Adjustable resistance allows you to manually choose a different training intensity. Turn the tension knob to increase or decrease the resistance level to preference. A large felt pad under the main frame tube and linked to the tension dial atop this tube. When the dial is turned, the brake pad applies more friction to the flywheel. The tension dial doesn’t come with any preset resistance level. You have to twist the tension knob until the resistance is set to your preference. As we have already mentioned in the preceding category, you can press down the tension knob to activate an emergency quick stop. This brings the bike to an abrupt stop, avoiding accidents and preventing injury. Don’t worry; even at high speed, you won’t get any uneasy, bumpy, or jerky feel when you initiate the sudden brake. It’s completely safe.


The PYHIGH S7 has an electronic fitness meter with a 6-panel LCD display for distance, time, speed, RPM, calories burned, and pulse. The pulse sensors are built into the armrest and are activated automatically with your hand on the handlebars. The monitor is non-backlit, but the display is sharp and crystal-clear. The fitness stats help you monitor progress and stay motivated to reach your workout goals. It has 3 buttons on the device’s face for settings and navigation. Powered by batteries and can be turned ON/OFF by via the MODE button. It turns ON when the pedals are matched and goes to SLEEPING MODE to save battery power a few minutes after inactivity on the machine. Side-Up/DOWN buttons allow you to set values for your workout goals, as these are not pre-defined. Press UP or DOWN to set the right values for your exercise goals and according to choice. Then, press ENTER at the middle of the meter’s face to activate selected values. The ENTER button can also be used to reset the program to the factory settings value—ZERO. To activate, long-press the ENTER key for a few seconds, and all values roll back to zero. Overall, the electronic fitness monitor is really very easy to use.


The PYHIGH S7 Indoor Exercise Bike has a tablet/phone holder attached to its handlebar. This keeps your internet gadgets conveniently close so that you can take calls or entertain yourself with cool videos or music during your workout. Helpful distraction takes your mind off the strain of exercising so that you can train longer and more effectively. Unfortunately, there is no bottle holder, but this shouldn’t be an issue. You can attach a generic bottle holder to the bike so that you can stay hydrated and more productive.


Like most spin bikes, the PYHIGH S7 Bike offers easy and SpaceSaver storage. Two strong transport wheels allow the user to easily move the entire bulk to the workout or storage space.

Pricing & Warranty

The PYHIGH S7 costs about $450 on Amazon and comes with a warranty of 12 months on the frame and all parts.

Assembly and Maintenance

The mainframe of the PYHIGH S7 comes preassembled, which leaves only a small coupling job for you. Included in the purchased package are the necessary tools and manuals for the assembly. The manual provides self-explanatory and step-by-step guidance, which makes the assembly job easy. You don’t need prior technical knowledge or special skills to assemble it. The job should take about 30 minutes, give or take. The machine doesn’t demand much maintenance. The belt drive system means that the transmission will not require future periodic lubrication, as the thoughtful manufacturers will have already done that for you. However, the brake pad may need some lubrication or replacement due to unhealthy friction with the flywheel. Generally, it is important to always keep the bike in good working condition by periodically running a full health check on it. You should also keep the machine clean at all times. Following effective maintenance, the regimen protects the machine and keeps its performance optimal for as long as possible.

Final Words

With all the great features to enjoy, the impressive sturdiness, the outstanding durability, and a 1-year warranty, we can say that the price tag is justified and relatively inexpensive. These factors not only make the PYHIGH S7 Indoor Cycling Bike a great gym-piece addition to your workout but also a wise long-term investment. It’s worth the asking price.

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