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YOSUDA Spin Bike













  • Affordable
  • Smooth Belt-driven 35 lb flywheel
  • Adjustable resistance level
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Basic display
  • No program workouts

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike delivers not only quality and affordable best spin bikes which can be used at home, but which is effective, gets the heart pumping, is compact, versatile, and most importantly gives a high-level workout.  A belt-driven 35 lb flywheel and a controllable adjustable pad for resistance level can help an athlete reach his goals right at home.

The Yosuda indoor cycling bikes are mid-range home use bikes built with maintenance-free belt-driven technology for an extraordinarily quiet and smooth workout experience. It’s easy to control and equipped with features mainly focused on monitoring workout progress spin bike is a perfect choice for a heavy-duty workout routine. Compact and high durability with fitness tracking features makes it one of the best spin bikes in the market.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary with Ipad Mount Comfortable Seat Cushion

The Yosuda indoor cycling is a budget-friendly bike for anyone that wants a spin bike from home without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Despite being new in the spin bike industry with initial Yosuda cycling bike trainers released in 2018, they already managed to become Amazon’s some of the best sellers and highly rated spin bikes under $500.

Indoor Cycle Key Features

Belt Drive

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike belt drive is designed with a 35 Ibs flywheel to provide a quiet and consistent along with the resistance feel to the pedaling.

The flywheel encompasses weight momentum that keeps the pedaling motion constant reducing the slowness that occurs at the top/bottom of the pedaling cycle leading into more stepping motion which results in impact to the joints.

Belt drive has low-maintenance and does not require lubing. It is also smoother and makes less noise. So, your exercise doesn’t disturb the household.

The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike belt drive is built with a press down emergency knob to stop the flywheel immediately if you need to dismount the bike. It is also designed with a waterproof flywheel and resistance protection guard that ensure sweat or water doesn’t reach the felt-pad and it stays dry.


YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike provides unique resistance material that allows you to increase or decrease the cycling resistance to choose a different training level by a simple twist without disturbing the household.

Resistance is provided by a felt wool pad located on top of the flywheel at the front of the bike that is used to make the pedaling harder. The tension knob at the front of the bike near the water battle holder controls the amount of resistance.

The amount of resistance is controlled by the tension knob at the front of the bike near the water bottle holder. On a top speed, the resistance adjustment system can be adjusted automatically so you do not need to stop to change it.

LCD Monitor

YOSUDA cycling bike is built with a pretty standard digital monitor that displays your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and odometer. These automotive computer calculations and readings are a hugely beneficial way to keep track of your progress. It comes also comes with a free flat bracket to enable you can watch videos or listen to music with an iPhone while exercising.

Adjustable Seat

The seats are ergonomically designed to supports longer rides. The seat can be easily adjusted up and down, front and back. Seat size:  10 x 8.6 x 2.3 inch (L * W * H). With the inside height of Min25 ‘-Max35’ that allows the family to enjoy home fitness.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycle Specifications

Exercise Bike Type
Indoor Cycling Bikes
Manufacturer Part Number
Assembled Product Weight
69.00 Ib
Maximum Weight
270 Ib
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
40.16 x 21.65 x 46.06 Inches
Fitness Goal
Increase Cardio, Lose Weight

YOSUDA Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy assembly.
  2. Adjustability in the handles and seat.
  3. Relatively quiet belt drive.
  4. Standard console.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Transport wheel.


  1. Basic Features.
  2. Non-Foldable
  3. Difficulties in seat adjustment system.
  4. Lower quality foam on handlers

Final Verdict

Judging from above, YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is standard as compare to other models in the market. Nevertheless, this doesn’t automatically mean that it’s poor quality. The bike is up-to-date with regulations and standards. That means that you are getting a bike that is stable, sturdy, and will give you a smooth ride.Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary 4 300x300 1

The LCD monitor is designed to help you track your progress. It allows you to monitor your vitals so you can ensure that you’re not pushing yourself too hard. There’s an amount to hold your tablet or your iPhone If you’d like to follow a workout program or watch videos during your ride section. The safety of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is quintessential. The sturdy design ensures that it won’t tip over and the caged pedals secure your feet so that you can have a safe and enjoyable ride. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is ideal for beginners who want a moderate indoor cycling workout. It comes at a fair price which allows you to get most of your money.

The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary is built to provide a good solid workout. It’s adjustable for a range of heights and resistance goes from easy to hard so more than one person can use it comfortably for their cardio exercise.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is a great option if you are looking to have a more authentic road experience. The resistance system and features make it a really good option for a home stationary bike.

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