Exercise Machine For Stomach & Abs

Here we have a list of exercise machine for stomach & abs workout. We will show you how to use them and what exercises you should do to get better results using them. You can use them at home, reduce belly fats, and achieve abs in a short time without going to the gym.

These machines are very effective and specially designed to work on your stomach & abs.

Make an exercise routine, follow the guidelines, and use these exercise machines when you do your regular workout. You can follow our workout routines or follow a personal trainer. Go slow at first and gradually level up. You would see a noticeable shape changed in a few weeks.

Machine User Rating Cost
Nordictrack T 6.5 si Treadmill
Ab Carver Pro Roller
Core Max Smart Abs
ProGear 225 Exercise Bike with Resistance
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench
Multi-workout Bench
Ab Coaster Max
Multi Function Power Tower
Exercise Stability Ball with Pump
XMark Adjustable Workout Bench

How to exercise for slim stomach & abs?

First, you need to work on your extra belly fat if you have any, strengthen up your core, and finally work on your abs muscles. Your main focus should improve your core first, makes you strong from inside, and keeps you fit for almost any exercise.

Doing exercises for abs will tighten up your stomach muscles, helps you lose extra fats. You won’t see any result until you burn your fats.

These are a few important points you need to keep in mind while you use an exercise machine for stomach & abs. 

Now, let’s talk about how should you use these machines to get the best results for a slim stomach and abs. 

30 minute treadmill workouts for weight loss

Nordictrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill
Nordictrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill

Doing a 30-minute workout on a treadmill is highly effective, even if it sounds too easy. You will burn a lot of calories and fat tissue fast. Along with maintaining a good healthy diet that complements this workout. 

At first start by switching between pushing speed and jogging. In pushing speed, you need to really push yourself more and more with time and when you jog, just be relax and slow like you can walk and talk with someone at the same time. 

Now comes the hard part where you include a steeper on the treadmill and it helps fire up your muscles, makes your heart go really fast (it’s normal). It will get easier over time but don’t avoid doing this. 

Take breaks in between times if you need to. And when you are done, really stretch it out. Treadmills are one of the best exercise machine for stomach & abs workout. Really simple and effective. 

How to use ab wheel?

Ab Carver Pro Roller
Ab Carver Pro Roller

This exercise machine is best known for core exercises which are essential for stomach and abs workout. Like so many, don’t just focus on doing it fast. You need to concentrate on your core area and body muscles. 

Maintaining a stronghold and position should be your main focus while you are at ground rolling it. Actively contract your lower abs bit aggressively and roll forward & backward, which can be a bit challenging. Keep doing with slowly and squeeze your core area to pull back the ab roller. 

Start with micro rolls and slowly get to bigger roles. Count while you do this, adjust your timing and position slowly. This ab cover pro has a kinetic engine that creates resistance to your core workout. Change your direction after every set.

Doing it faster will only make you more tired quickly, rater go slow and with deliberate movements. With more control and flexible handling, the ab cover pro is a perfect exercise machine for stomach & abs workout. 

Core max ab machine workout

core max ab machine workout
core max smart ab

This exercise machine lets you do a lot of different abs and muscles building workouts while focused mainly on your core stability. Along with abs exercises, you can also burn calories, work for sculpting arms/shoulders/triceps, and shape your legs. It can assist you to do push-ups and core exercises. 

Change and lock its position according to your needs and stretch up your body before using it. Now sit on it facing backward and bring you both hands behind your head. Fold your legs and bring them closer to your stomach area, make it tight but comfortable at the same time. Now push back it’s handled with your back and come back. Squeeze your belly area and thighs together, focus on your abdominal area, and breathe accordingly. 

The second position, place your hips on the handles and elbows on the floor straight towards your legs. Keep the legs folded. Now all you need to do is pull your hips up and down. Continue this for 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t forget to press pressure on the hands. 

Now change the position and place your legs on the handles and keep the elbows as before. Push your legs up and down one leg at a time. Place your hips closer to the machine enough so it creates pressure on your abdominals. Again, do it for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Do the same thing by holding the handles with your hands, sitting on your knees for shoulders and biceps. 

Now change the position for some push-ups. Take your push up position and place the core max under your belly. You will feel a resistance from the core max and you need to focus on that pressure. Push it all the way down and get up and do this for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Many more exercises you can do with this for other body parts. Make it a part of your exercise routine, great exercise machine for stomach & abs. 

Exercise bike for weight loss

ProGear 225 Exercise Bike
ProGear 225 Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are the alternative of treadmills, make low impacts on knees. It’s like instead of running you are cycling.  

Firstly, start with an interval-style. Means really work on your leg movements and ride fast for 30 seconds and then relax. 30 seconds sprint, 1 min break. Go all in within that 30 seconds and breathe properly for a min. Really push yourself and let it go. Keep your hips and shoulders straight, don’t move your body side to side. This exercise will really help you burn a good number of calories and help you lose weight. 

Now do some Hill Training, increase your exercise bikes resistance, and get up on your feet. Stand up, chest forward with good posture, and use your glutes and hamstrings to drive. Again, speed up for 30 seconds and then breath for 30 seconds. Get back up again and start pushing your muscles really hard. 

Start doing it for 20 minutes then over time make it 30 minutes regular. Really helps you burn fats, lose weight, and build up muscles. We highly recommend using this exercise machine for stomach & abs workout. 

Weight bench exercises for abs

Fitness Reality X-Class weight bench workout
Fitness Reality X-Class

Start with some reverse crunches so lay back on the bench and bring your hands back to hold on to the back handle or the corner of the bench. Keep the bench in 45 degrees and place your head on the upper side. lift up both legs together closer to your chest folded. Focus on the hip and core areas. Lift your hips up off the bench, contracting those lower abs. Bring down the legs as lower as possible and do at least 10 reps of reverse crunches at a time. 

Take a break, catch your breath, and now do the same thing but this time keep your legs straight when you lift them up and down. It’s a bit harder, a little bit more impactful. The focus should still be on your lower abdominals. 10 more reps of this again at least.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

Now do some hip lifts. Stay in the same position but keep your legs pointing toward the sky or roof, don’t bring them down this time. Now shoot those legs straight up towards the ceiling. Lift up your hips, keep the knees straight. Engage with your lower abs, don’t hold back. This one sure is the hard one compared to the 1st two. Again, at least 10 reps and take a break for 15 to 20 seconds. 

For this next one, re-position your bench to 90 degrees straight. Sit in the middle of the bench, hold on the bench with both hands from both sides and keep lift up your legs in the air. Keep the legs in a straight level as the bench and bend them together.  

Now recline with your feet out in front and your body backward. Pull the knees up towards your chest and feet towards your butt. Really focus on the chest and middle abs, change positions from time to time, and be comfortable with the sitting. Do the same number of reps as before and take another break. 

adjustable weight bench workout

Now the last one calls decline sit-ups. Position your bench one side downward, you sit on the upper side with your legs hanging towards the outer side. Hold the bench with your legs from outside and bring both of your hands back of your head. Now go all the down and come all the way back up. Maintain the speed and push your lower abs. Do these 10 more times and that’s your one complete setup. 

Crunches are great and exercise benches are really helpful to do this workout which is why these exercise benches are important in our best exercise machine for stomach & abs list. 

How to workout with ab coaster?

how to workout with ab coaster
Ab Coaster Max

Working with an exercise machine can be quite a challenge and takes a lot of dedication but doing exercises with this can really help you shape your abs and brings them out quickly. It is much more superior than normal crunches.

For stomach & abs exercises, fist sits upon it and take the position as the lady in the image below.

how to workout with ab coaster

Now start to swing your lower area to front and back. Hold on to your hands and being those adjustable sit up as close to your elbows and put most of the pressure on your elbow and lower belly muscles.

Remember, the focus should be on your lower abdominal and abs areas, not on your knees. Keep handgrip and leg grip loss. Keep doing it for 3 to 5 minutes and relax. You will feel some good sensation in your stomach areas and lower abdominal.

Now for the 2nd exercise, get back on ab coaster and take the same position as before but this time twist your knees with your lower body parts to the left side. Do 5 swings like this and turn to the right side and do 5 more. Try keeping your foot area close to your butt. This will target your love handles and help you pop up your abs. Do it for 30 seconds.

Do some squats and lunges in between breaks. ab coaster max is one of the best exercise machine for stomach & abs out there.

Multi Function Power Tower Exercises

multi function power tower
Multi Function Power Tower

Another workout equipment that requires strength, a Multi-Function Power Tower. As the name says, it can assist you to do a lot of exercises, I’m going to talk about a few of them here. 

First, do some side legs. Hold on to those handles and lift your body up in the air facing the outer side. Focus on your stomach area and put up your both legs straight 90 degrees together. Bring them down all the way and pull them up again from the left side. Again, bring them down and pull up from the middle and lastly from the right side.  

Do it 13 times in one go. Keep on breathing. Helps you with your muscles and core area. 

Take a break and again do the same thing but this time only straight legs. Do it 10 times. Take a break and relax. Do the same thing but this time hold on to upper bar handles and repeat the first two steps. Bring your legs as high as possible this time around.  

Lastly, just lift up your legs straight 90 degrees and hold them in the air for 5 sec. Do this 5 times and you are done. 

Exercise ball ab workouts for beginners

Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump
Exercise Ball

This exercise ball is a great tool for toning your back, butt, stomach, legs, abdominal, and many more. 

First, do some bright style exercises with the ball. Lie down on your back and keep your hand straight side-wise. Put your legs on top of the ball and keep your hip area up, make a curve shape under the back. Now keep those legs parallel and feet flexible on the ball, focus on your back-hip area and front stomach area as you put up your butt high. The ball will roll along with your legs more forwards and backward. Keep the shoulders on the floor and don’t move your hands. Do 10 to 15 times 

bridge on ball 4evafit

Now do some planks on the exercise ball. Facedown and hold your body up and straight with both of your hands on the floor. Position the ball under your feet. Pull the ball towards your stomach area with your feet and fold legs as close as possible. Really focus on your abdominals and breathe accordingly. This exercise will help to shape your belly area and legs, thighs, butt. 

plank on exercise ball 4evafit lifestyle
plank on exercise ball 4evafit 1

Now let’s do some push-ups. This requires more core strength. Place the ball under your hips and take a push up position holding on your two hands directly under your shoulders, keep the legs up in the air straight. 

Exhale while you bend your elbows and lower your body and inhale while you get back up. Do this Pilates style push-ups for 3 to 6 sets. 

Do workout machines work?

The Question of the day is, do workout machines really work? 

So, the answer is – Yes, they work. But if you just rely on exercise machines then you will fail no doubts. You need to maintain a regular exercise routine and follow a good healthy diet to keep your body healthy and in shape. Lots of people do achieve some good results working out and then let everything go thinking they will be fine from now on. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “Among overweight or obese people who are able to lose 10% of their body weight, just one in six is able to maintain the weight loss for at least a year.”  

So, maintaining your fitness is as important as achieving or working for it. Do some psychological exercises like cardio exercise along with these exercise machines. Even normal activities like walking and using stairs can put a great impact.  

Maintain activities enough so you burn at least 1,500 to 2,000 calories in a week’s time to maintain your body weight. 

Workout machines are a great help as an assistant, think it like a tool that makes your exercise easier and more effective. Doing only psychological exercise won’t be able to give you a desirable result most of the time. You need to push a bit extra and that’s when these workout machines come handy. 

Good diet plans for abs

For every exercise goal, you should have a diet plan to follow. Diet is most important for the exercises to work properly, have enough energy, and maintain your weight. Let’s talk about some of the foods you need to eat and some of them you should avoid maintaining your abs or just a fit healthy lifestyle. 

8 Meals plan for abs


Oats are considered an all nutrients powerhouse, although they won’t produce much energy for the body. They improve your metabolism, keeps cholesterol level in check, and helps with your weight loss. If you are exercising than consider having them early in the morning. 


Nuts fulfill your protein, healthy fat, and fiber needs for the body. Highly recommended for abs workout as a snack. You can consume all kinds of nuts like walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, and almonds. 


Meat is vital for developing muscles and abs. It’s filled with protein and helps you build your abs generally. But careful with red meats and avoid eating fatty meats. Only put lean meats in your menu for at least 3 days a week. 

4.Fruits & Vegetables

Eating fruits and veggies going to help you in the long run. They help your body to stay in balance, filled with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and low calories perfect for the diet plan. Helps lose weight as they hardly carry any fats. Try eating fruits and vegetables 3 to 4 times per day in small amounts. 

5.Fatty Fish

Another great protein and omega-3 fatty acids source are fatty fishes like mackerel, tuna, sardines, and salmons. They do not just help you lose weight; fish meats reduce so many risk factors of having heart disease and boost your brain function, inflammation too according to Healthline.  


Eggs contain amino acids that help you build your ab muscles, maintain weight and a great source of protein. You need to have eggs daily if only you wish to gain some serious abs packs. 


Banana is known for its instant energy boost ability. Potassium from bananas reduces water retention from your body and helps to build muscles too. Eat them as pre-workout food.


Yogurt is great as an exercise food like Greek Yogurt is packed with 23 grams of protein that helps you build muscles per cup. Also got calcium and probiotics that helps those abs to pop up. 

Foods to avoid for Abs exercise

  • Cakes & candy-like items which are filled with sugar 
  • Soft drinks like a coke / Juices 
  • Fast food and any oily fried foods 
  • Alcohol 
  • Potato items 
  • Pizzas 
  • White rice, bread, pasta or any refined grains 

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