Daily exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and if it is done at home, then that is the best. Exercise at home can save you time, money and provides comfortable workouts. That’s why home exercise is getting popular day by day. Arc Trainer is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment to get the best exercise at home.

An Arc Trainer is a great piece of stationary workout equipment that brings together a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber. Arc Trainer is a stable, non-impact exercise machine that is a registered trademark of Cybex International Inc. This 3-in-1 cardio machine is first introduced in 2003. Arc trainers are manufactured in Owatonna MN.

In contrast to the elliptical pattern seen in elliptical trainers, the Arc Brainer‘s footprints are transferred to an arch of motion. Removing arms with multi-grip handles provides a total body exercise that puts less pressure on the knees than walking.

The 21 incline levels allow users to choose their preferred workout and the different muscle groups they want to work with. The wide incline range gives users the experience to glide, stride, or climb. Users can choose between long cardio workouts, short bursts during intermediate training, or a focus on building strength and power.

There are several console options to choose from for the convenience of fitness. These are rich in entertainment and easy to enjoy and automatic. There are two versions of Arc Trainer, the lower body version and the total body version.

Quick features to consider before buying:

  1. Size & dimension
  2. Available space
  3. Quality & Stability
  4. Display & Console
  5. Adjustable feature
  6. Accessories
  7. Pricing
  8. Where to buy
  9. Warranty

Benefits of using arc trainer:

Best for losing weight:

Exercise burns calories and the Arc Trainer is very intensive for that. Your body needs calories to do intense exercise. If you have a high-calorie supply or you eat high-calorie meals, you will have enough calories to exercise which is like fuel for your body. But if you don’t exercise, those calories will turn into body fat which is bad for your health.

The Arc Trainer can burn 250 to 550 calories in just 30 minutes of use. It consumes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight. So, if you train for 30 minutes every day, you can lose more than one pound per week. An Arc Trainer can help you burn 16% more calories than a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Muscle strengthening:

Using Arc Trainers regularly can help strengthen many of your muscles and at the same time involve the different muscles in your legs. You can adjust the arc trainer in different modes, each targeting specific muscles and activating them in different ways.

An Arc Trainer can help engage many more muscles in your leg than other various machines such as low-impact fitness equipment. from your glutes to calf will feel like an arc trainer workout routine burn and will build large fine-toned muscles across your legs.

Best cardiovascular workout:

An Arc Trainer is a great aerobic workout that gives you plenty of cardiovascular benefits. Maintaining aerobic exercise requires plenty of oxygen and a cardiovascular workout makes your heartbeat better than normal. Cardiovascular exercise is important because it trains your heart to be more efficient at pumping blood around, which is what arc trainers do.

It maintains your resting heart rate and blood pressure. This means that this Arc Trainer provides the same amount of heart rate monitoring without overwork. Cardio exercises also help control cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart and arterial disease, and reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Bones building:

The Arc Trainer keeps your legs full all the time and pushes you backward, this applying extra weight and mass to your skeletal system. Carrying a weight any exercise that puts weight on your bones is considered bone building in nature. This is because of your osteoblasts, which are your bone cells that make new bone mass.

The more you exercise in Arc Training, the thicker and stronger your bones will be. If there is a fracture after slipping or falling, it will be very useful for that.

Increasing Your Endurance:

Practice in the Arc Trainer automatically increases endurance and strength with stronger muscles. Strong muscles help you run faster, jump higher, lift heavier loads, and do it for many more days.

Highly adjustable:

Arc Trainer has 3 different main positions where you can adjust the Arc Trainer, all of which work your body in different ways by examining different muscles. Your muscles become accustomed to doing the same exercises every day. The Arc Trainers Adjustability feature helps you to bring your muscles together with a variety of rhythms.

Low impact:

The low-impact Arc Trainer is great because your foot never leaves the foot and so it won’t have a big impact every time you land, basically because you never have to land.

If you have a problem with your knee or joint, there is a risk of a high-impact machine. But, it will help you to exercise comfortably.

Diabetes control:

An important benefit is that Arc Trainer can also help you control your diabetes. Diabetes is the inability of your body to process glucose properly and it can be very serious if it lasts for a long time. Your body utilizes unused glucose by exercises with Arc Trainer which will help you to control your diabetes.

Cybex Arc Trainer Pros & Cons:


  • Provides a combination of climbing, gliding, and striding workouts
  • Best for cardiovascular exercise and bone strengthening
  • Provides a very low impact on joints
  • With a pulse monitoring system, it has 21 incline settings


  • There is some complexity in understanding and using the console
  • Didn’t come with a big display, a cooling fan, and this kind of accessories.

Cybex Arc Trainer models:

There are some Arc Trainers in the market from Cybex. Here are Some best models from Cybex:

Model Nnumber 770AT Arc Trainer 750A Arc Trainer 625A Arc Trainer
Dimensions 76″ W x 45″ H x 33″ D 77″ W x 28.5″ H x 62.5″ D 76″ W x 45″ H x 33″ D
Machine Weight 400 pounds 412 pounds 404 pounds
User Weight 400 pounds 400 pounds 400 pounds
Warranty 10Years on frame, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor 10 Years on frame, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor 10 Years on frame, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor

Final Words:

Arc Trainer makes you faster, stronger, gives you a total body workout, makes you more patient, smarter, and much more. The benefits of Arc Trainer are wide and each of them works in its way to build you as a healthy person.

If you want to get the best cardiovascular workout you can easily buy it. This low-impact 3-in-1 Arc Trainer gives you the best exercise experience with a comfortable feeling at home.

*Before you buy a Cybex Arc Trainer, make sure you have read lots of reviews, pros & cons, and FAQs.

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