The Top 5 Pec Deck Fly to Buy in 2022

In order to develop your pectoral muscles and improve your bench press, pec deck flies are essential, since they focus primarily on your chest muscles.

Usually, it takes time, effort, and consistency to build a solid, muscular chest, and a pec deck machine would be ideal if your bench press reached a plateau or if you’d like to do more exercises that target muscle isolation. 

In case, a top-notch pec deck fly can help you get that shape.

But when there are a lot of pec deck flies out there, choosing the best pec deck fly within your budget may seem confusing.

So, for you to achieve your fitness goals and improve your chest fly, let’s discuss the top five pec deck equipment that would be worth your money.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can choose the Marcy MWM-990 for its overall excellent performance.

The Top 5 Pec Deck Fly to Buy in 2022

Our pec deck equipment lists are made by researching the web for the most reliable companies and websites that have the finest customer reviews for the items.

Indeed, we were unbiased during our research, now let’s start with the top five pec deck flyes listed below:

1. Marcy MWM 990- Best for Overall Performance

Marcy MWM 990 machine

For consistently safe and productive lifting sessions, our top option, the Marcy MWM 990, is constructed from solid steel tubes.

For versatility, this pec deck supports the dual-action press arms along with independent motion which allows you to do chest press & vertical butterfly activities easily.

The machine also supports an upper pulley which allows you to focus your core while doing ab crunches. Likewise, you can control the resistance by altering the weight stack.

Yes, for extra comfort when doing chest & pec fly workouts, the press arms contain huge foam roller pads for you.

Besides these, the deck offers a leg developer, and the whole leg developer works for your lower muscle groups. Also, the use of foam roller pads allows for a more pleasant workout.

To make bicep exercises possible, it has a preacher curl biceps pad which is detachable and adjustable, allowing for individual bicep exercises.

Well, with its weight stack lock, no need to worry about putting weight plates on and taking them off. You can perform strength training securely with the weight stack with a lock, and the safety lock prohibits unauthorized use.


  • Many exercises.
  • Features with simple resistance adjustment.
  • Decent safety.
  • Cushioned seats.
  • Attachment for preachers’ curl.
  • Offers weight stack lock.


  • The seat may seem smaller for people who are taller than 6 feet. 
  • The maximum resistance could be more than 150 lbs.

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This gym offers a highly cost-effective total-body workout. You won’t find many more alternatives at this pricing point, but the 150-pound weight stack is excellent. 

The main disadvantage of this private gym is that taller users might not be able to use it comfortably if he/she is taller than 6 feet, but this is a simple trade for home gyms with compact designs.

2. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction- Best for Beginners 

Marcy MWM-988

This pec deck offers a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tube frame that supports this home gym system. For increased durability, the weights include protective stack covers. The sturdy structure is capable of supporting 150-pound weights in continual action. 

The Marcy MWM-988 operates really well despite being a low-cost item. Alongside pec flys, there are several exercises you may do to train your shoulders, arms, core, and legs. Even those taller than 6′ can utilize it because it is rather simple to adjust.

The entire home gym arrives unassembled, but it’s easy to build because all the essential hardware and instructions are included. 

This machine includes a station, a dual-function press arm, an adjustable preacher bicep pad with roller pads, an adjustable butterfly attachment, and a leg developer.

Though 150 pounds of resistance might not seem like much, it is far more than a novice or a pre-advance level trainee might use to exercise.


  • Total six workout stations: pec fly, curl pad, chest press, leg attachment, high and low pulley systems.
  • Comfortable to use, it has foam cushions on its chest bars and leg developers.
  • It has several wonderful extras, like a lat bar, an ankle strap, & one chain extension.
  • Vinyl coated, tough 14 gauge steel frame provides increased durability.
  • Relatively affordable against its features.


  • The backrest and seats cannot be adjusted.
  • Only 150lb seems less for advanced users.
  • A little time-consuming to assemble. 
  • Small; may not be comfortable for people over 6.5 feet.

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The disadvantage of the tiny size is that, because of the size restriction, a particularly tall person might not feel comfortable completing different exercises on this pec deck.

However, if you are just beginning, need an affordable option, and don’t stand 6′ 5″ tall or weigh not over 300 lbs, the MWM 988 should work for you.

3. Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack- Best for Intermediate Level Workout

Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack

Setting together a home gym requires investing in high-quality equipment that will hold up to repeated use and rigorous exercise. The Weider 214lbs stacked pec deck is a high-end pro deck fly designed for at-home exercises.

This home gym combines strength, stability, & resistance training into one unit and is composed of premium, long-lasting steel tubing.

It provides the finest training aid conceivable; it can hold your weights up to 300 lbs, whereas the pec deck alone weighs only 214 pounds.

The Weider pro deck fly has adjustable settings & dual resistance features.

It has six integrated exercise stations that can be adapted to different fitness objectives and boost workout diversity.

Some of the choices include a low pulley, a leg developer, a butterfly press, a preacher curl, and a multi-grip chest press station.


  • Included instructions.
  • It offers a high-pulley lat bar to tone your back.
  • This home gym uses vinyl weight plates rather than cast iron, giving it a very sturdy option at a low price.
  • It is appropriate for intermediates & able to fit into tiny areas.
  • Thick padding and durable upholstery add to the comfort.
  • There are six integrated training facilities.
  • Includes a 214 lbs weight stack, 300 pounds is the maximum weight capacity.


  • Doesn’t provide a whole-body exercise.
  • Product availability seems limited. 

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Indeed, the Home Gym Weider can be a great option to go with if you are in your intermediate level of the body-building journey. 

So, if you need a tiny pec deck fly at a budget price, you can choose the Home Gym Weider 214 lbs.

4. Icon Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System- Best for Budget Category

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System

The Icon XRS-50 Pec Deck machine is ideal for beginners looking to build strength, hone their form, and shape muscles.

This machine provides a broad array of workouts and, as a consequence, incorporates good leg development to ensure a successful leg workout.

Also, its leg developer has four soft padded foam rollers that provide convenience to your knees, calves, and ankles.

With 280 pounds of tension, a combined chest press station, low and high pulleys, and a peck deck fly, you will be more than delighted as your exercises progress and you build confidence.

The Icon pec deck fly is a strong piece of machinery that can withstand resistance of up to 280 pounds. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of weight-training instrumentation with a vinyl weight stack that weighs 112 pounds.

Its weights are consistent, and exceedingly safe (due to the enclosure) for a long period of usage. To use the easy peg approach, shifting or altering the weights becomes extremely straightforward.


  • 300 pounds is the maximum weight capacity.
  • Weight stack of 112 pounds included and resistance of 280 pounds.
  • Offers chest press and fly station together.
  • You will get a leg developer with 4 rolls.
  • Pulleys that are high and low for various types of strength work.
  • Multi-grip lat pulleys are available.
  • Seats are made of sturdy vinyl for support and comfort.


  • It’s slightly difficult to put together.
  • Taller users may find this uncomfortable.
  • There are no full-range-of-motion workouts available.

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This pec fly is intended for those who need weight up to 300 lbs. It also gives the user with 280lbs of resistance.

If you need only weightlifting or exercise equipment to focus on your chest muscles, then this machine would be a good fit for this budget.

5. Sporzon Home Gym System- Best for Heavy Lifters

Sporzon! Home Gym System

Heavy lifters, pay attention!

With a remarkable max total weight of 1,000 lbs, the Sporzon Home Gym System was built for you.

It is manufactured of high-quality steel and can easily hold up to 400 lbs. We also like how this machine has an extra pulley system for working for muscle groups in your upper chest.

There won’t be any problems with weight stacking or the impression that you are hardly moving any weight in the gym.

This Sporzon design is an amazing deal if you are disciplined and have crazy assembling abilities. 

This design includes a weight stack that is bulkier than some of the affordable alternatives, as well as extra equipment to target other muscle areas on your upper body.

The first thing we found about this model is that it includes a weighted stack that can hold up to 125 pounds.

The stack is covered in a tough plastic coating, and adjusting for quick drop sets is as simple as taking out a pin.

The primary pec bar features two curved grips for presses or flies, as well as a cushioned forearm rest, so you can truly drive into those lifts.

It even included a large grab bar at the top to work the muscles in your spine and traps. As previously said, this model is a bit difficult to set up, and it is sent in many cartons.


  • Affordable.
  • Offers leg development in 4 rolls.
  • To solidify your back, arms, and core, use a total of 12 pulleys.
  • An Olympic lat bar & low row bar attachment include a wide grip.
  • When lifting big objects, foam handles provide comfort and grip.
  • There is a maximum user weight of 440 pounds, an overall weight of 1000 pounds, and a stack of 125 pounds of weight.


  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Finding the instructions may seem hard.

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While many prior people find this design to be challenging to install, the end result is an excellent tool for muscle building. 

Well, some individuals even reported missing bolts. But, if you regard yourself to be quite handy and are familiar with a toolbox, the end result is powerful and solid, and it fits at a reasonable price point on the market!

So, these are the top 5 pec deck fly machines that you can buy if you are starting your home gym and want to solidify your chest muscles. 

But, What Should You Check Before You Buy a Pec Deck Fly?

Well, choosing to use a pec deck fly is generally a matter of personal taste, but some users have had amazing success. So, here is a thorough shopping guide to help you pick the top choice out of all the various alternatives:

1. Make Sure the Seats And Handles Are Easy to Adjust:

  • If you need extremely flexible, make sure the machine’s grips extend far enough back to allow you to fully expand your chest while the exercise. 
  • You must examine the action of the handles and ensure that this is smooth and fluid, plus that they would not vibrate substantially or produce friction when moving.
  • If you want to target your rear delts using isolated workouts, search for a pec deck fly with 180-degree rotatable handles.
  • To successfully train your back delts, the equipment must feature an additional set of grips parallel to the ground and ideally on inside the arms for a broader range of flexibility.
  • Don’t forget that a specialized pec fly features a seat, grips, & weight stack that are designed specifically for the fly action. On the other hand, the seat should be vertically adjustable in order to fit your height.
  • As a result, a specialized pec fly machine produces far superior pectoral muscular contraction than a multipurpose home gym equipment. So, a multipurpose machine may be identified by looking for other exercise stations in addition to the pec fly.

2. Brand Value Is Important

The reputation of the company behind a product is a good predictor of its reliability. A brand recognized for high-quality products and excellent customer service is also a key thing to look for.

3. Listen to What Others are Saying About the Pec Deck

When making a selection, another thing you should do is look for honest customer reviews. This is due to the fact that all of our recommendations are given by actual individuals with no other goal than to promote something that they like.

4. Price of the Product is Crucial

Price is among the factors you must consider when picking items for the “top pec deck” segment. We would like to ensure that all the products we recommend are competitively priced and appropriate for a variety of budgets.

Well, What Would be the Right Approach to Use a Pec Deck Fly?

You must understand the following fundamental procedures for using a pec deck that can help you prevent muscular damage:

  1. Choose the machine’s weight as you can bear. Do not overdo it.
  2. On the platform, sit down. Keeping your feet straight on the ground, press down your back on the platform’s back firmly.
  3. Take hold of the machine’s handle with one hand in each. The pec deck also features a pad for relaxation, depending on the product. Put your elbows on both pads if that applies. Keep your arms at chest height while bending your wrists at a 90° angle.
  4. Pull your hands to your body while tightening your pectoral muscles while holding the pec deck handles. Raise the arm pads or handles up to your chest, hold it there for a moment, and then gradually return to the beginning position.
  5. Take breath normally while exercising and follow the breath rhythm.
  6. Repeat the exercise as many times as needed.

Yes, using a pec deck safely is crucial. Knowing the right breathing methods can help guarantee that your muscles get adequate oxygen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The machine not only works your pecs but also your triceps and shoulders. The ease of use of this equipment is one of its advantages; you may stack the weights as needed. This makes it an excellent workout for novices who may find struggle with using the dumbbell fly. Another benefit is, that it also allows you to target different parts of your chest by changing your arm placements.

The pec fly is used to conduct the chest fly. It is a targeted exercise that targets your pectoral muscles. This is frequently done towards the end of a workout to obtain that additional pump in the pecs. Whereas the dumbbell press denotes a complex activity that works many upper-body muscles, including the triceps,  pecs, and shoulders.

Yes, there are a few, but the best alternative of the pec deck fly would be the banded rear delt fly. Because it targets the same muscles as the reverse pec deck (rear delts, rhomboids, and traps) and uses the same movement pattern, but it is done by hand using a band that is fastened to a rack (or another stable item) as opposed to a machine. So, if you have the budget, buy a pec deck and if you don’t, use this alternative.


Indeed, purchasing a pec deck fly would be excellent when you are setting up your home gym to work on your fitness goals.

Though pec deck exercise majorly focuses on your chest muscles, it also works on other body parts as well. And when considering cost, quality, and adaptability, the five pec deck flies we discussed here are worth purchasing.

So, if you are looking for a decent pec deck fly for your home gym, you can surely choose any of the five pec decks from this list.

Also, you can read our blog, and learn about the benefits of drinking water before bed which will help you stay healthy. Happy exercising.

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