Elliptical vs Bike - Best Exercise Machines [2021]

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for precise information when it comes to their workout equipment. Having some confusion over elliptical and exercise bikes are common for beginners. Elliptical machines versus spin bikes can also be explained by considering what both of these exercise machines have in common, rather than what they don’t. 

Both Elliptical & Exercise bikes are an excellent exercising option at home. Everyone is unique, so do their body patterns. That’s why choosing the right exercising machine is crucial & different for everyone.

In this article, after long research, we are going to differentiate between Elliptical Machine & Exercise Bike. As a result, you will easily choose the right exercising machine after learning the differences between Elliptical Machines vs. Exercise Bikes.

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Elliptical vs Bike

How elliptical and stationary bikes are different?

The elliptical machine requires standing on your own feet while doing workouts. So it’s engaging the majority of the muscles, especially the lower body parts & also gives a variety of exercises. Elliptical machines are also popular in people with back pain

The exercise bike prioritizes the lower body, especially calves, core, ankles, glutes, knees & hips. It doesn’t require standing while doing a workout, so it gives an excellent overall balance.

As there are some mechanical differences between Elliptical & Bike, but both offer some great health benefits. Such as –

  • Active Fat Burning.
  • Improving Aerobic Capacity by increasing heart bit rate while doing Workout by taking much oxygen effectively.
  • Strengthening Core Muscle & Strengthening Body.
  • Gradually Weight Losing.
From our perspective, discussing Ellipticals & Bikes Advantages & Pros is enough to differentiate those two categories of exercise machines. 

So some significant advantages of those two machines in different criteria are –

Fat Burning

The main reason for getting an Elliptical or Bike is fat burning. Comes to mind –”which machine is going to burn more fat?”

The Fat Burning potentiality depends on how much effort someone will give to the machine, whether it’s an elliptical or Bike.

  • The elliptical machine works on both the lower & upper body. It engages more muscle by engaging both hands & legs simultaneously. More movement means more energy-burning (fat burn).
  • The Bike has the sitting option, which engages the lower body but doesn’t hit on the upper body’s active core muscles. It also burns fat in comfort but requires more effort & time.

Building Muscle & Strength

Building strength & gaining muscle is another focus of Elliptical & Bike. While doing cardiovascular training, those machines build strength & muscle too. Those machines offer adequate resistance, but the mechanism of those two category machines is a little different.

  • The Elliptical trains both upper & lower body to gain strength while doing workouts. For building booty & glutes, there’s an option of high elevation in an Elliptical machine.
  • The Bike focuses on the lower body, but it trains quads & hamstrings more effectively than the Elliptical machines. Building & increasing strength on those targeted muscles, The Bike is better than the Elliptical Machine.

Improving Cardio Capacity

Improving cardiovascular capacity is not an easy process. Engaging in intense workouts makes the body take oxygen at a rapid rate & sustains them. Cardio capacity becomes more efficient, while more muscles engage in extreme activities like HIIT.

  • The Elliptical machine offers the most cardio gains because this machine trains both the lower & upper body. That’s why it gives the most comprehensive Workout per session.
  • On the other hand, the Exercise Bike engages the lower body & a bit of core muscle. Increasing difficulty level at the limit also improves the cardio capacity of users.

Impact on Joints & Risks

Are there any risks associated while doing a workout on an Elliptical Machine or Exercise Bike?

Rest assured, there are no risks associated while doing workouts on any of those machines. 

A sudden little injury might happen, but the chance is super low.

Now it comes to how much pressure those exercise machines give on our joints.

  • As the Elliptical workout machine engages both hands & legs, it has a low impact on joints because feet are fixed on footpads.
  • The Exercise Bike is no impact on joints exercise machine. While seated, kees move from bent to straight position so that it might give little pressure on joints, still not worrisome.

As both machines are fixed in a specific place, the chances of falling off are improbable.

Elliptical Machine


  • Low-Impact Cardiovascular Exercise – easy on joints.
  • Burns a lot of Calories – Example-400 calories in 30 minutes (185 lb person).
  • Full Body Workout – Using Arm Handles.
  • Multiple Adjustments – Both Speed & Resistance adjustments.
  • Multiple types of Workout – higher or lower incline, going forward or backward.

For new users & not doing Workout properly might lead to back or shoulder pain. 

From our research & experience, The Three best Elliptical for Home workouts are –

Exercise Bike


  • No-Impact Cardiovascular Exercise – easy on joints.
  • Different Seating Position – recumbent, upright, or indoor.
  • Muscle Building – Leg muscle & strengthening for every age.
  • Variable types of Workout – different speed & resistance level.
  • Burns a lot of Calories – Example-311 calories in 30 minutes (185 lb person).

While doing Workout for a long session, the seat might get uncomfortable. Adding good padding solves the problem usually.

From our research & experience, the Three best Stationary Bike for Home workouts are –


Elliptical vs Bike, which one is the right choice for you?

Personally, I like Exercise Bike more than Elliptical because it requires low maintenance & space in the room. It’s a relaxing & fun ride for me.

But your preference is the main factor while choosing between those two types of exercise machine. Both are excellent, and both have advantages & some minor disadvantages too. But the main point is whatever exercise machine you choose, give your best effort & hard work on that.

Because you know – "No Pain, No Gain."


  • What is better bike or elliptical?

    Elliptical bikes are more effective for burning calories, almost 15% more, so if you are exercising for losing weight then elliptical bikes win. But Stationary spin bikes are also great for full-body muscle exercises, especially for the lower body and core.

  • Is Elliptical Good for buttocks?

    Elliptical is good for shaping your buttocks since it puts more pressure on your back area and glutes. Its low-impact cardio exercise helps you tone up your backside.

  • Which is better for knees an elliptical or a bike?

    Bikes are more comfortable and chances are low that it will damage your knees in any way. So, bikes are obviously better for knees but elliptical can also be very good for your knees if you don't do it too intensively. 

  • Is it OK to do elliptical and bike everyday?

    Exercising with an elliptical or bike 5 days a week is enough. You can do more days but takes 2 days' breaks from such intense exercises, might just help you more.

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