A man works on his abs on a workout machine for the stomach at a home gym

Want to blast belly fat fast from your midsection?

Usually, bodyweight abs-targeted exercises like sit-ups, crunches, planks, and bridges can give you satisfactory results. Even push-ups and pull-ups too. But it can be too strenuous pushing your body to perform these movements solely on body strength resistance. And those bodyweight exercises may not give you the exact results you want or within the expected time frame.

That’s why you need machine-aided workouts. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best machines for stomach exercises.

Incorporating the best exercise machines for abs into your core training can make your workout easier and more efficient while achieving results faster.

But the problem arises with choosing the right abs training equipment. Most resources I checked out didn’t give me satisfying answers during my research.

True, cardio machines like the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, and similar will burn fat off your midsection. But that’s only in passing as secondary results. They’re not known as workout machines for the stomach.

Aerobic machines will shed pounds from all body parts, making you achieve total body slimming. But you probably don’t want a complete body reduction. You just want only the d**n flab off your core.

So what can be done? We’ve taken a different approach: A better one, I’d like to say.

THE ANSWER: Abs-specific machines are the best exercise machines for the stomach.

Typical abs machines don’t challenge the entire body to burn fat. They are designed to reduce belly fat, sculpt the ab muscles, and/or strengthen the core—without affecting the other body parts (that much).

That said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common exercise machines known to do just that.

These machines are so notorious for stealing chunks off your “fat keg” that they should be made illegal. Well, not exactly.

Along with device efficiency, we’ve also considered factors like functionality, flexibility, durability, and cost to help you get the best five.

With these in mind, let’s examine the 10 best machines for stomach exercise and belly fat reduction.

10 Best Belly Fat Reduction Machines 

01. AB STIMULATOR—Abdominal Toning Belt

A woman wearing a grey outfit wears an black exercise belt around her midsection


  • Recent development
  • Unisex abdominal toning belt
  • Results in 1-2 months
  • FREE Gel Pads
  • 10 modes, 100 intensity levels
  • Improved compression, tones all 4 abdominal muscle groups
  • Memory functionality that records your last toning session
  • Brighter OLED display (better than LCD)
  • Travel pouch for convenience
  • Handheld remote control
  • Impressive 2-year warranty deal


  • On the pricey side
  • The battery doesn’t last so long
  • Periodic Gel Pads replacement

The Slendertone CoreiFit Abs Toning Belt is the manufacturer’s newest and most comfortable technology. And we recommend this abs toner without reservation.

This abs stimulator is for men and women who are too busy to find separate time for workouts, want a stress-free machine for stomach exercise, or simply want to add more dimension to their exercise routines. It is small, compact, and portable, which allows you to wear them quickly and conveniently, anytime and anywhere.

The Slendertone CoreFit has more impressive and unique features than most abs stimulator machines. For starters, it’s an abs machine—and that’s what it is! It’s optimized for your core muscles, so your abdominal muscles will not be vying for attention with any other body part for training time with this device (as is often the case with other abs stimulators).

This machine has 10 exercise modes and 100 intensity levels for more engagement and challenge preference. The package includes a handheld remote control, an OLED display (an improvement on the older LCD version), improved compression, a travel pouch for transportation convenience, 3 FREE Gel Pads that should be replaced periodically, and one USB cable.

CoreiFit toning belt works on all 4 abdominal muscle groups to complete your workout. Upon the first toning session, the sensation is tingly. But as you increase the intensity, you will feel the muscles start to contract deeper. This might not be comfortable, but it shows your workout is paying out as you continue practicing discipline.

With healthy eating and disciplined use, you should see results in about one month with this workout machine for the stomach. For most abs stimulators, that’s a relatively short time.

The Slendertone CoreFit is a bit on the pricey side. However, its latest technical improvements and an impressive 2-year guarantee make it a real deal investment.


02. AB TONER — Core Max PRO with Resistance Bands

A Core Max Pro training system


  • Endurance, aerobic, flexibility (upper body) training
  • Strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles
  • Strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders, and waist
  • Helps reduce extra weight
  • Resistance band included
  • Exercise chart and nutritional eating guide
  • Light machine
  • Easy to use and convenient to handle
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Affordable


  • No significant demerits

If you want to reduce belly fat—fast and easy—the Core Max PRO Home Gym is an excellent choice for a workout machine for the stomach.

With the Core Max PRO Gym, you can burn extra fat off your midsection in only 8 minutes a day workout for one consistent month. It has 8 exercise programs that can be adjusted to work your core, chest, arms, shoulders, back, hips, glutes, and legs. There are 3 customizable resistance levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) for more workout gains.

An upgrade on the older Core Max 2.0 Smart Home Gym, this newer PRO model allows you to shoot your workout to the max with the Pro-grade resistance bands, which work in a dual-action mode with a power-assisted rebound system for resistance and support in both directions. This added resistance band feature helps you max out results and reduce strain.

Purchase EXTRAS includes a nutritional guide, workout chart guide, a digital monitor, and online workout videos.

The device’s design is compact, lightweight, portable, and foldable, allowing for ease of use, convenient handling, and limited space storage making it one of the best exercise machines for the stomach.

Another BIG upside: Core Max PRO Home Gym is super affordable and durable, which makes it a good buy for long-term home use.


03. AB ROLLER—Fitnessery Ab Roller

An ab-roller by Fitnessery


  • Endurance and flexibility training
  • For abdominal muscles
  • Shoulder and arm strengthening
  • Small, compact, light, and portable
  • Durable
  • Super affordable


  • Needs some agility

The Fitnessery Ab Roller helps you sculpt abs of steel while making your workout a little more challenging and a lot more fun. What’s interesting about this machine for stomach exercise is that it’s simple but promises tremendous benefits.

For starters, this device is used mainly for abdominal muscle workouts. Still, it trains the arms and shoulders in passing, strengthening these areas. The range of motion applied while using this device is a continuous, full forward-backward stretch while you go down on your belly. This helps you build flexibility and coordination while improving your endurance and burning calories with repetition.

It’s easy and convenient to use. The wide wheel gives fluid movements and stability for stretching out or pulling back so that you don’t feel wobbly. Thanks to the non-slip rubber design, it’s optimized to grip any surface. Meanwhile, the padded handles offer a firm, comfortable hand grip, and extra balance, so your hands don’t slide off the handles and break your sequence.

The Fitnessery Ab Roller is small, lightweight, and compact. This means a lot of things: you can use it anywhere, anytime; it fits into any space, and it’s portable enough to carry around.

This ab roller is built for long-term use. The makers chose a strong and durable stainless steel material for its design.

EXTRAS include:



An orange URBNFit exercise ball, pump, manual, and box are seen with various color options on the side


  • Flexibility and balance training
  • Strengthens, relax and stretches your muscles
  • Improves your posture
  • Tones muscles and improves the figure
  • Flat tummy
  • Easily available for purchase
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Free EXTRAS include paper and digital workout guides, inflation pump, and 2 air stoppers


  • No significant demerits

Are you looking for an easier, stress-free, yet effective way of working your core? Tired of endless, stressful sit-ups, crunches, and planks?

Though not quite a machine for stomach exercise, our URBNFIT Exercise Ball could be the answer to your need for easier, more fun abs and core training. It is perfect for targeting your abs, back, and core.  

It can also be used for other workout programs, including Yoga, Pilates, and Stretching. You can use it for your favorite sit-ups, crunches, planks, and push-ups. One BIG advantage the exercise ball has over most other gym gear is that it is always actively working your abdominal muscles, regardless of the exercise you’re performing with it. This makes it a flexible and versatile gym piece for total body training.

The health benefits are HUGE.

Specifically, you can use this ball to improve flexibility by stretching out muscles and joints, achieve better posture, relax muscles & aches, build up body balance, and facilitate recovery.

The URBNFIT Exercise Ball comes in different sizes, several colors, and varying textures but of the same material.

Sizes range from 45 cm to 85 cm, and colors include black, blue, red, pink, purple, green, and silver. The design texture is a pro-quality PVC material that offers non-slip protection.

It is highly durable and has an anti-burst weight resistance of 2000 lbs. This makes it ideal for workouts of extreme intensities.

Small and light, it can be used conveniently at home or office.

The buy package comes in a retail-ready box containing EXTRAS such as Quick Inflation Pump, Instruction Manual, Workout Guidebook, and 2 Air Stoppers.

The URBNFIT Exercise Ball can be yours for less than $40.


05. ROWER MACHINE—Space Saving Adjustable Rower

A woman in black and white exercise outfit uses a rowing machine


  • Strength, endurance, and cardio fitness
  • Great core training machine
  • Also, work arms, shoulders, back, legs, and buttocks
  • Small and lightweight
  • Upgraded, molded seat from the comfort
  • Large footplates
  • Aluminum rowing beam
  • Adjustable hydraulic resistance
  • 10 resistance levels
  • Larger electronic monitor with tablet holder
  • Entertainment with tablet
  • Steel frame and construction
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Cost-effective


  • Assembly required
  • The monitor requires one AA battery
  • Rowing and the core!

The Rowing Machine is a great aerobic exercise tool, but you can use it specifically to target the core muscles—with the right technique, making it a great machine for stomach exercises.

There are several variations of exercises that can be done with the rowing machine, but in the traditional seated workout style, there are 4 basic steps: the catch, the drive, the finish, and the recovery.

In brief, let’s look at the 4-step technique:

  1. STEP 1 (The Catch)

With your hands on the handle, flex your torso forward while engaging your abdominal muscles.

  1. STEP 2 (The Drive)

Drive with your legs as you pull the handle to your upper abdomen. While your entire upper body is engaged, you should feel your abs contract as it tries to stabilize itself and keep your body posture upright.

  1. STEP 3 (The Finish)

At the finish position, your back will lean slightly backward, with your core stabilizing your body and controlling your movement.

  1. STEP 4 (The Recovery)

Recovering back to the starting stage, your abs flex and push the torso forward, all the while engaged.

Interestingly, no matter the variation you’re doing, your core will be actively engaged. But for added gains, it’s advisable that your abdominals be flexed, tight, or stabilizing the body with every single stroke on the rowing machine.

We Recommend: Maxkare Water Rowing Machine

The Maxkare Water Rowing Machine is a workout machine for the stomach designed to mimic the actual water rowing experience. This makes your workout experience more authentic, challenging, and fun.  

As with every other rowing machine, you can work your core, arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, or legs. But the Maxkare Water Rower is unique because it’s also specially optimized to relieve spinal pressure, protect knees, alleviate shoulder and back pain, and prevent lumbar muscle strain.

Every exercise program and each stroke on the rowing machine has a direct effect on your abs and core muscles, more so than on any other muscle group. The reason is that rowing involves the upper and lower bodies, with the core in-between and inevitably present.

Easy to use, comfortable to hold, convenient to handle, and ergonomically designed for a broad user type, the Maxkare Water Rowing Machine makes workouts enjoyable.

This machine for stomach exercises is tough and durable, with a steel mainframe and solid construction. This makes it sturdy and safe for 264 lbs. of user weight capacity.

There is a large adjustable LCD monitor that records your fitness data like time, stroke per minute (SPM), distance, and calories. For more motivation, workout intensity can be raised with a challenging Race Mode option.

EXTRA features for comfort and convenience include adjustable footplates, well-cushioned seats, padded handles, water resistance, a stabilizer, wheels, and a bottle holder.

Transportation and storage are easy. There are pulleys and a support point for easy moving and upright storage, respectively.


06. SIT-UP MACHINE—Ab Coaster Max

A sit up machine in grey and black


  • Exclusive to abs training
  • Made of quality gym materials
  • Easy to use (no complicated movements)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra weight discs for advanced users
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Supports 300 lbs. max body weight
  • Digital workout counter
  • Foldable, easy storage


  • Arrives partially assembled (instruction manual and necessary tools included)
  • Requires AAA batteries for counter (FREE 2 included)

Want to coast boast-worthy abs?

The Ab Coaster Max can max out your 6-pack training, giving you gains to toast to and boast of this Summer.

I’m tempted to say this is the best abs training device on our list—but I won’t. But the simple fact speaks for itself that the Ab Coaster uses about 90 percent of your calories to put pressure on your core while using the remaining 10 percent on the rest of your body, making it quite the machine for stomach exercises.

Suffice it to say, this is a true ab machine.

Thanks to its unique design and motion, which are optimized to target only the abs and sides. You can sit squatted on your knees and drag your body up by pulling on the handles. This upward swinging motion and the hanging position puts a lot of strain on the abdominal muscles, causing them to contract. Moving back down, the muscles relax back to their original state. The key is to perform as many repetitions and sets as you can. Each repetition taxes every individual muscle fiber in the ab area.

You can also work your laterals and obliques by moving in a sideways motion. To do this, just twist the seat to the desired direction(s) as you drag your body up.


The Ab Coaster Max is a great abs machine for all user types (newbies and advanced) and all fitness levels. The design is simple; the device is easy to use and convenient to handle.

Its frame and construction are strong and durable, allowing it to support your entire body weight without wobbling unsteadily as you hang onto the device during workouts. Sturdy and heavy, it bears a maximum load of 300 lbs.

With this machine, there will be no need for floor training, and you can add extra weights for increased resistance and resultant abs workout gains.

If it’s important to you to work just the core without shedding too much overall body weight, you might consider getting the Ab Coaster Max for yourself.


07. SIT-UP PULL ROPE—COOVY Elastic Sit-Up Pull Rope Spring Tension Foot

A sit-up pull rope by COOVY


  • Super effective for abs training
  • Assists with rehabilitative exercises
  • Prevents cervical spine and lumbar pain
  • Small, light, and portable
  • Easy to use and convenient to handle
  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • Ergonomic design
  • Premium quality
  • Durable


  • No significant demerit

The COOVY Elastic Sit-Up Pull Rope is great for strengthening the core and building abdominal muscles. It can also be adapted into different exercise styles to strengthen and build other body parts like the arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs.

But basically, it’s an abs sculpting artist—and it’s excellent at this job. I’ve used it personally in my earlier days, carving 6-packs. And believe me! It did the job beyond my expectations.

This abs-carving device works on a similar technique as a rowing machine in that you have to hold and pull the handle toward your upper torso. At the same time, you are seated upright, with your feet strapped in place on the footrests. You can do it in a normal sit-up style, which burns twice as many calories in the core region as the traditional bodyweight sit-up. As with the rowing machine, these movements engage your core and abdominal muscles throughout the session, forcing them to support the entire body. Through repetitions, your abs muscle contract and expand, creating the needed tension for muscle growth.

There are various programs for different body parts, but we will focus on the core training with this device. Specifically, you can target the upper abdominals, lower abdominals, or the entire tummy (as has already been explained in the first variation—the standard technique).

To work the upper abs:

Sit upright with your legs stretched forward together and your feet securely fastened to the footrests. Holding the device’s handle, lean your upper body backward until your back and head touch the floor. Slowly sit back upright to the starting seated position. Repeat continuously as desired, preferably with slow and controlled movements.

To work the lower abs:

Lie flat on your back with your legs raised straight up in the air and the footrests securely in place around your feet. Without bending your knees, raise and lower your legs repeatedly, all the while keeping your head, back, and waist pressed down to the floor.

Both exercises with this workout machine for the stomach will tone your abs. In no time, you should begin to feel your abs muscles getting strained. This is a good feeling and a positive sign.

The COOVY Elastic Sit-Up Pull Rope comprises top-quality plastic and spring. These are quality upgrades on the older version; they’re stronger and more durable.

It is small and lightweight, measuring 11.8” L x 10.2” W, and 742 g, respectively. These make it portable to carry around and easy to store away. It can be used anytime and anywhere.

With consistent and dedicated use, you should see encouraging results, at most, 30 days after Day One use.


08. ROCKER AB MACHINE—CAP Barbell Unisex Adult Ab Trainer

A workout machine for the stomach in grey, silver, and black


  • Tones and sculpts abs
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Helps support the spine & lower back and eliminates neck strain
  • Easy to use, convenient to handle
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Assembles in minutes


  • No significant demerits

The CAP Barbell Ab Trainer is a workout machine for the stomach that helps you tone and sculpt your core muscles with easy crunch movements. It will also help support the spine, lower back, and neck, removing strain in these areas.

Multiple core exercises can be done with this device, but we will examine three of the most popular and my favorites—the crunches!

Sit-up crunches:

Holding the upper frame of the device with your head on the headrest and your feet bent at a 45-degrees angle, raise your upper body as far up as you can go. Hold this position for a couple of seconds. Then row back down to starting position in a slow and controlled manner. Repeat as many times as you want.

This exercise targets the entire abs and core muscles. It also focuses on the upper abdomen, lower back, and spine.

Reverse crunches:

Lie flat on your back with your hands on the device’s upper bars for support. Then raise your legs in a bent 90-degree angle at the knees, with the hips just a few inches off the floor. Maintaining this angle, push upward until your knees almost touch your chest or shoulder region. Hold for one or two seconds. Then go back down slowly and controlled, stretching out the legs this time.

Repeat as desired. This style works in the lower abdomen.

Side crunches:

Assume the sit-up crunch position with the knees still bent at a 45-degree angle. Let the legs fall together to one side of your body while the back holds its initial position flat on the floor. Maintaining this position, list the torso straight upright as far as possible. Usually, you can go to a very limited range in this position. Then go back down in slow and controlled motion. You can do as many reps as you want before you repeat the process for the other side of the torso.

This targets the sides of the torso, with attention on the obliques.

The CAP Barbell Ab Trainer is functional, durable, sturdy, and convenient for home use. Easy to use and comfortable to handle, the device has a cozy and protective head and elbow rest for support.

The design is simple and ergonomic. The frame is made of durable steel. Assembly is easy and can be done in minutes.

It is small and light, allowing easy handling, carriage, and storage.

You will get a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Among all we’ve said, what do you like most about this machine?


09. ROMAN CHAIR—Powerline Roman Chair and Back Extension

A Powerline Roman chair and back extension


  • Great ab training equipment
  • Hyperextension workouts keep your back and spine healthy
  • Helps lose fat around the waist and hips while strengthening the areas
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Assembles in minutes


  • Exercise may be hard for some fitness levels
  • Not ideal for persons who already have back or spine problems
  • Large (may need space)
  • Not ideal for persons with high blood pressure

The Power Line Roman Chair and Back Extension uses your own bodyweight’s resistance to train abs, strengthen the lower back, and tighten the glutes and hamstrings.

It supports a broad range of exercise programs for toning and conditioning. Among these are the back extension, side crunches, and kettlebell row. All three workout variations are notoriously famous for working the core muscles: abdominal, oblique, and lower back. In passing, they also build the glutes and hamstrings.

You can trust this device to support your body weight as you hang suspended in the air. It’s a large and heavy machine, with measurements 46” L x 25” W x 36” H and a weight of 40 lbs. It has a heavy-gauge steel construction with dimensions 2” x 2”. A wide and balanced base cancels any wobbling, keeping your workout stable and safe.

There are extra-large foam rollers and well-cushioned pads to ensure you’re securely in place during workouts.

The Power Line Roman Chair does have some downsides in that it requires some level of fitness and workout/storage space. 

But if you can carry your body weight during hanging exercises, this machine for stomach exercises might greatly benefit you. As for space, you only need to find somewhere you can mount it permanently without the need for moving it around or storing it. That said, a spacious room portion, garden, or backyard might be good options. If you have a separate home gym space, that’s even better.

What do you think?

Overall, the Power Line Roman Chair is a powerful abs training equipment. With frames built of strong steel, this device comes off as a durable and long-term investment.

We recommend it highly.


10. SIT-UP BENCH—XMark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

An Xmark Fitness adjustable decline ab bench


  • Perfect sit-up-only gym equipment
  • Strengthens upper body
  • Allows you to choose (as preferred) decline levels for sit-ups
  • Well-padded rollers and board for feet and back comfort
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy on the lower back to prevent/reduce pain or strain


  • Requires existing core strength (might be a bit challenging for a total beginner)
  • Not ideal for persons with high blood pressure

Fred, a verified buyer on Amazon, gave this product a complete 5-STAR rating. Then, he continued, visibly impressed:


Great bench. Easy to set up. Great Workout. The price is very fair. Protective boots on the stands are nice, as we have hardwood floors. Trying to turn my keg into a 6 pack.”

The XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Ab Bench is definitely one of the best exercise machines for the stomach. It’ll meet you at your fitness level to help you achieve your workout goals, whether to build solid 6-packs, trim a fat-free waist, or maintain an active lifestyle.

The device offers a flexible, broad range of angles from which you can target your abdominal muscles. 12 vertical height adjustments allow you to train at any decline you are comfortable with: From a challenging steep for high bodyweight resistance to almost level for low-impact training. Changing the declining level to taste even while you are mounted (or dismounted) is easy and safe, with the support handle conveniently placed at the feet.

The XMark Fitness Ab Bench is ergonomically designed for comfort, convenience, and ease of use.

Padded with large 4-inch contoured roller pads, your feet stay safe from friction burns while being held securely in place to support and stabilize the entire body. Extra thick 2.5-inch high-density, sweat, and tear-resistant cushions offer comfortable and protective back support. No back pain worries.

You can expect an effective, stress-free, and safe workout on this bench. And we’ve not mentioned how simple and plain the design is: no frills, annoying multi-components, or moving parts to deal with.

You can always depend on this device to carry your body weight. Don’t worry about possible buckling under pressure. That’s almost a remote impossibility with this equipment. The bench is made up of a 14-gauge steel frame and can support a remarkable 400 lbs. user weight.

With sturdy real transport wheels, you can easily move this bench to your workout space or tuck it in for storage.


Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of our review on the best exercise machines for belly fat reduction. I’d like to repeat that these are special lab-specific devices. And that answers your need for suitable exercise machines for your stomach that will do the job without taking pounds off the areas you want unworked.

However, for a more rounded workout experience, I hope you might also consider targeting other specific muscle groups or the whole body.

In the final analysis, you will reach your full abs workout potential easier and faster if you maintain a good dieting program and a healthy lifestyle.

Wish you all the best!

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