Best 6 Indoor Cycling Bikes PROS and CONS From High to Low Price Range

Best 6 Indoor Cycling Bike’s PROS and CONS From High to Low Price Range

We are going to showcase 6 indoor spin bikes and tell you the pros & cons of these 6 different spin bikes for home cycling. These bikes have a price range from most expensive to least expensive, so you can decide which one of the 5 spin bikes are more suitable for you.

List of the 6 best spin bikes from expensive to cheap are:

  1. The Peloton bike plus, $2495 plus $39 month
  2. Schwinn ic4 $899.99
  3. Echelon Connect Sports $596
  4. Joroto X2 $439.99
  5. Proform Tour De France CBC from Costco $385
  6. Sunny B1002 Spin Bike $334.99
The Peloton bike plus

The most expensive spin bike

The Peloton bike plus

Price: $2495

Let’s start with the king of all bikes here the Peloton bike plus, this bike cost more than all of the other 5 spin bikes combine. With the price tag of $2495 plus $39 per month for its app and special exercise features. So, let’s talk about its pros & cons first.




Most Value Indoor Spin Bike

Schwinn ic4 Spin Bike

Price: $899.99

The Schwinn ic4 cost only $900 and you can buy it very easily from Amazon. In my opinion, it’s the most valued bike on the list. Comes with great features and the price is quite affordable. Let’s quickly go over the pros & cons of the Schwinn ic4 indoor spin bike.




Best budget spin bike for home

Echelon connect sport bike

Price: $596

Echelon connect sport exercise bike is the same model of EX-15 bike with a few variations’ differences including the handlebar and resistance knob. Only at $500, it’s a great exercise bike so Let’s get started with its pros.




Great Spin bike at a cheap price

Joroto X2 Indoor Spin Bike

Price: $439.99

Toronto X2 exercise spin bike is just under $400 and it’s a great bike for home exercise. It’s probably on sale right now so do check the link for its price. Overall Joroto X2 spin bike can give you a good experience under this budget and let’s go over its pros really quick.




Great Cheap Spin Bike

Proform Tour De France CBC


This indoor exercise bike is available at Costco, so, you can easily just get it from there for under $400. This Proform tour spin bike has so many good things going on.




Most Affordable Spin Bike

Sunny B1002 Indoor spin bike


Best cheap exercise bike One of the best exercise bikes on the market at a very cheap price. Filled with useful features and you cannot complain about its built-in quality. Let’s go over its pros & cons.



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