Jaybird X4


sweatproof & waterproof


true wireless earbuds


Softer ear wings


Replacing the cable clips with a cinch.


the quick charging case



  • Great sound quality
  • Now waterproof with an IPX7 rating
  • Excellent EQ app
  • Super stable fit for all types of sports
  • noise cancelling


  • The proprietary charging cable is a nuisance
  • Questionable Jaybird durability

The new jaybird x4 sports earbuds, Jaybird was my very first pair of Bluetooth headphones so I’ve always had a soft spot for them in my heart. They were the first company that I felt truly got with a Bluetooth sports earbud should be like although they have been far from perfect, I mean no headphone really ever is.

I still enjoyed using their earbuds, because they had a good mix of good to great sound. They had good fit options and more recently their EQ app allowing you to change the firmware of the headphone no matter what device you use giving that added emotion to get you through those tough workouts. 

so here we are now in 2020 six years after the original jaybird blue but when Jaybird X’s came out, they finally got everything right in this $108 to $130 pair of earbuds find out today. 

jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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Is jaybird x4 earbuds better then before?

Now the earbuds have kept their same shape from last year. This year the colors have changed to black metallic flash which has a nozzle as yellow the storm metallic glacier, where the nozzle is blue and the alpha metallic Jade where the ear tips are green the silicone tips and earphones have changed and are vastly more comfortable and block out way more noise than previous models.

They also have included compact if sin as usual to get a nice seal but I feel that the silicone tips they have added in this year keep the earbuds in place so nicely and block out so much noise that the comp like tips aren’t a necessity like they were in older versions, where the jaybird x1 2 3 would fall out during strenuous workouts. 

The only time they have come out is when I lifted off a bench and they got caught and when that happened only one of the earbuds came out one thing missing though that I used to love about the old Jaybirds is the ex-fit. They took it out I must admit it was a little bit difficult to set up.

I get that you know but it did a nice job keeping the cord off your neck. I actually lost the Tyner on the court on the X fours and now I’m out of luck. all in all, I would have liked to have a better system in place or maybe even a better Tyner that you can’t lose and is permanently on the court.

jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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Charging Cradle & fast charging

So, I’ll address the elephant in the room now that proprietary charging cradle is back. jaybird we the consumer don’t want this, plain and simple. And when you lose it you have to buy the entire accessory pack all over again or you can’t use the earbuds anymore and for me that’s just not right. I lost the cradle with my first jaybird X3’s and had to pay $15 for another replacement.  

I found myself constantly worrying about the cradle just to make sure I didn’t leave it at work or even lose it while I was walking around. Attaching the cord to the cradle wasn’t the solution either jaybird because what if the court shorts out from wear-and-tear in my opinion they need to scrap this design.

It might lead to faster charging but that’s why we have newer tech like USB-C with quick charging but it could be that, it might not be cost efficient or space efficient enough to put this into the jaybird x4 sports earbuds overall. Although not perfect I think the new silicon tips make up for some of the other design flaws but I still can’t justify the cradle it’s just not a good solution and we’ll talk more about the charging later.

jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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How is Jaybird X4 Sound Quality?

They’ve also made the jaybird x4 sports earbuds slightly more powerful this year sound wise. I have to turn down the max volume sometimes. Before I’d be craving for more volume. The new speaker sensitivity is up to 99 plus or minus 3 dB and 1 kilohertz and that’s up from 96 plus or minus 3 dB at 1 kilohertz of the jaybird X 3s.

The speaker sensitivity tells you how effectively a speaker converts power into volume so we’re getting a slight bump here. 

The sound quality of Jaybird earbuds and presses, year after year I just don’t get how they give such good sound stage in these earbuds. it’s always been like that with Jaybird’s. They are so layered and so detailed; the app lets you control the EQ onboard which is great for switching devices. It also can give you the exact sound qualities that you like. 

jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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jaybird x4 sports earbuds 4evafit
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The clean bass and detail mids and highs combined to give you that extra push during your workouts and these just aren’t good for workouts guys, the jaybird x4 sports earbuds have become one of my favorite headphones and most use headphones because the sound quality is just that good.

I tested them against my shirt SCA for sixes and they held up really nicely not as much sub bass and definitely not as clear but they are more open and spacious than my SC 84 ‘s the sound quality is a lot closer than you would think. The connection is a little lackluster and that’s because they are still using AAC and SBC. I hope in the jaybird x5 s they add in apt X or apt X HD and these earbuds will be near flawless for me from media consumption. 


I am a little bit disappointed in the max distance as I started getting breakups while using these at distances that I thought would be pretty reasonable for a sports earbud. The battery life is 8hours of playback for two hours of charging and for quick charging, it has changed from 20 minutes for an hour to 10 minutes of charging for an hour which is a great improvement for those of us who forget to charge their earbuds before the workouts.

Call quality has never really been a strong suit for the jaybird X line and it continues to struggle sounding very hollow like you’re in a hall or talking to somebody in the bathroom when you’re talking to friends and family or business calls. 


I would definitely keep cost to a minimum when using the jaybird x4 sports earbuds. These are sports earbuds and with that comes some drawbacks with connection and call quality but the sound quality and fit are amazing. Jaybird designed these for a specific reason and that is for the active person that being said, I do love the jaybird x4 sports earbuds for music and for working out outside.

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