NordicTrack RW 500 Rower Review

Looking for an intense rowing workout machine that’s perfectly suitable for home so that you remain in good shape without hitting the gym? Here is a quick Nordictrack rw500 rower review by our workout experts.

NordicTrack RW 500 Rower is one of the bestselling NordiTrack’s rowers, combining both high-end rowing features & affordability. Its smooth & sturdy build quality makes it an excellent choice for a home workout & folds up quickly after each rowing session is done. 

Connect your favorite iFit trainer to a smartphone or tablet & travel various rivers rowing through prebuilt training programs.

Since last year, I have started home workout training sessions & when I began using NordicTrack Rower, it felt like my fat was burning the same as actual rowing. With so many high-end features in this price range, it feels like I am the winner here because of the value it offers. 

Is NordicTrack Rower the right choice for you? To answer this question, I will write down some features of this rower that helped me during my rowing session with the pros & cons to help you choose the correct one. Let’s check it out!

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NordicTrack RW 500 Rower
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Technical Specs




   Height: 42.8 inches

   Width: 22 inches

   Length: 86.5 inches

Build Material

   Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Max User Weight

   250 Lbs (113 KG)

Available Color


Resistance Level

   10 levels of Air damper + 26 levels of Magnetic


Warranty Period

   10-year frame warranty

   2-year parts warranty

   1-year labor warranty

NordicTrack RW 500 Rower Special Features

NordicTrack 500 rower machine solely focused on features that will give a comfortable workout while doing the rower machine’s functions. Most of the features of this rowing machine has seemed beneficial in my case.

  • Display & Tablet

The first thing I liked about this rower is the display. It comes with a 5″ backlight display that gives a clear view & easy to use. The console panel can be adjusted up & down for clear visibility.

It comes with a 10″ portable android tablet. The rower machine has a tablet holder to fit the tablet in a secure position.

This tablet syncs with iFit classes & makes rowing workouts more enjoyable.

  • iFit training Program

iFit provides interactive personal training at home, and world-class trainers offer this training program.

NordicTrack is giving a one-year free subscription to iFit to evaluate its worthiness.

I connected this training program to my tablet & set it in the rowing machine with the tablet holder.

Now I can row at some world-famous riverways because of iFit’s various workout classes.

  • Build & Design

NordicTrack fitness is well known for its excellent crafting skill & quality products. The same goes for the RW 500 rower model.

Using it for a long time still, it didn’t feel cheap, like cheap plastic or a seat becomes uncomfortable nothing!

Instead, it gives a comfortable & smooth rowing motion feel.

The molded seat, ergonomic handles & oversized pedals ensure a super flexible motion while rowing & each stroke feels super smooth.

  • Resistance Levels & Types

One of my old habits is always pushing through the limit. While rowing, it’s my nature to do intense training as much as I can.

NordicTrack RW series is a combination of Margenic and Air type resistance that is quite unique.

What I liked here is this you can row harder & harder using both types of resistances.

The air resistance offers 10 levels of resistance settings, from lighter to heavier strokes.
The magnetic resistance offers 26 levels of resistance using the plus-minus button featured in the LCD monitor.

  • Required Space & Transport

After every rowing session, I do another workout & that is moving the rower to my storeroom.

RW500 easily folds up & with built-in caster wheels, I roll it up to my storeroom. Although my closet has not much space left, still NordicTrack RW500 rower easily fits because of the Space-Saver design.

  • Extended Warranty

Last but not least, the feature I liked about this rower is its massive warranty period. Not only warranty but their customer care service is 5 stars.

NordicTrack RW series features 10 years warranty for frame & 2 years warranty for parts. Additionally, a one-year labor warranty with an extendable warranty at a reasonable price.

NordicTrack RW 500 Rower Review

What I liked about it:

  • Quickly assemble since first use.
  • Total 30 preloaded workouts (compatible with iFit)
  • Comfortable even for long-term usage (Seat, Pedals & Handles all)
  • iFit rowing training programs (great motivation)
  • 5.0 inches monitor for tracking (distance, heart rate, strokes per minute, time, calories burned)
  • A whole level of resistance (10 levels air damper resistance + 26 levels silent magnetic resistance)
  • Rowing without Headache (10 years warranty covers up)

What I didn’t like about it:

  • Training programs are limited (requires purchasing iFit premium membership)
  • Limited weight capacity (max 250lbs)

*Note – Overall, NordicTrack RX500 rower gained lots of positive reviews because of the values it offers at this price range.

iFit training programs & attractive pricing of NordicTrack Rowers pushed them towards the best-selling rowers.

Differences between NordicTrack RW500 vs rw200 vs rw900

  • Price – RW500 model is $1343 whereas RW200 is $799 & RW900 is $2431.
  • Display – RW500 comes with a 5″ display, RW900 comes with a 10″ HD display & RW200 comes with a small adjustable console.
  • Training Program – RW500 & RW900 comes with 30 prebuilt training programs, RW200 comes with 20 inbuilt programs.

Except for those features, all other structures are the same for every model described here. So grab one based on your requirements & choices.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about your health & fitness & have money to spare on fitness –

My straightforward opinion is – Purchase NordicTrack RW 500 Rower. Instead of going to a physical shop, just a little suggestion is to purchase directly from NordicTrack Store on Amazon.

After reading my review & customer reviews on the NordicTrack RW rower series, you are now quite aware that it’s an excellent rowing machine with superior build quality. It comes from a reputed fitness Brand, attractive price & lots of resistance.

This rowing machine will give you all the fitness benefits & fulfill the fitness goals you were searching for.

So good luck with your fitness goals.

Popular F.A.Q

Are NordicTrack rowers good?

Ans – With various features like HD screen, vast training programs, low to high resistance, user friendly, NordicTrack Rowers are not only useful but offer great value at this price range. Especially, NordicTrack RW 500 rower is an excellent choice for beginner, intermediate & advanced level rowers alike.

Is it OK to row every day?

Ans – Rowing every day is quite okay if you maintain a 30-60 minute pace on a moderate level of resistance. It’s like cycling, walking or running. The suggestion is – don’t row on high resistance every day.

Can you get ripped using a rowing machine?

Ans – Rowing workout activates almost 85% of the body’s muscular structure & 9 muscle groups. Rowing workout burns calories very fast & a lot amount like 1000 calories if rowing hard. When the fats burn a lot, your body will transform & give you a ripped look. “Rowers get Ripped”.

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