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Searching for the most high-quality treadmill to finally start your fitness journey and perform your workouts at home? Our workout experts at the 4EVAFIT Lifestyle are reviewing the Lifespan fitness tr2000e!

Let’s take a look at the tr2000e treadmill – the crème de la crème of treadmills.

This treadmill is a bit more unique than the others. Why? Because it comes with an electronic folding feature. All you have to do is press a button on the console and you can get the deck to fold up and lock into place or unfold. This way, you won’t have to lift or hold anything physically.

Another reason our workout experts believe that the Lifespan fitness tr2000e is the best is that it is highly compact. This makes it very good for walking without any sounds or noises, and it even has a backlit LCD screen.

The Lifespan tr2000e treadmill covers a full-time warranty on the frame and the motor.

Keep reading to learn more about its overall construction.

Lifespan TR2000e Treadmill

  • Quality Construction
  • Electric Folding Frame
  • Great for Walking
  • Back-lit Display Screen
  • Lifetime Warranty – Frame & Motor
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Belt Size20″ W x 56″ L
Drive Motor2.5 HP Continuous Duty DC
Belt Type2-Ply
Incline Motor800 lbs. Maximum Lift
Rollers2.5″ Front, 2″ Rear
Speed0.5 – 11 MPH
Incline15 Levels
Deck Suspension8 Independent Compression Shocks
Deck3/4″ Phenolic
Folding SystemeFold™ Electric Folding System
LifeSpan Fitness TR2000e

Treadmill Features

  • 20” X 56” Running Surface

Your lifespan treadmill TR200e is a really solid machine. This is a compact treadmill so you’ve got 20 inches of width here on your running surface and it is 56 inches long. It’s a little more compact than comparable treadmills but it’s great for walking and the electric folding system makes it convenient for users who may have a harder time lifting things or just want the nice functionality of having the machine fold itself up.

  • Footprint Dimensions

Your total footprint, it’s 71 inches long when it’s unfolded and you’ve got 33 inches in width and it is 56 inches high. And, once it’s folded it tucks itself up so it’s only 50 inches long, still 33 inches wide, and 56 inches high. 

Open Footprint

  • 71” long
  • 33” wide
  • 56” tall

Folded Footprint

  • 50” long
  • 33” wide
  • 56” tall

You can keep it in the corner of a room and it won’t take up too much space.

  • 15% Incline & 11 mph Max Speed

So, a few of the nice features on this treadmill is that it’s got a 15 percent incline. The top of the deck will lift to that 15 percent grade which is great for walking. It provides more glute engagement, really challenges your posterior chain as you work that incline and it has an 11 mile on our max speed. So, you’ve got plenty of speed and good incline on the tr2000e treadmill.

  • eFold Electronic Folding System

let’s take a look at the folding system, so upon the console, you have two buttons. One for up and one for down so to fold it up you just press the up button and hold it for a second. It’s going to say eFold there on the console and you will see it’s going to fold itself up.

  • 2 Buttons for Easy Folding

It’s got two wheels here at the base of the deck that allows it to just kind of roll gently as it inclines. It’s really quiet and it does take a minute but it’s nice that it does it for you. It just kind of tucks up into itself, really nicely compact.

  • Solid Steel Frame & Powder Coated Upright

So, you can see the Lifespan TR2000e Treadmill got a nice steel frame on the side, powder-coated uprights that just kind of hold that console, and handlebars have a nice plastic overlay.

  • 4 Wheels for Easy Moving

At the base of the treadmill, you’ve got four wheels which makes it one of the easiest machines to just kind of roll as needed. A lot of times the machines you have to tip them and lift them to get them to roll. This one you can just roll easy.

  • 8 Compression Shocks Cushion The Deck

You can see the strength of the deck underneath and you’ve got eight compression shocks under the treadmill, which just kind of mitigates that impact as you’re walking and reduce. It reduces joint discomfort and many impact discomforts from walking or lightly jogging. You can see your incline arm is down there under the frame and the motor is tucked up under the hood. so nice functionality and a sturdy frame on this.

  • Step Up Hight: 8”

You’ve got a low step-up height of just eight inches, so it’s really easy to just step right up on the side and get on and off.

  • Lightly Textured Side Rails

Your side rails are lightly textured and provide a nice little wide enough space to step to the side when you need to or to get on and off the treadmill.

  • 300 lb Max User Weight

This TR2000e treadmill machine will support up to 300 pounds of max user capacity. So, it’s pretty solid and it only weighs 211 pounds, so you’ve got a good weight ratio in there.

  • Warranty

Lifespan backs this up with a full lifetime warranty on the frame and the motor and you get five years on parts and one year on labor.

  • Lifetime: Frame & Motor
  • 5-Years: Parts
  • 1-Year: Labor

Treadmill Console

  • Simple Console Design

The console on the lifespan tr2000e treadmill is very simple. This console is designed for people who just want to press Start and go and I like the simplicity of the layout here.

  • 6” Blue Back-lit Display

So, it’s not a huge screen, this is only a six-inch LCD screen and it’s not a touchscreen. All of your functionality is and the buttons are down area but it is pretty easy to see.

So, as you can tell it’s blue-backlit and then you’ve got large white digital numbers. The metrics that appear on the screen include incline speed, calories, distance, heart rate, and time.

  • EKG Heart Rate Sensors

So, your heart rate can be determined if you hold on to the sensors right on the front handlebar. Your heart rate will appear on the screen and then to start any program you just hit “Quick Start”. It will say manual and give you a three-second countdown.

So, you know that the belts going to start and that’s nice. It will always automatically start at 0.5 miles an hour, nice and slow. And, it’s going to hold that zero percent incline until you change it.

  • Intelli-Step System

So, one thing that lifespan treadmill has is the Intelli-step system which counts your steps. There is a lifespan app on your phone so if you download the lifespan app on your phone you can sync your information from the console to your phone via Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth Compatible (App Only)

There is a Bluetooth button on the console in the center. You upload the app and sync it with the monitor or the console and so you can keep track of your steps, distance, calories, and intensity things like that over a nice time.

So, it is kind of streamlined between the app and the console to keep track of that data for you. If you’re tracking steps or something else, that’s a nice feature to have.

Down here on the console similar to the 5500i treadmill, there are a few things that I like and a few things that I think could be improved.

  • Touch Buttons & Speed Controls

You’ve quick touch buttons here on the left for incline and on the right for speed which is pretty standard. Your incline like I mentioned will always start at zero and then you can quickly jump to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10. If you take to level 10 incline and just kind of listening, it’s smooth as it lifts me.

This doesn’t tell me how high I am, it just tells me how fast I’m going. So, once you hit a ten it will just take you up to ten and then it will stop when you get there.

  • Speed Display

You can see in the left-hand corner; it’s keeping track of your steps. As you pick up your speed, you’re going to see those steps pick up and start a lot faster.

  • Heart Rate & Distance Monitor

The other thing is the sensors right on the handlebar. If I put both hands on the sensors, it will display my heart rate up in the lower right-hand corner of the console, which is nice. You will see your heart rate counts 83, 86, 89 and they are jumping up and down as you are working that incline.

And, then it keeps track of your distance as well, and when you are connected with the sensors, the little heart icon will kind of flash there in the middle.

  • 5 Quickset Incline Buttons

So, if you increase or decrease your incline, you will see incline increase and decrease there right on the console and it will increase you or decrease you by one grade taking you all the way up to 15 or dropping you back down.

  • Intelligrated Safety System

One other thing that lifespan treadmill has is the Intelligrated, if you step off the treadmill it will stop and that’s for your safety. So, if you step on those side rails for more than just a few seconds, it’s going to stop automatically.

  • 5 Quickset Speed Buttons

For speed, you’ve got preset buttons of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 which is nice. Well, you don’t have these buttons for intermediate speeds, so if you are at 1.5 and if you want to jump to 2, you just hit the number 2 button. But if you want to go to 3 miles an hour, you have to hit the UP button on the console and it just jumps by 1/10 of it at a time.

  • Handrail Adjustment Buttons

One thing I do like is right on the handrail. So, if you are holding on to those heart rate sensors, you can also adjust the speed right there on the handrail. Just by using your thumb and I like that. There’s also one for the incline on the left, so these little thumb buttons on the horizontal handlebar are convenient for just kind of manipulating those incline or speed without having to take your hands off and that’s really nice.

  • QuickStart, Stop & Safety Keys

You have got a stop button in the middle of the console. If you want to stop, it’s going to pause it for a minute. Right beside that a quick start and then of course your safety Keys down underneath. But there isn’t a fan but for what you get it’s really kind of an easy-to-use console.

  • Tablet & Phone Holder

So, you do have your tablet or phone slot right on top of the panel. you can drop your phone/tablet in and it doesn’t block the screen. so if you wanted to set a tablet there to read or watch Netflix whatever you could do that.

  • USB Port

There is a USB port right on top of that.  So, you can plug it into your phone or tablet, charge it while you are walking on your treadmill.

  • AUX Audio Jack With Built-in Speakers

You also have audio in port so if you plug the audio into your phone and then plug it into this port, you can play your music through the speakers which are also kind of nice. The Bluetooth will sync with your app but it doesn’t think with the audio, just something to know.

  • Water Bottle/Storage Pockets

you’ve got nice pockets here for keys, phone, water bottle. They should hold pretty much any water bottle, pretty securely while you’re working out.

With all and everything, this is a streamlined simple console. Like I mentioned the only drawback is that the top incline button is 10 but it will actually go to 15. It would be nice if the top button were maybe also the highest grade. It’s the same for speed, your top button is 10 but it will go 11 miles an hour. So, just something to be aware of. You do have a little more play here at the top where you can increase that incline or speed past the ten buttons.

TR2000e Treadmill Functionality

Let’s take a look at the functionality of the Lifespan TR2000e Treadmill and how it works.

  • 2.5 HP Continuous DC Motor

So, the TR2000e treadmill has a 2.5 horsepower motor. It’s a pretty good motor for a compact treadmill and it’s very quiet. Like I mentioned you’ve got an 11 mile an hour max speed and it will incline to a 15% grade.

  • 14” High Incline Grade

So, let’s start with that full incline, it’s just so you can know how high the front of that deck lifts off the floor. Whenever you start, it’s going to stay at 0 and you can increase the incline height as you please. If you take it to 15 then the treadmill’s incline height will be 14” high from the ground, as I measured.

It’s really not much but you do get the advantage of that incline, more engagement of the posterior chain, you kind of engaging those glutes and hamstrings a little bit more as you incline.

If you speed up then you can listen to the motor sound and the foot impact as you walk.

  • 2 Ply Belts

There’s a nice two-ply belt on this TR2000e treadmill that’s just textured enough to kind of provide a nice foot grip so you don’t slip and it’s very quiet. So here I am walked three miles an hour on that 15% incline and there’s hardly any motor noise. A little bit of foot impact noise and that’s about it.

  • Smooth & Quiet Treadmill

It’s very smooth and it’s very quiet, the side rails are nice to step on and off when you’re getting on and off the machine. The motor, even though it’s only 2.5 horsepower, really gives us some good incline and speed on this machine.


As you can see the lifespan TR2000e treadmill is a solid little machine. It really has some impressive features.

  • eFolding System

You’ve got a folding system that will fold and unfold the deck for you so you don’t have to lift or navigate it at all.

  • 4 Wheels for Easy Transport

You’ve got four wheels under the frame which makes it easy to roll when needed.

  • Back-lit Display

With the nice backlit display, you can track all your treadmill activities, heart rate monitoring, speed, and more.

  • 15% Incline & 11 MPH Max

Nice incline and speed options. Decent height and max speed for running, walking, or jogging.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame & Motor

And of course, we’re impressed with lifespan’s lifetime warranty on the motor and frame.

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