12 Best Cold Weather Running Gear

For your winter running sessions we selected most needed winter running gears which include some of the most needed pieces of stuff for running in winter or in cold mountains.
It’s hard to get up in the morning and go for running in winter’s foggy cold morning. Running on a treadmill feels like the best idea, avoiding outside slope.
But with strong determination and the right tools, you can overcome anything. Get ready with the right winter equipment from the list below for running and enjoy the fresh morning outside with nature.

How to choose the best winter running gear?

Smart runners know that there are few important rules you need to follow before you select your winter running gear. Just randomly putting on a windproof jacket and some thick trousers won't work here. Not only they will slow you down while running, but also going to make your way hotter inside than needed.
Winter running jackets and tops should be in balance, enough worm at the beginning of running but not too much so you don't feel boiled inside later on. You can avoid this by wearing close fit clothes with a few thin layers of insulation.
Running tights needs to be lighter so your legs don't get wet but also tight enough so you can feel your leg muscles working. Winter running tights should be thicker than normal tights, so it can protect you from cold wind blows.
Wear half-zip or full-zip for jackets for running in winter is a smart choice. It's easy to cool off anytime you feel too hot running. The same goes for hand gloves you wear for winter running and other gears.

List of best cold weather running gear


GORE WEAR R3 JACKETcold-weather-running-gear
Image credit: Gore Wear


  • Fully waterproof
  • Protect you from wind
  • Breathable

The versatile R3 Jacket is a great companion for running in winter. GORE-Tex Active Technology combined with it’s degine makes it ideal for running and it does not restrict your movements. It will protect you from feeling cold during running.

Learn more about what it means to be physically healthy and how it can help your running.

TSLA Men's Under Armour ColdGear

TSLA under arms gear cold-weather-running-gear
Image credit: TSLA

As we know one of the most important aspects of winter running is layers. Make sure you have enough warmth producing capacity and prepared for the worst. And here comes the under armor cold gear handy. These are ultra-lightweight and protect you from moisture, helps your body keep running in cold weather.

Dyna 15

Dyna 15 bagpack cold-weather-running-gear
Image credit: Dayna

Kelly Halpin. a mountain endurance who does climbing events and competes in triathlon says, “There is enough volume in the pack to carry a variety of layers”. They love this because of its durability and capacity of carrying a lot.

TagLit Magnetic LED Marker

Tahlit Magnetic Let maker cold weather running gear
Image credit: Nite Ize

Very cool looking and it’s LED lights helps others notice you coming. Add these LED lights to your jacket, shoes or hat and make your winter morning running more fun.

Merino 150 Wool Top

Merino 150 Wool Top best cold weather running gear
Image credit: Smartwool

Long sleeve and stretch merrow featured made with wool which gives you great comfort while running in winter weather. It feels light and soft to the skin and doesn’t heat up too much inside while you are running.

Polar Reversible Headwear

Polar Reversible cold weather running gear
Image credit: Buff

Cover any exposed skin on your head or neck from sun heat and cold in winter. These are original buff and gives you a stylish look for the running.

Kahtoola NANOspikes

Kahtoola NANOspikes best cold weather running gear
Image credit: Kahtoola

In winter, roads are mostly wet and these NanoSpikes can help you hold on to the ground while you run in the cold weather. Lightweight and comes with different sizes to fit perfectly. A great cold-weather running gear specially for those who run in snow or mountains.

Merino Sport 250 Wool Hat

Image credit: Smartwool

These are 100% made of wool and protect you from the cold wind, helps you keep your ears warm. Fits perfectly and you most probably won’t even notice it, let you power through outdoor running activities.

The North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket

he North Face Mens Apex Bionic 2 Jacket best cold weather running gear
Image credit: The North Face

The best cold weather running gear list can’t be complete without some great jacket for running in winter. North Face jacket’s stretchiness feature makes it worthy of this list. It protects you from winter winds and also gives you the ability to cool off by unzipping it’s front if you feel hot while running.

Rockay Accelerate Running Socks

Image credit: Rockay

Made from Merino wool in Europe, these socks are perfect for running in the winter season. Best choice for anyone with blisters. Numbers of reasions behind making it a part of the best cold weather running gear list, one of which is its protective layer. It protects you from catching bacteria, highly breathable and keeps your feet warm and dry.

Pearl Izumi Thermal Conductive Gloves

Pearl Izumi best cold weather running gear
Image credit: PEARL IZUMI

Pearl Izumi’s hand gloves are thermal protective and they are conducive to let you use any touchscreen devices without takes them off. They are lightweight and thin layer makes it more suitable for running. Keeps your hands warm and comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours.


Proviz Pixelite Running Gloves best cold weather running gear
Image credit: Proviz

The Proviz Unisex Pixelite Running Gloves are made out of highly reflective PixElite materials and mix of soft fabrics which will feel good and stay visible even in dark. Manufacturer and designed in Italy, very stylish and you feel comfortable while grabbing something too.

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