Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Among the home gym types of equipment, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is one of the best home gyms & it’s one of the company’s top lines. It’s equipment that helps you to do comfortable exercises at home.

Bowflex Revolution Home gym affords a Spiraflex Resistance technology which is also used by NASA for their astronauts to get a good quality workout in the International Space Station. This machine provides 100+ quality exercises that are focused on major muscles in your body.

Also, this machine offers 400+ variations in exercises for everyone. You don’t have to worry about if you’re a newcomer. It is equipped with a sliding rail system that enables you to practice leg presses and aerobic rowing. the vertical bench can be folded when your workout is finished, which will reduce your space.

The best quality Bowflex Revolution Home Gym has a nice design that you’ll like. This machine provides lots of easy exercises but, also it will take a lot of time to assemble. You need a 120″x 84″ workout area in your home to put this machine.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym
Features Spec
Model Bowflex Revolution
Type Spiraflex
Seat Bench (Adjustable)
User Weight Max. 600 lbs
Exercises 100+
Dimensions 9' 4" L x 3' 2" W x 6' 1" H
Workout Area 10' L x 7' W
Legs Yes
Abs Yes
Curls Yes
Pulldown Yes
Rows Yes
Folded Footprint 4' 7” L x 3' 2” W
Machine Weight 336 lbs
Warranty 10 Years, 90 Days Labour
Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Pros & Cons:


  • SpiraFlex technology resistance
  • Heavyweight capacity
  • No additional accessories required
  • It’s simple & fast to clean up
  • Available 100+ exercises
  • This machine offers a number of useful accessories
  • Save monthly gym fees
  • 10 years of warranty


  • Not a low compact home gym
  • The price is a little bit high
  • After a workout resetting the place of plates and cables is demand some time
  • It’s not so easy to assemble & also time-consuming.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Overview


Bowflex Revolution Home gym provides 100+ exercises with 400+ variations. That will make your workout limitless. The Bowflex Revolution is used for performance training, weight loss, strength building, heart rate maintaining, recovery from injury, holding fitness, leg extensions, overhead extensions, leg presses, seated shoulder press, incline chest press, bicep curls, hamstring curls, preacher curls, concentration curls, pec fly, weighted crunches, rope crunches, triceps pushdowns, lat pulldowns, side lateral raises, upright rows, seated row,  etc.

Products Features:

  • Bowflex Revolution Home gym is built with SpiraFlex technology that will design for resistance for all body parts without gravity and inertia. This technology used by NASA to provide the best quality workout in space without gravity and inertia. This innovative technology allows a continuous flow of resistance across your range of motion.
  • When adjusting angles up to 170 degrees, Freedom arms permit you to drive your arms in 10 different positions.
  • Increase strength and build muscle in your legs The leg press station will help you.
  • with upgrades, it will provide you up to 600 pounds of resistance & lots of stamina.
  • the vertically adjustable bench is used to complete the various exercises with a comfy feeling. For static practice, you can move it or slide it up or down to get the perfect range of motion. This feature will help all types of people. With this fully adjustable bench, you are able to take advantage of cardio row practice.
  • When you perform the preacher’s curl, your arms move in front of your body. This is because the long head of the biceps is blurred because it makes the biceps weak during this exercise. This makes preacher Carl a weaker practice for creating biceps peaks, but a better practice for creating internal biceps.
  • It has a built-in rowing machine that will burn more calories. Which is good.
  • Bowflex Revolution Home gym provides multiple cables and lifter positions with five different hand grip ankle cuffs.
  • Rest your elbows on the promotional curl attachment to add ease of use when working your abs and legs.
  • The Bufflex Home Gym comes with platforms that stand or sit. This allows you to do different exercises regardless of the position you need.

What we like:

  • If you look at old models of the Bowflex home gym series, you will find the differences between resistance. The engineers bring SpiraFlex Resistance Technology which is much much better than previous models. Users can now enjoy a variety of exercises at their favorite home gym
  • Enjoy a relaxing experience with this home gym. The seat is spacious despite the bench being narrow. This extends a good range of motion capabilities, so athletes can perform risky moves at wire fists and chest pressures. The agency has resolved previous complaints, such as Wimpy Cushion, especially in the case of seats and rear support.
  • The company gives a manual book & a DVD manual to assemble perfectly. Such a good decision.

What we don’t like:

  • It is difficult to assemble this machine and also it is timely.



Having home gym equipment at home is a great way to save on your gym fees, save time and help you relax. Bowflex Revolution is the perfect home gym to help your training, building muscle and cardio, so you don’t need to go to the gym again.

If you want to build a gym at home you will need a lot of things like a dumbbell set, a studio spin stationary bike, a treadmill with enough cushion and speed performance for a cardio workout, some fitness accessories like kettlebells, ab wheels, yoga mats, etc. Which is a lot more expensive. But if you buy a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, you’ll get all these benefits with just one piece of equipment.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym machine Review


A. Bufflex Revolution is a precise, rigid home gym with an innovative prevention system. The machine is designed in such a way that you can practice more than most home gyms. Bowflex claims that this machine offers unlimited variations of this movement with over 100 different practice options.

A. The BowFlex Revolution Home Gym is 6 feet 1 inch tall

A. With this professional machine you can build muscle, burn fat and keep yourself healthy.

A. The Bowflex Revolution Spiraflex Resistance Plate Upgrade consists of two 40-pound plates for a total of 80-pounds.

  1. Bowflex Revolution can easily switch to a rowing machine to work in cardio as well as energy conditions.

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