Best Deadlift Jacks and Wedges

In this article, we have reviewed the best deadlift jacks and wedges on the market. We’ve made our selection based on the following criteria: ease of use, effectiveness, materials, and durability.

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6 Best Deadlift Jacks & Wedges
1. Dead Wedge Deadlift wedge

DEAD WEDGE is a portable deadlift jack, which is manufactured by LIFT Co. This Wedge is an affordable deadlift wedge that allows you to load and unload the heaviest barbells in any gym. The dead wedge is an alternative to deadlift jacks and it’s easy to use.

This dead wedge is made of durable natural rubber.  With that said, the model can be considered perfect for competitive workouts, either with friends or at an organized event. Due to the non-slip design, it will not move away from your floor.

It helps athletes lift barbells onto the competitive level and making stress-free loading and unloading, no matter how much the weight is. It can be used with hexagonal, polygonal, and standard-CZ bumper plates.

The width of the dead wedge is perfect and that’s why it’s just sitting under a single Olympic plate. So it never interferes with the other plates below are being loaded or unloaded!

9.5” length, 1.75” width, 1.25” height, and 0.45lb dead wedge is so much easy to carry, and it will save your space in the gym bag. Also saves you money. 

What we like:

  • Higher lifting capacity; a perfect model for powerlifting competitions
  • Made by durable natural rubber with a non-slip design
  • High-quality product with affordable price
  • Very long time usable

What we don’t like:

  • It’s timely to load and unload barbells with one wedge

2. YUHQC 2 pack Deadlift Wedge

2. YUHQC 2 pack Deadlift Wedge

This deadlift wedge can be used as a jacks alternative that allows you to load or unload barbells safely and easily. This is a specialized designed wedge so you don’t have to balance the bar all the time while loading or unloading your barbell.

 It will not hurt your back while you’re changing the weight from the bar. To use, place it on your floor, attach the first plate to the barbell, then roll the barbell onto the wedge. So easy! It sticks with the floor just because it’s made of rubber and strong enough.

Its 0.5” height will increase the height of your plates that can be easy to loading or unloading other plates. This small wedge is so effective easier than deadlift jacks like other wedges. That will make your training much comfortable and stressless.

Deadlift jacks are so expensive and also take up space but, this portable wedge will save your money and space. YUHQC deadlift wedge is cheaper than other brand’s wedges and so strong. Tested with more than 1000 lbs weight, so you don’t have to worry about lifting weight.

What we like:

  • Best budget deadlift jack
  • Can lift any standard barbells with remarkable ease
  • small, strong, and quality full

What we don’t like:

  • You have to buy two for comfortable and fast work

3. Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

3. Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

The Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack is a great similar alternative to the Rogue Mini—one worth our attention. And it comes with some interesting simple differences that could mean the make (or break) for you.

The major difference from the Rogue Mini is that this one comes with a simple, built-in pullback handle that makes it easier to use. It’s padded with UHMW polyethylene with a bump-textured pattern to ensure a firm and stable grip. Also built to keep your hands from getting dusty or sweaty to prevent discomfort.

Optimized for leverage utilization, the barbell jack elevates fully loaded barbells up to four inches above the floor with impressive ease. However, while it’s a pretty durable device, it’s not at the same level as the Rogue Mini in this category. For this reason, you should only consider it for weights less than 400 lbs.

But since you’ll likely not be lifting above 400 lbs, this should be a good option for you. A great pick, indeed, when we factor in its significantly cheaper cost than the Rogue Mini. So, you can save money while getting the same service.

Another sweet catch: Your purchase comes with a 1-year warranty and 60-day return policy so that you can have total peace of mind.

What we like:

  • Built-in pullback handle for firm grip and easier loading/unloading
  • Anti-slip grip improves safety and confidence
  • Affordable option
  • 1-year warranty and 60-day return policy for added buyer’s protection

What we don’t like:

  • Not ideal for weights above 400 lbs

4. Yes4All Mini deadlift bar jack(wooden)

4. Yes4All Mini deadlift bar jack(wooden)

If you want to save space, the Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack is yours to try. It’s a wooden high quality manufacturing Deadlift Bar Jack, a portable option for powerlifters like you.

The Yes4All deadlift jack is designed with an ergonomic shape(1.9” grip size), So you will get a lot of support at workouts. It will help you to safely balance your barbell while you are changing the weights, so you don’t need to balance the barbell all the time.

Don’t be deceived by its relatively small size and lightweight structure. This small-but-mighty jack’s ability to hold up to 500lbs. Lifting becomes easy for a well-cut hole in the deadlift jack.

It’s a good quality bar jack which is made of wood, that is easy to use, nature friendly and also sustainably. It has a round shape holder so that you can easily slide your barbell protectively. this portable deadlift jack is easy to carry in your gym bag. You can carry it anywhere or everywhere. It will not only easier your gym life, but it will also accompany you as a gym friend.

It will save your time as usual. This wooden jack can lift up the bars within a second. You don’t have to move your hand and foot much for lifting bars, so that will save your energy also. So it’s better to use it instead of other deadlift jacks.

What we like:

  • Portable and light (yet super effective!)
  • Durable construction built for the long-term
  • Removes any worries of hand injuries while loading and unloading a bar
  • Don’t have to move your hand and foot much for lifting

What we don’t like:

  • Bears less weight than full jacks
  • The loading/unloading stage is done one side at a time

5. Vapor Fitness Deadlift Wedges (2 Pack)

Vapor Fitness Deadlift Wedges 2 Pack

Barbell Wedges are a good, economical barbell jack alternative that provides similar results. Our number one pick, the Vapor Fitness Deadlift Wedges, is made of high-quality durable silicone, and its small size makes it comfortably portable.

The versatile wedge works on all common plate designs, from bumper plates to hexagons, and has an extra-wide surface area that allows as many plates as you can lift. In fact, at 3.5” wide, it’s the widest deadlift wedge on the market. And wide means more stability and confidence when adding weights to the bar. The unit can carry over 1000 lbs of weight. Now, that’s an impressive figure.

A wedge will not only save you time but also space and money. And for this Vapor Fitness model, you’ll be getting two for your purchase, unlike other brand offers. The best thing: They will serve different purposes, such as deadlifts, powerlifting, squat cleans, power cleans, and more.

What we like:

  • Extra-wide surface area (largest available) adds stability and confidence
  • The great heavyweight capacity of 1000 lbs (450 kg); bring it on!
  • Comes in a pair, unlike many other models by different brands
  • Affordable piece (on its own)

What we don’t like:

  • More expensive than other similar items
  • Can choose a less expensive option, if you don’t need the extra width

6. AbraFit Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative Wedge

AbraFit Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative Wedge

Toss the AbraFit Deadlift Barbell Jack Wedge into your collection today to make your lifting experience easier and more fun at the gym. This versatile lifting platform solves almost all your loading and unloading problems with plates on a bar so that you can switch between sets and programs. Think of a fast-paced, non-disruptive workout doing all those cleans, snatches, shrugs, and floor press.

You may wonder how durable this wedge can be under pressure. Well, VERY durable. Made of silicone, it’s built durable, stable, and non-toxic. Optimized for anti-slip protection. Works great with most common barbell plate shapes.

Lightweight and portable, the AbraFit wedge is one of those small personal gym accessories you will want to take with you to the gym. Workouts don’t have to be any harder.

It’s also cheaper than the previously reviewed Vapor Fitness wedge but comes in one piece, unlike the former. Most guys can afford two, however.

What we like:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable option
  • Available for purchase in either one or two wedges to give users more choice

What we don’t like:

  • One wedge might not save time for loading and unloading
  • Will have to buy two for extra convenience.

Final thoughts

To finish it up, deadlift jacks and wedges will be super helpful tools for your heavy lifting jobs in the gym. While their uses are essentially the same, choose which device fits in with your intentions for either a heavy-duty performance (in this case a jack) or a lighter product like a wedge, which is more portable and typically more affordable.

Powerlifting exercises are already too physically exerting. Let’s not make it any worse or even unsafe. We need those energies in more productive areas during workouts.

The answer: deadlift jacks and wedges.

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