Best Affordable Folding Squat Racks to Boost Your Total Body Workouts

If you’re setting up your gym in a small room, the folding squat rack can be a great addition as part of your personal fitness equipment. Granted, relatively small build and simple design make it a less attractive option compared to the full-design racks but more effective for workouts in limited space settings.

When you want to buy the best folding squat rack for your gym, there’s a lot to look out for. That’s why today we’re going to review the five (5) best models for you. And we’ve ranked them by many different factors, such as product features, price, performance, and MORE!

Make sure to check our guide at the end of the article for more information on how to choose the best folding rack for your unique gym needs, using each of these factors as a basis for comparison.

In the meantime, let’s get started on the five best affordable folding power racks on the market.

5 Best Affordable Folding Squat Racks
PRx Performance Profile Folding Rack

Wall-mounted squat racks are known to easily transform any home or commercial space into a multi-functioning gym, regardless of how small the area is.

This Performance Profile folding rack from PRx takes this benefit even further.


The sturdy and sleek folding rack features a patented vertical folding technology that lets you easily and smoothly lift or drop the upright posts. After use, all you have to do is lift up and fold them against the wall in an upright and suspended position. No folding inwards, folding on opposite sides, or folding on the same side like what we see with other folding racks. This vertical folding system is by far the fastest and most convenient way to store any racks we’ve seen. And having been patented, this technology is going to stick solely with the PRx brand for some time. The best thing about this unique space-saving design is that it sacrifices only 4” of wall space when not in use. Your garage, room, or commercial space can be used for other things.

Another winning tip: During folding, no disassembly is required. Space-saving design has never been more convenient! And yet again, this is the only rack on our list whose pull-up bar you don’t have to bother removing before folding up the unit.

Space convenience:

When folded down, the rack measures 52” x 73” x 26.75”. Folded up, dimensions are 52” x 91” x 9” (with J-cups attached). It’s recommended that you have a high ceiling, ideally 91” tall, in order to accommodate the vertical space demand of this PRx model. Meanwhile, the wall brackets mount to 16” to 24” on center studs. A ledger board is required if the studs are not evenly spaced. If you ever run into trouble with ceiling height or uneven stud, just shoot PRx an email and they might help you fix things. Apart from product quality, efficient customer service is one big consideration when it comes to fitness buying fitness products like this…and PRx excels here.


Construction-wise, the PRx Performance Profile sturdy and stable, which are positive features for both safe workouts and product durability. The two upright posts are made of 11-gauge 2×3 solid steel frames coated in black. Measuring 73” tall, it gives you enough leg and headroom as you go through the up-and-down repetitions of chin-ups and pull-ups. One “seeming” shortcoming, though, is that you must have a high enough ceiling to accommodate this rack’s tall frame while in use and worse still, when it’s folded up vertically after use. But we’ve already talked about how to overcome this challenge with some minor technical adjustments during installation, so this shouldn’t be a headache, at all.

Weight strength:

With a weight capacity of 1000 lbs, this power rack holds up well to almost any weights and suitable programs of any intensity. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense for the manufacturers to go higher up the weight capacity scale, because most users will never even get close to that. In other words, another power rack having a greater weight capacity than this one will simply be surplus to requirements, unless you’re someone like The Big Show from WWE. However, just to clear up any doubts, there’s the Pro Version, which comes with 3”x3” columns for extra load-bearing capacity but costs more. Both models also feature solid kipping bars.


Another nice thing about this Profile Squat Rack (with its textured kipping bar) is that it works well with most CrossFit moves, even with 21.5” depth (the smallest depth on the list and same as the Valor Fitness’s).


The product is backed by a lifetime warranty. The chances of a breakdown are low—YES—but it’s a good thing to know that there’s an extra layer of security to your purchase, just in case.


Your purchase comes with all hardware and equipment for installation included, which means that you don’t have to make any unexpected trips to the equipment store—NO!

The only real downside might be price. However, the price tag on this rack is not only justified but also a big opportunity to grab a great deal, especially when you compare it with the Rogue alternative, which offers almost the same qualities and features at a ridiculously high cost. That aside, though, if time is of essence to you, then the Profile Squat Rack’s super quick and easy vertical folding technology should be a big positive consideration—YES, innovation will cost you!

Overall, the Profile Squat Rack is a great rack, and we love it! For this reason, we say: Splash your money on this PRx genius, and don’t look back!

What we like:

  • Patented vertical folding design tech
  • Saves more and time than most other options (folds in seconds!)
  • No disassembly required before folding away
  • Solid, stable, and safe
  • 1000 lbs weight capacity (impressive!)
  • Textured kipping bar or pull-up bar
  • Versatile use
  • All hardware for installation included
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

What we don’t like:

  • Relatively pricey
  • Needs a high ceiling

2. Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack — pro lifter’s choice

Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

If you want a power rack with the Rogue vibes in quality, feel, and general experience, Titan racks are the way forward. And at a far cheaper cost.

Titan squat racks come in different models and styles. There are the T-Series, X-Series, and other series (folding and unfolding designs) with several sub-models within each category. To keep things tidy, we’re going to focus on the folding versions of the T-3 and X-3 (these have unfolding versions!), which are upgrades on the previous T-2 and X-2.

Now, onto the T-3 folding rack…


The heavy-duty T-3 Series Folding Squat Rack comes in two different versions: a short and tall model, with depth options of 21.5” and 41.5”, respectively. Both versions feature reinforced J-cups, a 1.25-inch single pull-up bar, heavy-duty 2×3-inch 11-gauge steel upright posts, bolt-down design, and powder-coated black finish. Both also utilize a pin and hinge system for efficient folding storage. You won’t have to worry about prioritizing your garage/gym space for certain other equipment.


The short model comes with an 82-inch frame, while the taller option stands at 91 inches. Both frames are just tall enough to fit your gym needs, no matter how tall you are. The frames are joined up and down by supportive side brace tubes with depth options of 21.5 or 41.5-inches. When not in use, the rack takes less than 5-inches of space from the wall.

Weight capacity:

With a load-bearing strength of 1100 lbs, the Titan T-3 is a heavy-duty power rack, suitable for both commercial and home gym use. Bring on your most intense workouts, this unit will only ask for more.

The folding rack is built sturdy so that you can get all the support you could ever need throughout your workout. Stay safe and confident!

Space convenience:

When not in use, the rack folds inwards (either side facing each other) 5-inches from the wall. This folding system is effective, but still the least versatile, with just one style.

Folding power racks are in their nature space-saving gym equipment, and the T-3 folding model isn’t any different. However, by comparison, the rack is on the big side of folding power racks, and that’s to your advantage, as this means more stability and versatility within the same space-saving design.

Ease of use:

To use, simply fold the two posts open. Attach parts like the pull-up bar, safety arms, and J-cups. It’s quick and easy. The pull-up bar is the standard 1.25-inch  diameter type, which allows for a firm and easy grip for different grip sizes.


The rack accommodates attachments like a pull-up bar, bench, barbell plates, dip stands, among others. Call it a versatile piece—that’s what it is! The T-3 allows you to do any exercise style possible on a power rack—squats, pull-ups/chin-ups, bench-press, dips, among others, so that you can customize your workout to your unique gym needs.

The unit comes with all the hardware for installation and maintenance. Titan recommends a two-person assembly for this squat rack.

Overall, the Titan T-3 is not just good but outstanding, compared to most other options on this list. And even on the entire power rack market, it still has a huge reputation as possibly the next best alternative after Rogue racks.

The brand offers a 1-year warranty, plus free shipping for this product.

What we like:

  • Good price for great quality—almost same Rogue vibes
  • 2-model choices
  • Sturdy, stable, and durable
  • Great weight capacity of 1100 lbs
  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • The versatile piece allows several workouts possible on a power rack
  • Compatible with Rogue R-Series/Infinity attachments
  • Comes with all installation/maintenance tools
  • 1-year warranty plus free shipping

What we don’t like:

  • Installation requires at least 2 persons and takes skill
  • Slight lack of attention to the alignment & welding details

3. Titan X-3 Series Folding Power Rack—Strongman’s choice

Titan X-3 Series Folding Power Rack—Strongman’s choice

If you’re a heavy lifter, we suggest you also look at the Titan X-Series folding rack. Even though there aren’t many differences between the T-3 and the X-3, a few key points make the X-3 the Strongman’s choice, and generally the better of the two.

…and here’s why.


The X-3 is the slightly bigger, heavier, and more durable option than the T-3. It has a 1000-PLUS lbs weight capacity against the 1100 lbs of the T-3. Titan and user reviews suggest it’s the heavier model, but why they didn’t specify the weight capacity is mind-boggling.

Also, the X-Series features more options for attachable accessories (plenty!), so that you can enjoy the most benefits out of owning a power rack. To briefly talk about sturdiness again, the X-3 has two solid 3×3 upright posts, while the T-3 comes with 2×3. The T-3’s will give you all the support that you need during workouts, but it’s not bad to go the extra mile. You want a rack that can hold more weight and absorb any level of abuse. Both models remain 11-gauge steel construction.

Surprisingly, though, Titan accessories seem to have the same price across the T-3 and X-3 lines. And there isn’t much price difference between the two models, even though the latter is the better option.


Like the T-3 models, the X-3 comes in two versions—short and tall models with depth options of 21.5 and 41.5-inches, respectively. Each rack has an optional overall height of 80 or 90 inches. The rack features J-cups, two heavy-duty 3”x3” 11-gauge squares, an adjustable 1.25” knurled standard pull-up bar, and a bolt-together design.

Generally, it’s a large piece, but not so large that it becomes a nuisance in terms of garage/gym space.

Weight capacity:

The weight capacity for this product isn’t clearly stated by the manufacturers. However, they made it clear that it’s a sturdier and heavier-capacity squat rack than the T-3, with the load-bearing strength clocking in at 1000-plus lbs. Verified user reviewers also indicate that the X-3 wins in this category.

Space convenience:

The rack uses a pin and hinge system for efficient storage, just like the T-3. Folds inward from both sides, leaving less than 8-inches of space from the wall. You won’t have to worry about a bulky piece of equipment-consuming space in your gym/garage.

Ease of use:

Uses the same functionality as the T-3. Simply fold the two posts open. Attach parts like the pull-up bar, safety arms, and J-cups. It’s quick and easy. The pull-up bar is the standard 1.25-inch  diameter type, which allows for a firm and easy grip for different grip sizes.


The rack accommodates attachments like a pull-up bar, bench, barbell plates, dip stands, among others. The versatile unit allows you to do any exercise style possible on a power rack—squats, pull-ups/chin-ups, bench-press, dips, among others, so that you can customize your workout to your unique gym needs.

Comes with all the hardware for installation and maintenance. Titan recommends a two-person assembly for this squat rack.

Of the two Titan models, T-3 and X-3, the latter is the better option. By extension, this puts it in a competitive position with the PRx Performance Profile on our list, or the Rogue racks, generally speaking.

The best part:

It’s almost the same price as the T-3, so you’ll be getting even greater value for almost the same dollar cost.

The brand offers a 1-year warranty, plus free shipping for this product.

What we like:

  • Good price for great quality—almost same Rogue vibes
  • 2-model choices
  • Sturdy, stable, and durable—better model than the T-3
  • Great weight capacity of 1000-PLUS lbs
  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • The versatile piece allows several workouts possible on a power rack
  • Compatible with Rogue R-Series/Infinity attachments
  • Comes with all installation/maintenance tools
  • 1-year warranty plus free shipping

What we don’t like:

  • Weight capacity not clearly specified
  • Installation requires at least 2 persons and takes skill
  • Slight lack of attention to the alignment & welding details

4. FringeSport Retractable Power Rack—best customer support

FringeSport Retractable Power Rack

The best thing about the FringeSport Retractable Power Rack is the policy on shipment and the warranty deal. Don’t get us wrong; this is an amazing rack with quality construction and impressive features. However, the customer service is just clearly the best feature aside from other usual qualities that most other squat racks boast of. We will come back to this feature at the end of this product’s review.

The Retractable Power Rack from FringeSport makes a great addition to your home gym (not the best option for commercial service). The only model from this brand, the unit includes a squat rack and a pull-up bar.

Space convenience:

The rack retracts for easy storage, using a sideways folding mechanism that closes either side in or out, just like the Rogue. And like Rogue, again, you can leave the J-cups in place if you are folding at least one side outward. Both folding styles take the same amount of work: pulling out 4 pins for the pull-up bar and 4 for the rack hinges. Tight on space? Simply unfold to use and stow away when you’re done. When folded, the rack extends only 5” from the wall and appears so flat that you might not notice it upon first look. This model’s space-saving convenience is remarkably impressive, indeed.

Construction/weight capacity:

The FringeSport squat rack features two 2”x3” solid frame tubing of 11-gauge steel, the same measurements as the PRx Performance Profile Folding Rack. The main difference between the two in terms of construction comes from the weight capacity, with the FringeSport squat rack bearing loads up to 800 lbs only (that’s 200 lbs shy of the Performance Profile’s massive 1000 lbs). Hope we don’t confuse you with this comparison; 800 lbs weight capacity is just great for a home gym. However, this scale is unsuitable for commercial purposes, which require more weight flexibility for various users.


The rack comes with a pull-up which is easily adjustable from 70”-88” (5’10”-7’4”) from the floor. It’s 25” from the wall (an inch deeper than the PRx’s), allowing you enough room for chin-ups, pull-ups, and other suitable workout programs. The width measures 49 inches, the widest you want for a rack.

Package details/Accessories:

When you buy the FringeSport power rack, you’ll be getting the following: a retractable power rack with a pair of J-cups, an adjustable pull-up bar, 4 mounting brackets, 6 detent pins to lock the rack in place when open or closed, and a manual for assembly & maintenance.


Now, the best part…

FringeSport offers an interesting 1-year return policy, the most generous in the entire industry currently. You also get free shipping during the first sale and also for item return. The money-back guarantee lasts within 30 days from the date of acknowledgment. The manufacturers know, though, that it will never come to this point because you’ll love this product.

As with every product, there are a few cons, but overall, this rack is a good one.

What we like:

  • Perfect for home gym
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • J-cups coated with UHMW plastic to protect the finish on your bar
  • Fold inward or outward to stow
  • Accepts all 2”x3” accessories with 5/8” pin for more versatility
  • 1 full year satisfaction guarantee; 1-year return policy; and 30-day for free return shipping
  • One model option makes things easier

What we don’t like:

  • Not the best for commercial gym
  • “Relatively” lower weight capacity
  • No depth choices from the brand
  • Made in China
  • Relatively expensive

5. Valor Fitness BD-20—best budget

5. Valor Fitness BD 20—best budget

The Valor Fitness BD-20 is an economical option that still delivers impressively for beginners and intermediate-level users. Advanced lifters might be better off with higher alternatives like the Titan and PRx, which both boast of sturdier build and better weight capacity, among other things.


The BD-20 measures 52.75” wide along the wall. When in use, the rack measures 23.5” x 47.5” x 94.5”, with 21.5” projecting off the wall (same as the PRx’s) to allow a comfortable variety of workouts. At this size, the Valor Fitness BD-20 makes a great addition to your home gym and garage, as well as light-commercial gym space.

Weight capacity:

On its own, the BD-20 is a unique heavy-duty squat rack, constructed of 11-gauge steel with 2.5” x 2.5” solid upright posts. The square structure of this tubing adds more strength and durability to this rack than our other options, except the Titan X-3, which also comes with square but thicker 3”x3” posts. But then, Valor Fitness cancels out this leading advantage by rating this rack at 750 lbs load capacity—the lowest among other options on this list but still great on its own. If you’re a beginner/mid-level user, home gym owner, or not-so-heavy individual, this is the power you want. Still not a bad choice for a commercial gym, though, if you have to direct light/medium-weight persons to it.

Oh, and for the upright posts, each of them features a rubber base cap at the bottom to add more stability to the rack while protecting your garage or home gym floor from damage.

Space convenience:

True to folding squat racks’ space-saving construction, this one folds against the wall to conserve as much space as possible in your personal gym post-workout. The rack has a flexible dual-direction folding mechanism: folds same direction or both sides inward.

Ease of use:

To use, simply remove the 4 pull pins that secure and lock the frame in place to set up for your workout. Reverse steps to fold and stow against the wall. Breezy easy!


This versatile piece allows you to enjoy squats, pull-ups/chin-ups, dips, and bench-press. As your needs dictate, you can add any other applicable CrossFit programs. Thanks to the adjustable (and sturdy!) J-hooks and pull-up bars. No need to stress your way to the local commercial gym, when you have the flexible BD-20 from Valor.

We dare say that in terms of versatility, the Valor Fitness BD-20 seems to do better than most other squat racks on this list.

This rack comes in 2 boxes, with all hardware for installation & maintenance included. The shipping is free.

The BIG takeaway: Affordable price for good quality.

What we like:

  • Economical option: budget-friendly, good quality
  • Great for beginners and intermediate-level users
  • Allows an impressive variety of exercises
  • Rubber base caps add stability and protect your gym floor
  • Versatile dual-direction folding mechanism (folds same direction; folds both sides inward)
  • Easy to use equipment
  • 750 lbs weight capacity
  • Comes with all the hardware for assembly
  • Free shipping

What we don’t like:

  • Not for advanced lifters
  • 750 lbs weight capacity is limiting for certain users and purposes

Final thoughts

With many amazing folding wall-mounted racks from many different brands, one can get overwhelmed with the selection. But you don’t have to be. Among the countless options on the market, there are only a couple racks that truly matter, and those are the ones we’ve listed.

Probably wondering why we didn’t mention the Rogue racks? Yeah, they’re all the rage among buyers, but they don’t fit into our “best budget” category. It doesn’t really make sense to spend a ridiculously high amount of money on equipment that offers almost the same all-around value as far less expensive alternatives.

Even among our listed racks, you still have to consider exactly what you need in the equipment and from your workouts. Product features, price, and performance should be your topmost parameters in your search for the best home gym squat rack for you.

The brief guide below will help.

How we made our selections

Without exalting one brand above the other just based on name (common among reviewers!), we’ve decided to stick to what really matters—what does a given squat rack offer?

Among other factors, we prioritized the following:

Space convenience:

The picks on our list offer buyers a convenient way to save space in their homes and even commercial gyms. Foldable or over-the-door mounted racks are best for smaller spaces while standing racks are more suited for larger settings.

The depth of the squat rack is also important. The further out a rack reaches from the wall, the more space it takes. Want to save space? Choose a rack with a lower depth.

On the positive side, however, the depth will determine the amount of space available for you to perform movements. Our picks will allow you to execute various workouts like the pull-ups and bench-presses comfortably—without compromising space-saving convenience.


You’re going to want to pay attention to the ceiling height requirements. How tall are the uprights? The ceiling height of your gym room or garage will decide which power rack will work in that space. If your room has a low ceiling, you have to look for racks without pull-up bars or models that have detachable bars.

Weight capacity:

The squat rack market is replete with options from basic to advanced squat racks to suit everyone’s needs. Almost every squat rack will note its weight capacity. If you’re an advanced lifter, for example, it’s especially important that you consider the load-bearing strength of the power rack you will be using to ensure that it will be able to support your workouts without shaking or increasing the risks of injury.


Usually, you’ll be placing performing movements like pull-ups or placing weights on the power rack, so it’s important to prioritize the strength and stability of your rack choice. Plan to lift more? Then consider racks with a more massive base or extra stability features.

Also, consider the nature and texture of your gym floor and how compatible it works with the type of traction the rack comes with. There should be enough traction to make sure the rack doesn’t wobble or skid when you’re working out.

Added accessories:

While trying to save space or money, you don’t want to sacrifice being able to fully enjoy your squat rack. During our rack selection process, we also considered other workout variations your rack can offer, aside from performing squats.

In their nature, squat racks already come with pull-up bars (at least, most!), while some allow you to execute bench presses and dips. It’s true that most of these accessories are sold separately, but it’s a good thing to tap from the benefits that come from your rack being versatile enough to allow useful attachments. If you’re working out from home, it’s a welcoming advantage for your squat rack to come with (or have an allowance for) accessories like safety straps, among other implements.

All our five rack choices are versatile and allow external attachments.


It goes without saying that price will matter, but make sure that cost doesn’t affect your buying decision negatively. To invest wisely, consider exactly what you need your power rack to do, and that can help with price judgment.

A little warning: Price can be misleading sometimes. The best squat racks won’t necessarily be the most expensive, and vice-versa.

Luckily for you, all the racks on our list are reasonably priced.

Before you buy…

While we considered the above features essential to decide the best racks on our list, there are still other aspects you may need to check. These may be customer service/support, resale value, and verified user reviews.

Our five (5) listed racks meet all the above-mentioned standards.

Have you found your match already?

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