So, how do you get rid of love handles? The thing that you guys have to realize with your love handles, it’s very based on your genetic on how you lose that fat. So, if you are super overweight, you trying to lose your love handles than what you need to do is that you have to loss those weight. It’s as simple as that. 

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Mainly love handles are caused by extra fats in your hip area. When your body consumes too many calories but does not burn as much, fat cells get generated in the body.

With time they grow in large numbers and become noticeable in certain areas of the body, fat cells grow in large amount in the hip area becomes love handle.

Fat can grow in any part of your body, but few certain factors develop retaining fats in the hip areas, abdominal areas, and in the lower back part.

Most known factors for causing love handles include:

  • Higher growth of cortisol hormones level in the body. 
  • Growing belly fats more with aging is one of the common factors. 
  • Less physical activities play a great part in the process. 
  • Having high calories, sugars and fatty mean in the diet plan. 
  • Sleeping problems or lack of sleep at night. 
  • Having undiagnosed conditions can slow down or make it difficult to burn off extra calories. 

7 Workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles

Besides diet and physical exercises, you can also use some workout equipment for abs and love handles. Unlike gym equipment, these are lightweight and easy to do work with at home space. Using equipment can give you some fast results and you do them properly. Selecting the right equipment for a home workout to lose love handles is the tricky part. 

So, here is small list of equipments that can proved what you need to lose love hands and get your abs tightened.

workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are most handy tools and much needed for free weight exercises. Keeps a set of different size of dumbbells are recommended to anyone who is serious about working out at home, especially for losing weight, abs and losing love handles. Work with them alone or use them in different exercises.
workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles

Adjustable Bench

Number one equipment for home workout and versatile exercising, your first choice should be an adjustable bench. Great for abs workout, love handle exercises and free weight workout as well. A perfectly fit and one that is enough wide to do your arms or abs workout is something you should look for when buying one. for starters it could take few days to get used to but once you do, it's a great piece of equipment for your daily exercise. We recommend Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench. Check it out by clicking the link below.    
workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles

Core Max Ab Machine

To lose weight and get your abs hard specially can help your abdominal sculpted is a core workout machine. Takes little bit of your home space and easy to do sit up and combined exercises with abs, upper crunch and leg lifting. You can work on your 4 abdominal muscles simultaneously with it. Core Max Ab Machine is a good choice for this type of machine. Check it out by clicking the link below
workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles

Ab Wheel Roller

Great exercise equipment for the bucks. It's cheap, it's free style and it does not take much space in the house. One of the most known ab machines in the market and lets you do all sorts of exercises for your abs and core area. Recommend to anyone who needs to lose their love handles as well.
Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro

These are great for working out on your core, also for upper, lower and middle abs. A lot of people who have problem doing different types of physical exercises, got great results using this machine. These are best for loseing love handles. minimum 10 mins a day of doing exercise on this, added with the diet plan and cardio type exercises can really show you great progress fast.

Pull-Up / Chin-Up Bar

Setup an upper body exercise bar at your home in a doorway or in the garage. These are easy to setup and really good for pull-ups and push-ups, also great for dips, chin-ups and crunches. As long as you are under 300 pounds, you should be ok. Doing these exercises aren't easy but very effective if you can slowly start doing more regularly.
workout Equipment For Abs And Love Handles


These Kettle-bells are quite a versatile exercise equipment and especially great for toning your abs. They can be use in lots of other exercises as an added weight and they alone are great for core muscles, legs, back and shoulders developing. You can look for hundreds of exercise ideas in YouTube and try that fits you the best. They can be very heavy so be careful using them when you exercise at home.

Here we have a list of exercise machine for stomach & abs workout. We will show you how to use them and what exercises you should do to get better results using them. You can use them at home, reduce belly fats and achieve abs in short time without going to the gym.

Exercises to Lose Love Handles

These particular exercises to help you lose love handles or any side fat. 

  • Do these exercises at home 3 or 4 times a week, every activity do 20 sets each. 
  • IF you need to lose some heavyweight from your body than do 4-5 times every week regularly. 
  • To lose overall fat, do cardio. 
  • Use weight as something like dumbbells (1-2 kg) while you do these exercises, it will help your muscles get tight in fat areas and help your love handles stay away more permanently. 

1. Side Plank Crunch.

This exercise can be little difficult for people who just starting up but it’s really effective for love handles.

How to do side plank Crunch?

Turn sideways on your right or left elbow with your other elbow at the back of your head also keep your body straight from the support of your foot and pull your body up in the air. An image given below to help you understand the technic better.

Side Plank Crunch 1st step
how to get rid of love handles 4evafit
Side Plank Crunch 2nd step

Keep your core as tightened as possible throughout this whole procedure and depending on which side you are turned on; your other foot should be on top of that foot. 

Stay on that position and bend your upper knee down toward your chest area and bend the lower knee towards your upper knee.  

Try touching your lower knee with the tip of your upper elbow. Bring both of them to closer and take the side plank position. 

Now same way does the other side and takes the side plank position on the other side too. 

Do 20 reps each side and keep doing this for 4-5 minutes. 

2. Bicycle Crunch

This is one of the best exercises for love handles and also for losing weights. If you continue with this exercise, you will grow some great abs too. 

how to get rid of love handles in a month 2020 4evafit
Bicyle Crunch for love handle

How to do Bicycle Crunch?

Firstly, lie down on a yoga mat or just on plan floor (mat is suggested). Bring both of your hands at the back of your head and bend your knees at the same time. Tightly hold both of your hands at the back or make a lock with your hands tightly. If you don’t keep it tight than it can give you some muscle pain on the neck area. 

Now lift up your upper body parts and also lift your right knee and bring it closer toward your left elbow. Try to make the elbow and the knee touch together. 

Same way now takes the right knee back in position and bring your left knee up closer towards your right elbow and try to touch them together. 

Focus on the side abs area, sense them slowly getting tightened up.  

3. Oblique Press and Reach

Oblique press is also another great exercise to get rid of love handles fast but this one is a bit tricky. 

how-to-get-rid-of-love-handles-Oblique Press and Reach
Oblique Press and Reach for love handle

How to do Oblique Press and Reach?

Get down to the floor face down and kneel on any of the knees left or right in front. Keep your back straight and keep the foot flat.

If you are correctly positioned than your abdominal should feel tighten. Now pick up the dumbbells in one hand. If you’re on the lift foot then pick up the dumbbells in the left hand too. Keep the hand up in the air 90 degrees. 

Pull your torso back to the center position after holding this possible or the hand up in the air for 10 sec. 

Now do the same for another site and keep repeating this for at least 3 sets. 

4. Knee Drop

Knee drop exercise with the ball really helps tighten up your side abs which get rig love handles more permanently.

how-to-get-rid-of-love-handles---knee drop
Knee Drop for love handle

How to do Knee Drop exercise?

First lie down on the mat or floor, facing up. Tighten up the abs and keep your hands sideways make a straight line.  Also, try to adjust your back on the floor to be in a comfortable position beforehand. 

Spread your legs enough so you can hold a football-size ball in between your knees. Life the ball up around 45 degrees (doesn’t have to be exact 45 degrees) with the ball holding on between your knees. Breathe in when you go sideways and breathe out when you come back to the center. 

Repeat this exercise 4 sets for each side. It will cause the stretch to the lower back area and your muscle areas going to get stronger. 

Make sure to hold a ball in between your knees every time you do this exercise; it will help you lose your love handles faster. 

For people who are super-skinny or think “they are skinny” but still have a few love handles and they want to lose it, well that’s just the way your genetics are and you store body fat in your love handles at the very end of your weight loss cycle. So, if you want to lose those love handles than you have to keep losing weight, and eventually it will come off.

So, those were some really good exercises to reduce love handles and lose overall body weight faster. Now let’s talk about maintaining your diet to maintain or to get rid of love handles. 

How to get rid of love handles diet?

Here is a list of remedies and a very helpful diet plan to reduce the love handles faster and keep your body overweight in control. Maintain this diet plan to maintain a lean body. 

  1. Try eating vegetables plus fruits every day 5 times a day. 
  2. Drink more water, at least 3 liters every day (100 oz). 
  3. Minimize eating fried foods and also avoid eating foods that contain cheese. 
  4. Cut out sugar and soft drinks from your diet as much as possible. 
  5. Avoid eating fatty red meat. You can have lean red meats once or twice a week.  

List of foods to get rid of love handles:

  • Raspberries  
  • peas  
  • walnuts  
  • Dark chocolate
  • black beans 
  • black rice
  • Guacamole  
  • nuts  
  • Oats  
  • oysters  
  • Sweet potatoes  
  • chickpea pasta  
  • Omega-3 eggs  
  • Guacamole  
  • Dark chocolate  
  • Almonds  
  • Quinoa  
  • Grapefruit  
  • Tuna  
  • White tea 

High protein diets can help you at first for people over 50 ibs but needs to reduce that extra 10 to 15 pounds. Don’t follow an unrealistic diet plan which does not contains any vital nutrients like carbs. Drinking enough water and maintain a healthy diet plan is enough and with regular exercise you can get rid of love handles fast.

Everybody is going to have a different genetic, everyone is going to loss and gain weight differently in different specific body parts. What I mean by that is with some of us when we gain weight, our body fat goes first into our hip area, our hamstrings and then into my back. The areas we might not get that much fat gain are going to be our arms, our abs and in our chests.  


Most people just desperately look for that 1 exercise to lose fat, the best exercise to lose love handles or what is the best exercise to get rid of that chest fat. They look for easy, simple and just what to do 1 single exercise to lose weight on any particular body part and going to instantly transform them to next Dwayne Johnson. 

But the truth is the fastest way you going to lose weight of any body part or your love handles, depends on how fast your body capable of losing weight. Some can lose love handles very quickly and for some it may take some extra time. Keep working on losing weight on that specific area is the best method for losing love handles. 

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