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There’s a lot of different goals out there for why men want to go and work out. Some men want to be buff big and “muscly”; some men want to stay thin but with that lean muscle mass. For me, I’m somewhere more in the middle.

Not too big, not too small, just nice so my workout is focused on gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass.

I don’t have a lot of time to always work out so, I try to fit in all my muscle workouts in two days, and then all I do is I just repeat those workouts throughout the week.

Workout Routine – Day 1


  • Sets: 5-6 of every exercise.
  • Reps: 10-12 of every exercise until muscle failures.

So, the first day I usually start the upper body that’s my most favorite workout. I start it off and I do about five sets of around ten repetitions. If I do over twelve then I know the weight is too light. If I do less than ten let’s say four then you know the weight is too heavy. So, you have to try and hit that twelve reps.

The idea is to do the work out until muscle failure, so you get the most out of your workout routine and then you just rest one minute between every set. That way you don’t waste a lot of time. Don’t rest four or five minutes, don’t chat with your girlfriend on the phone focus and work out.

Workout Routine

Let’s look at day one, day one is the whole upper body workout.

  1. I start with the incline bench press.
  2. Then move over to normal bench press or if I feel like it the dumbbell chest press.
  3. Next up is the peck deck or the standing cable chest fly, it depends on what I feel like on the day.
  4. Then I move on to the back exercises and I do pull-ups or lat pull-downs.
  5. Next up is the lower back extensions.
  6. Next, I do the triceps rope pull down.
  7. Then the bend over of rope triceps extensions.
  8. Then I do the biceps with the rope as well or I do traditional bicep curls with no rest between the two arms.
  9. When I’m done with the biceps, I move on to the shoulders and I do one exercise where I alternate between front and side shoulder raises. When I do the front shoulder raises my palms are down and when I do the side shoulder raises, my palms are more inward.
Note, to finish the whole workout off and to make sure I got the most out of it, I do five sets of push-ups and each set I do until failure.

After this whole upper body workout, you’ll know and feel that you just went through a real work out. That’s day one now let’s move on to day two.

Workout Routine – Day 2


  • Sets: 5-6 of every exercise.
  • Reps: 10-12 of every exercise until muscle failures.

Workout Routine

On day two I start with ABS first and again I do four to five sets and I do each set until failure.

  1. I start with the jackknives and I use four kilograms on my feet and I hold ten kilograms with my hands, just to get some extra weight. Remember, your abs are just like any other muscle group and they need to be exercised in the same way.
  2. Next, I immediately move on to bicycles and I still have the ten kilograms in my hands.
  3. Then I immediately move on to the elevated toe touches without any rest to finish the first set.
  4. I just repeat this workout for three more sets then I move on to the legs.
  5. First, I do my squats and lunges together at the same time by alternating between the two.
  6. Then I move on to leg extensions.
  7. After that, it is the hamstring curls.
  8. Lastly, calf raises and that’s it for day two.

My Workout Advice

That’s it for the two-workout days, so all you do then is you just repeat those two days as the week continues and I also use supplements because we all know that you get faster results if you use the right supplements. If you want to know what supplements I used, you can check it out by clicking HERE.

Now apart from supplements and the workouts please know and understand you guys won’t achieve the results that you want if you don’t eat the right way. So, remember you get fit in the gym but you lose the war in the kitchen.


  • Should I workout every day?

    Depends on how intense your workout routine is. If you maintain a mid-level workout routine with just basic exercises then working out every day is fine. If your goal is to achieve muscle growth or bodybuilding, then make sure you take a day or two off in a week and rest your body. You should do some sort of activities every day but do not try to maintain your workout routine if you are ill or injured.

  • Is working out at home enough?

    Yes, it is but here it all depends on you. The environment in a gym where you can see and interact with many other people with the same goal in mind is the key difference between working out at home vs in a gym. Other than that, you can set up an exercise environment of your liking in your home and work out there daily without any distraction and it’s open 7 days a week for you.

  • What are the fastest exercises to achieve ABS?

    Here is a list of exercises you can do to gain ABS quickly and most effectively at home.

    1. Bicycle crunches
    2. Captain’s chair
    3. Crunches on an exercise ball
    4. Vertical leg crunch
    5. Torso Track
    6. Long arm crunch
    7. Reverse crunch
    8. Crunch with heel push
    9. Ab Roller
    10. Hover
    11. Traditional crunch
    12. Exercise tubing pull

    13. Ab Rocker

  • How can I stay motivated to work out daily?

    You don’t have to work out daily, more important is to follow a routine and maintaining that. Make workout exercises fun for you. Mix it up with different sets and experiments on yourself with different exercises. Make friends and share your workout experiences with them who also workouts every day. You can join clubs or the gym. Don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you achieve a goal.

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