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I’m going to do a review on my Pooboo indoor cycling bike, I’ve had this Pooboo bike now for three weeks now and I put it through the paces pretty good. Some of the things I really enjoy about this bike are the overall construction of it.

Pooboo Indoor Spin Bike

Features and Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Innovative tablet holder and interactive Display (LCD or LED)
  • Pooboo bike comes with an optimized design and various features, and among them are its innovative tablet holder and interactive display. You can listen to music while exercising and keep track of your pulse, speed, time, distance, and calories burnt.
  • Easy to adjust parts or features (seat, handlebars, resistance, and quick-stop brake)
  • It has a two-way and four-way adjustable handlebar and seat, respectively.
  • Its handlebar features a multi-grip design that allows you to choose more gestures while you ride your home exercise bike.
  • You can also adjust cycling resistance, giving you a more realistic biking experience.
  • Additionally, you can make a quick-stop brake by just pressing the red knob on the bike.
  • Most advanced non-slip pedals
  • Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike has aluminum non-slip pedals, which ensures your safety on your ride.
  • This indoor cycling bike also comes with adjustable toe cages and straps’ features to heighten stability and comfort while biking.
  • Accessible sturdy water bottle holder
  • With its accessible sturdy water bottle holder, it would be easier for you to quench your thirst while using your indoor cycling.
  • Strong, safe to use, and easy to move
  • Pooboo bike supports up to 280 lbs, and you easily move it around.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy to assemble, lightweight, and use.
  • It is safe, strong, and has adjustable features.
  • It has a high-quality and very quiet.
  • It has multiple settings.
  • It’s cost-effective.


  • The LCD looks a bit cheap
  • The manufacturer ships EU models as well (the distance is in kilometer) – Check before you order.

Bike Construction

The metal is super solid and the build is exceptionally well done. There’s no soft welds or creeks or anything through the frame. It handles the torque up and down movement, that you do while you ride quite well.

Transport Wheels

The transport wheels are so very helpful in getting this from one place to the other. I transport this out of my closet and into the living room and the wheels work really well. Down below there are adjustable levers that you can rotate up and down to make it stable on any floor surface, that’s really handy.

Bike Assembly

The assembly instructions that came with it were super easy to do, in fact when it was delivered, I was still at work and my sixteen-year-old daughter put it together herself. It comes in English, Spanish, Chinese and French. If you can follow the instructions then you can put this together in about 20 minutes.

Durable Handlebar

I really enjoy a couple of things that I’ll point out, first is the handlebar grip, I love the grip. The texture that’s on here is super grippy and it’s very comfortable. When you’re leaning on it, it’s easily wipeable but I really enjoy the four different layouts depending on how you’re doing the cadence or the computer that came with it actually worked quite well.

Multi-functional LCD Display

In the digital monitor display that comes with the bike, you can scan, do time, check speed, meager distance, and calories to help you keep track of your workout progress.

You have the ability to scan across each one of those options, you can set it to speed one and just stay on top of that. And then the one I usually leave it on is the pulse and you’ll have to hold on to these two pulse meters as you’re going and it compares quite nicely to my phoenix 5x sapphire. So, the readings are actually pretty close.

Apps & Entertainments

The app that comes with the bike, there are some games and some competitions that you can take a take part in on their app which is kind of fun. Just another way to keep it interesting but usually, I’m watching YouTube videos falling along with those guys. It syncs with your miles and calories.

The Resistance Knob

One of the things you want to make sure that when you are adjusting the knob for keeping hand-bars higher or lower in your Pooboo bike, it easily pulls in and out and goes up and down but you’ll want to make sure that you dialed and cranked this in to get rid of any type of wobble. It’s kind of loose there so give it a good hand squeezed and then it’s done, it will not move.

Adjustable  Seat

The seat is very comfortable. I did adjust mine down just a little bit. I found that to be a little bit more comfortable so you may want to play around with that. I haven’t made any other adjustments than just finding a good space for it.

To fit there was a knob to move in and out everything’s machined really well. There’s not any free space or just make sure you tighten everything as you’re putting it together.

The Cage Pedals

The pedals are very nice, I would not recommend it in bare feet. There’s some good texture there, the toe cages are nice. It keeps you nice, secure, and very adjustable. Mine fit right out of the box which was pretty cool.

The Flywheel

The cranks are nice and strong and solid. There’s no movement at all inside of here, they rotate easily. The flywheel is not a magnetic one so, you will use a felt pad to control your tension.

Brake and Resistance Knob

So, this red knob is to increase or decrease the resistance level or you can just push it down to activate the breaks. The breaks work really smoothly and safely. Just by turning the knob around, you can control the intensity of your workout.

Using your pulse and speed you kind of keep track of where the good positions are on the bike for you.

Customer Support

One of the neat things that I really enjoyed is the customer service. They gave me the contact information and when I contact them, they are very responsive. I did have some questions about some things, that I’ll go over with you in just a bit and they responded right away.

My Overall Thoughts

This Pooboo spin bike is very easy to clean and wipe down with a towel. The seat is fairly comfortable, I do stand up every once a while just to kind of get some circulation but overall, it’s not bad at all.

I am overall very happy with the Pooboo bike, very happy with the customer service. It’s easy to move around and not much hassle once you are done assembling the Pooboo bike.


  • Are Pooboo bikes good?

    Yes, Pooboo bikes are excellent and one of the best values for the money exercise bike in the market. Pooboo bikes are very comfortable doing multiple exercises and look very stylish too. You won't be complaining about its durability and quality.

  • Is Pooboo a good brand?

    The Pooboo brand is one of the well-known brands for producing indoor exercise bikes. They been producing excellent quality indoor bikes for years and earned quite a good reputation for Pooboo indoor cycling bikes.

  • What is a belt drive in a Pooboo bike?

    The belt drive is a special mechanism that Pooboo bikes use for smooth and silent pedaling. It also makes these bikes really low maintenance and no need for pouring oil in it. Compared to the chain drive, they last longer and feel lighter.

  • What is the weight limit on the Pooboo bike?

    The Pooboo indoor cycling bike has a weight limit of 400 lbs.

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