Best Workout Equipment For Women Home Exercise [2021 Updated]

It’s not easy for every woman to go to the gym every day and maintain an expensive membership. But there’s some really good cheap workout equipment for women to workout at home in today’s market and we collected some of the most useful gym equipment’s for home workouts and all are in fairly  cheap price range. 

Home gym sounds really fancy and people start imaging big room in the house with big gym equipment in it, very expensive to buy and maintain. Well, doesn’t have to be. If you are dedicated and ready to maintain a regular routine, then with some cheap exercise equipment’s are enough for your daily workout at home to keep your body fit and healthy. 

Is working out at home good enough?

Working out at home just means that instead of going to a gym for hundreds of dollars monthly fee, you work out at home in your own environment with ease and more freedom. Gym’s certainly have their own benefit’s like having lots of instruments available and an instructor to guide you. You can get your own workout equipment at home and bit of research can accrue pretty good idea for a good routine for your certain workout needs. But as it is better to invest once then spending money all year, turning your home into a gym can also be very expensive. 

if you are thinking about working out just to stay fit and healthy, do your whole-body exercises everyday but also in a budget then that’s quite possible too. You just need to find out some cheap workout equipment and carefully choose which ones to buy. Nothing fancy but there are some really good exercise equipment’s out there under a pretty good budget. While workout at a gym consumes a lot of time and money, working out at home can be very comforting and have its own benefits too. 

15 cheap workout equipment under $50

Here are some of our selected cheap workout equipment’s for home workout under $50. We looked through the likes of exercises which are suitable for a home environment, matched equipment’s those are fit for the tasks and researched on the quality of those items before we selected them for this list. As for sat anyone can use them for their daily exercise routine but we mainly focused on equipment’s which are more suitable for a woman.

Pure Boxing ~

1. Inflatable Punching Bag

Punching a bag is a great workout equipment for all the muscles in the chest, legs, back, arms and very effective full-body home workout. Gets your upper body strength by punching a heavy bag using your hands and by using your legs you can gain some heavy legs. Also, it helps you improve your overall strength over time. 

Losing weight is one of the key benefits that comes with this workout routine. Punching a bag can help you burn about 450 calories per hour for an average person. 

Sports Research ~

2. Ab Wheel

AB wheel roller is perfect for entire upper body workout at home. Work on your core, rectums abdominal and lats with the roller. Workout in your living room if you want to, easy to place anywhere in the room. With proper guidance AB roller can improve your core exercise in a great way but careful to handle it as it’s a rolling wheel can move away anytime from underneath of your body. 


Butt Lift Exercise Equipment

The Booty Booster can transform your body and give you a great shape. Short time exercise solution for round, lift and enhance your glute muscles from minimums to maximus. This portable home workout equipment can shape your buns, sculpt your curves and reduce cellulite much better way than any. 

These are for men and women both, gives 3 different arm loops and helps you adjust your tushy toner tension. It will also help you exercise on your legs, arms and back. Comes with an easy guidance which help you understand it’s potentials better. 

Qwesen Jumping Rope ~

4. Qwesen Jump Rope

These are perfect workout equipment for women’s for working out at home in a regular basis. Burning calories, keep your body fit and health by doing some jumping with these Qwesen adjustable jump ropes. Double under makes it really easy to just focus on your workout at home. One rope for almost any age or gender people to workout at home by yourself or with your family members. 

AmazonBasics ~

5. Soft Medicine Ball

Madicine balls opens up few extra options for working out at home for girls. This friendly workout equipment is available from 6 pound to 20 pounds and lets you do regular medicine ball workouts. Helps with your core strength, coordination and balance training. Some of the experienced trainers would happily suggest you to get one of this and start working out daily at your home. These are good quality balls, no need to worry about replacing them after few days of throwing or dropping at the floor. 

Iron Gym ~

6. Total Upper Body Workout Bar

One of the best cheap exercise equipment is a chin up bar that costs normally around $20 to $30 and makes a perfect exercise equipment for home. Helps you build up your upper body part and core strengthening. Just fit it on any doorway or in the garage. Few minutes of exercise with it can be enough and these are quite comfortable to hold on with the soft grips at both ends. 

Stack 52 ~

7. Fitness Dice

Just not a cheap exercise equipment but also a fun time exercise equipment for home workout routine. Couple of dices with numbers one side and workout activities on the other side make your workout routine more fun and challenging. Also, can be played as a group activity on the weekends. Following same old routine everyday can be somewhat boring sometimes, much more hoarder to focus if you do them alone in your home. Fitness dice can spice things up and make you do random and creative activities, keeps you motivated. 

CanDo Roller ~

8. CanDo High-Density Roller

This round simple foam roller proven to be a great tool for Yoga, weight Training, Pilates, CrossFit and many more workout activities. It’s available from 12″to 36″ round or half-round fashion, makes it suitable for any position. This foam roller also can be used for doing the other workout at home or after workout to release soreness off the body. Got great reviews at amazon from people who already own one and very satisfied with it. 

Black Mountain Products ~

9. Resistance Band Set With Carrying Case

Black Mountain resistance band set comes with a beginner guide, makes it easier to get properly start working out with them. 48 inches long bands come with a metal clipping system to attached them to any grip handles.  

Black Mountain products are one of the best band set in the market for doing exercising at home and specially designed for biceps, triceps, upper/lower back, chest, abs\core and legs. 

Careless use of these can be risky at times, especially with the metal part. Black Mountain strictly suggests you to not use them after 90 days. 


10. Half Ball Dome Balance Trainer

Half ball domes are best for a home gym under $50 and with some instructions, these can really help you with balance exercise, lunges exercise and also plyometric exercises to improve speed. Perfect as a small space workout equipment. Follow the instructions and avoid any injuries as a starter. ARLISA half ball dome also can be used for physical therapy. 

AmazonBasics ~

11. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell

AmazonBasics Dumbbells set comes with 3 different weight sizes, which comes handy for women’s who wants to do some weight-lifting in daily basics. These dumbbells can be used for working out at home or take it with you anywhere you need, you can maintain your scheduled workout routine anywhere you want. 

These are so simple to carry, you can walk or run while working on those biceps. Start with less heavy ones and slowly move on to the heaviest. Quality isn’t bad compared to its price. 

AmazonBasics ~

12. Neoprene Dumbbell

AmazonBasics kettlebell for agility training, squats, lunges and many more workouts at home environment. Pick any amount of weights from 10 to 60 pounds. Comforting to hold with textured handles and looks good too. Vinyl coating lets it reduces noises, prevent corrosion and protects floors from scratches. 


13. 3-in-1 Wood Plyometric Jumping Box

These REP FITNESS wooden boxes are really strong and good for doing jumping exercise at home. Read the instructions before you start jumping on them. Jumping exercises are great for keeping your whole body really active and bones strong. You can put them any part of your house and do your exercise right away. Really easy to assemble and need to do it only once. Make it a part of your everyday exercise routing. Also, helps you do pushups, dips and box squats.


14. Fitness Strap Trainer

These straps can be attached to a wall or in the garage or the space above the doorway and you hold on to its long straps with handles. Workout on them any time in a day just start pulling and do some exercise for your arms, chest or back. You can also use them outdoor as they are adjustable to your needs. SK straps are based on us military training, now you can do some serious daily workout at home. 

StrongTek ~

15. Wooden Balance Board

Balance board is not something people consider while starting body building but balancing is one of the keys to stable your core strengths and control over your body. With time and practice you can improve your ability on this and start working out while balancing on a balance board. Nice little exercise equipment for home workout and one of the best cheap workout equipment you can buy. 

Daniel Amankwah is a fitness expert for 4EvaFit Lifestyle, personal fitness coach, personal trainer, blogger, and a motivational speaker living in Acton, Massachusetts. His affection for a healthy lifestyle has penetrated through the noise in the health, fitness industry and empowers people to create sustainable prescriptions for lasting health, happiness, and confidence.

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