AUKEY Key Series B80

AUKEY Key Series B80 Review













  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • aptX, aptX LL, and AAC support
  • IPX6 water-resistance
  • Hi-Res certification
  • USB-C charging


  • Battery life
  • No cable management
  • No multiconnect

These are the Aukey key series B80  wireless earbuds. A pair of $49 to $79 wireless earbuds does quite a bit right but at the same time not everything wireless earbuds are the new craze despite wired version still delivering superior audio quality, people want the new technology and I can’t honestly blame them it’s coil just pop the earbuds in your ear and connect without the worry of having to have tangled wires. 

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Inside the Box

First let's look at the box. You see something that's pretty well designed. You don't commonly see this the cheaper pairs or wireless earbuds. When you open the box, you see the earbuds laid out with a case and ear tips underneath.

You see your instruction manuals, a 24-month warranty card, USB C charging cable. The unboxing experience is easily the nicest one I've seen from AUKEY. Like I have said in the past unboxing experience means nothing if the predator sucks. 

Aukey B80 Earbuds

Now let's talk about the Aukey key series b80 earbuds. The wire feels a little bit thin but I do still feel very sturdy and they're matte finishes quite nice feeling, though not quite unique. They are best fitted, might usually on the first try which is a major win for AUKEY.  Most don't so this was a very pleasant surprise but I didn't think that they were bit too big and they stuck out of my ears a bit too much more than most earbuds generally does

I’m not the biggest fan of that but again that is a personal preference so you might like that. We might not like it so much the foam tips on the earbuds which we’ll talk about a little more later. If you place your ear as well which is also a very good thing.

AUKEY Key Series B80 | Best Earbuds Review

Aukey Key Series B80 earbuds have a USB-C charger which is great but the buttons are not one of the best I have seen. Ever the middle one is fine but the volume up and down need quite a bit of pressure to register with my phone, which means you can’t just quickly change volume without some thought.  

Aukey B80 sound quality

Now let's talk about this sound quality and well I wasn't blown away at first. I thought they send it a bit muffled but after some use, they began to sound about just same as any other wireless earbud which is fine. I just had higher hopes for the high res audio claims on the Box and It should have but these just didn't amaze me and they lacked a good amount of bass which I'll say it again was disappointing. 

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Now the sound was very clear which is good and in phone calls everybody said I sounded like normal or even better with the Aukey key series b80, so for audio clarity I would say these might be the best that I have tried but the audio did still sound a little flat. But that should be pretty much expected with most wireless earbuds.  

Now a big pro about Aukey B80 earbuds audio quality wise is they feature a foam your tip options which help with noise isolation. It is nice to have a little bit of noise reduction when you're wearing wireless earbuds.  

Aukey B80 better choice !

Now I don't like to do comparison but I am going to because there's so many other better wireless earbuds out there compare to Aukey key series b80 that air pod seem like a waste of time but going to do it anyway.

They certainly sound better than Apple AirPods. Audio wise I do think Apple AirPods have a bit more bass than these for the price difference I would definitely recommend picking up these over air pods for their valuable noise isolation tips as well as a variety of your tip sizes.

Which does not come with air pods but are needed since no earbuds are one size fits all. Now while they are cheaper than Apple AirPods, they still carry a pretty hefty price tag which I can't help feeling. I'm spending a lot more on the boxing experience in the Bloods themselves. There have been other while City boroughs I've tested for cheaper than these and they sound about the same.  

Aukey B80 Features

Now of course did not come with things like noise isolation and USB type-c but they still sound quite the same.  Aukey key series b80 with extra price does bring some benefits that I have not seen on lower-end wireless earbuds though.

Which is one being USB C which has the ability of charging for 10 minutes equaling 80 minutes of playback time you also have IPX 6 water resistance now remind everybody here that this is not waterproof. It is water resistant but it is resistant against light rain and sweat which is also always really good if you like to wear your earbuds all the time.  

There's also support for our virtual assistants which is also a pretty good perk but these things aren't really necessary and some people might not be able to justify the extra cost just for these things, so I can't really say conclusive. Did I like them or not they were good enough sure but they were also pretty standard for wireless earbuds. If things like the convenience of USB-C, noise isolation and water resistance do matter then go for the Aukey Key Series B80.  

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