AUKEY Key Series B80 | Best Earbuds Review

Aukey Key Series T10


Total wireless freedom


exceptional sound.


24-hour playtime


the USB-C port and Qi wireless charging



  • Comfortable for hours
  • Stable fit suitable for sports
  • Affordable price for true wireless category
  • Good battery at around 6h per charge
  • High-end design


  • Touch controls are sometimes annoying
  • No way to equalize music

AUKEY is an electronic brand from China, who used to only make accessories and charges for Apple / Mac. Not very long it’s been that they have started their headphones production. But they sure made their place in the market with some really awesome products and especially the Aukey key series T10, a truly wirless earbud in under budget.

Key Series T10 Specs

Battery Price Bluethooth Weight Model Number Waterproof

7 hour



21 grams

Key Series T10


AUKEY Key Series B80 Best Earbuds Review

Voice Command Indicator

Now Siri and Google assistant are available via your phone with a triple pest press in either earbuds. Now the only thing missing which I have no idea why they did include this feature for such a suggested premium product. There's no audio pastor, can't listen to your surroundings when you have these in with some of the competitors the Samsung Galaxy budz and Jabra elite to name the two off the top my head here. Although they're more expensive but they do have that feature. 

Now one experience which I don't want to say makes up for it but audio prompts are available. It's very much underrated for earphones and headphones Bluetooth speakers and such but when you put this on you can hear a voice telling you that the t tens are on. You hear a voice indicating when you're paired to your device here and when these things actually turn on and off, it's very helpful. 

Bluethooth 5.0

Now moving on, these have the latest in Bluetooth technology that's Bluetooth 5.0. Testing this for distance the air phone signal reached about 95% of my apartment here having a single go through several walls before the signal started to crackle. That's very high-performance testing. This with video on my cheapo $400 Google pixel 3a phone both YouTube and Netflix played with zero syncing delays a huge plus here.

Bass & power

Let's touch base and power. The charging case, I will admit it looks cool. It feels good but it's not the most intuitive compared to everything or everyone else's. I don't want to sound like I'm exaggerating here but it does take a little bit of muscle memory at first to take it in or out sometimes. It does snag but on the flip side here we do get USB-C. this is the future of connections here and not many competitors actually have this but there's wireless charging drop this on to a pad and there you go if you haven't started using wireless charging, I'm telling you you're missing out here. I wish my 3a had that. 

Now a battery life is rated at up to 7 hours. It's not the best but the average for truly wireless earphones is usually around 4 to 6 hours at the moment. Being at 7 is still very very good. The case itself can give you another two and a half hours of charges for a total of 24 hours of music playback. Now with my testing at a 50% vibe from full to dead, they claim 7 hours but it close to 6 hour 30 minutes, which is not bad

Aukey Key Series T10

Here before we go into the audio test this is unfortunately unable to pair with another device at the same time also you do need the case for pairing. I look through the instruction manual, I didn’t see a way for me to hold down either side here.

Hold down both at the same time to allow it to pair to another device, actually have to take my existing phone or my already paired phone disconnect to forget the device on here and then pair to a different device at that time so just be aware of that. 

Audio Quality Noise Canceling

Now going over the audio signature the Aukey Key Series T10 sounds really damn good for the price this performs more so on the level of a 180 to $200 pair of truly wireless earphones from my interpretation. It's very well balanced, there's enough bass that makes most generous enjoyable from pop and EDM bass is further emphasized on bass or hip-hop tracks but mellows out on all others. I don't sense the mid-range becoming muddy or distorted from the bass, if anything there's a good amount of separation among most of the other audio frequencies.  

Well the mid-range is clear it stands out without being recessed or too forward here the biggest characteristic that was that caught me by surprise is the direction of audio and sound stage for this price range. You could hear instruments or a background vocal work coming from left and right while the audio in general sounds to be much wider than just stereo separation.

This doesn’t perform like my $350 in house, it’s really Wireless Momentum’s but for the price of the Aukey Key Series T10 ,these sound really really good. The high frequencies do play it safe and if I worded nitpick could use a bit more Sparkle a bit more brightness up there but these don’t sound Babli rolled off not even close to being bad at all.

Over all

The audio performance and ease from music is a very pleasant experience. That honestly was better than what I was anticipating. Again, at this price range I would say if you're on the fence or even considering budget earphones around this price range, I recommend these Aukey Key Series T10 from the looks from how they feel to how well they actually perform.

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