Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones

Aftershokz Aeropex Rating


Sound Quality


Wireless Range: 33 ft (10m)


Play Time 8 hour's




Water Protection



  • Very lightweight & durable
  • Perfect fit for running
  • 8 hours play time & 10 days Standby
  • IP67
  • 2 magnetic charger


  • Problematic for people with longer hair
  • Open-ear form factor becomes disruptive in a noisy environment

The aftershockz aeropex which is a pair of bone conduction, I guess you could call them headphones we like to call them bone phones.   

I gave him five stars at the time and little did I know that two years later they’re still like my most favorite headphone and it’s not because they just sound great. 

The sound quality on bone conduction is not the best but for podcast listening which is something I do a lot of bone conduction is in my opinion the best.  

Hear aftershocks has got a new model that they’re calling the aeropexs, which I don’t know what aeropexs are. I definitely do not have arrow pecks. I’ve not been working out very much but I’m kind of curious to see what how far a bone conduction has come in.  

I know it’s been about two years since the aftershocks Trek’s air came out. I’m interested to see how far they’ve come. 

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones
Aftershokz Treks Air
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Now looking on their website I can’t tell much about how these things are supposed to be different. The aftershokz aeropexs are about $10 more than the Trek’s air was when I bought them originally. So, they’re $10 more expensive. 

I think the battery life might be a little bit stronger in these, at least as far as they claim and then the other thing that they’re talking about is this premium pitch 2.0 sound. So maybe they’ve made some improvements to the sound quality.  

Unboxing Aftershokz Aeropex

I’m curious to find out so let’s go and open up the box. We’ll find out what we get inside the aftershokz aeropexs and then I’ll spend some time living with this headphone bone phone whatever you want to call it. 

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones

So, after living with the aeropex for about a week now and comparing these things directly to my other tracks, I’ve got both the treks titanium as well as the treks air.  

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones
AfterShokz Titanium
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I’m ready to let you know what I think about these things and if these things are a good upgrade or if you’ve got those other treks, should you stick with them or if you’re just shopping for your first pair of treks than which ones should you get. We can start by talking about the build and the physical aspects of the aeropexs which generally I’m pretty happy with.  

Even just during the unboxing, there were a couple of things that stood out to me as really nice about the aftershokz aeropex. Including the unboxing experience, it was pretty nice but I don’t really care what did stand out to me though.  

Let’s see a couple of things. The case that these things come with is not something I’m probably going to use. It’s like a little silicone case but it’s got a nice magnetic flap on it and I do some magnet so I appreciate that. Thank you track sir thank you aftershocks.  

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Magnetic chargers

The other thing that stood out which I think is kind of cool. I didn’t know this beforehand but these things charge with a little magnetic charger and you know those things can be kind of cool.  

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones

I’ve got a couple of different devices that have magnetic chargers but there’s one big downside to it is that it’s not compatible with the other chargers that I’ve got. All around the house of whether they’re USB C or micro USB or even lightning port, I don’t have this thing lying around the house but aftershocks actually thought of that and maybe it was an accident but they totally included two charging cables in my package and I think that is a nice little touch.  

So, I can leave a charging cable at work. I’m going to have a charging cable here at home and no matter where I’ve got my tracks and if these are called tracks no matter where I’ve got my Aeroplex, I’m going to be able to charge them and I think that’s actually really nice apart from those things that are inside the box.

Aftershokz Aeropex Build Quality

I am actually really happy with the build of the  aftershokz aeropex and it’s very similar to what you get with the build of the Trek’s air and that’s a headphone, a bone phone that I really like.  

So, I’m pretty happy here in fact, I do think that these are even a little bit lighter than the treks air which I didn’t expect. Is it enough that you would notice it on your head? I don’t think so, at least not my head and maybe I’ve got kind of a big head but weight wise I think these things feel about the same as the Trek’s air.  

Which is to say that they basically disappear in my head, like know why very frequently I will be wearing either the aftershokz aeropexs or the treks airs. Not listening to anything and I’ll just completely forget that I’m wearing them and I’ll go about my day and someone will say something like what is that weird bone phone on your head and I’m like oh these things yeah.  

What I’m trying to say is that they’re comfortable. They’re so lightweight that you don’t really notice them and that’s true of both the treks air as well as the aeropexs.  

Water Protection & Multifunction Buttons

One other nice improvement with the aftershokz aeropexs and this is actually I think a more significant improvement than the weight is that these things are waterproof. They claimed that these are ip67 waterproof. It’s not water resistant.  

They call it waterproof, now does that mean that you could take these things into the rain, yes probably! Does it mean that you could take these things into the shower, probably! Does it mean that you could swim with these? I don’t know about that.  

Now something that’s interesting to me is that aftershocks earlier this year actually came out with two other models of bone conduction headphones that they no longer have on their website. They had one pair that was built into a pair of Oakley’s looking sunglasses that they called the optishot and then the other pair I think they were called the X trainers.  

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones

They were pitching them as made for swimming and now interestingly these aftershokz aeropexs basically look just like those X trainers, the one difference at least that I can tell just based on pictures is that the aeropexs have a button over here on the left side where the X trainers did not.  

Now does that button have any influence on whether or not these things are swim proof? I really don’t know. On their website they claim that you can use these things in extreme weather and they don’t say anything about swimming.

So, I don’t know that I would test it but they don’t make that claim of the aftershokz aeropexs. So I’m definitely hesitant to say that these things are waterproof to that degree. 

I mentioned that there’s a button over here on the left side of the aftershokz aeropexs and that is useful for just toggling pause and play. I do actually have a little bit of a beef with this button. So, on both the treks airs and a trex titanium, which are bone conduction headphones. I’ve spent a lot of time with, they’ve got the same button over here on the left side but the positioning of it is slightly different so on the aftershokz treks air.  

The button is closer to down here at the bottom. This is going to seem like a really minor point but I’m going to tell you right now. One of the things that I love about that button is that I can reach over and hit the button with my shoulder and that’s much much harder to do with the aftershokz aeropexs and if you think I’m joking I swear to you.  

Aftershokz Aeropex review - Treks Air vs Titanium - Best bone conduction headphones

Not like that it is a significant need for me. Let’s just say like my hands are full, carrying around chicken paraphernalia cuz I got chickens in my back yard or I’m doing the dishes and my hands are busy. I need a taco pause/play it’s super convenient to be able to do that with my shoulder and you can still do it here with the aeropexs but it definitely requires more effort and more precision than it does with the other. 

So, during certain activities I actually prefer to have the treks air that said there are some nice things to do with this button. On the outside including the fact that you can now skip forward and backward tracks with this button.

I can double tap the button to skip forward a track but I can’t skip backward a track and for me, because I primarily use these things for listening to podcasts that skip backward function actually acts as go back 15 seconds which for me, I find really useful.  

A lot of times I’m listening to something, listen caste there’s a conversation going and maybe I’ll miss something and it’s very useful for me to be able to go back 15 seconds and you catch up and I can’t do that with the Trek’s air but I can do that here with the aeropexs. 

I think it’s a triple tap which is it’s a little bit of a fiddly function. A little bit of I don’t know it’s a gesture that I find easy to mess up and easy to get wrong but I do appreciate that it’s here and I do actually find it really super useful. So, for that I’m back here on the aftershokz aeropexs maybe.

Bluetooth Functionality

I do like these things better in terms of just like Bluetooth functionality. These things you know they make a really nice strong connection. They have pretty solid range. I didn’t have any issues at all with the Bluetooth functionality. 

That’s also true for both the Titanium’s and the airs, I think aftershokz has got a pretty good reputation at least with me and I’m kind of all that matters but they’ve had a pretty good reputation for having solid Bluetooth and they’re doing it pretty well here with the aeropexs.  

Aeropex, Treks Air & Titanium Sound Quality & Comparison

Now sound quality is still not the strength of the aftershokz aeropexs. If you are really like bone conduction and if you’ve ever used bone conduction before you probably know this but in case you haven’t, bones are good at conducting certain sound frequencies but it’s not going to have near the fidelity of basically any other type of headphone.  

If you’re getting these things to listen to music, I would maybe hold out on that. I mean these things can play you know a decent. They’re decent for like a background music right. So, if you just want something playing in the background of your head maybe you’re in an office setting and you don’t want it coming out of your speaker’s because that would be annoying to everyone around you.  

Bone conduction and the aftershokz aeropexs can do it okay but if you’re like really looking to jam out to music or really dig into the details of. It’s not going to happen here. Where I think bone conduction is especially awesome is with running, in a gym exercising or you listen to podcast.  

I’m going to tell you right now, if you’re an avid podcast listener I think you need a pair of bone conduction headphones whether or not they’re Trek air or  aeropexs. I’ll let you make up your mind but I think that you really should get some bone conduction.  

So, while sound quality is not really the appeal here, I will still spend a little bit of time comparing the sound of the aeropexs to the aftershokz treks air and I think that the aeropexs, they seem to play up the mid-range even more play down the bass even more so when I moved from the treks Titanium’s to the air.  

I found that the Titanium’s the older set actually had more bass but because of the reduced base with the airs. The in-between set, I found that it was easier to follow spoken audio which is my primary use case for it.  

Now the aftershokz aeropexs kind of take that same trend to the next level. Well they just take it a little bit further. There’s even less bass here and even a little bit more pronounced mid-range and I find that again, I think it’s good for spoken audio, right?  

You’re listening to voices; you’re listening to people talk maybe it’s an audiobook or a podcast. I think that these things are better for that and the way that they’re doing are the frequencies that they are playing into are emphasizing now seem to also make it so that it’s a little bit less prone to interference from loud noises around you.  

So, if I’m walking near traffic sometimes, I have a hard time following a podcast but it seems a little bit better here now. The treks air, they’ve got stronger base and maybe you could describe them as slightly more musical but as I just got done saying. I don’t listen to bone conduction for music so for me it doesn’t matter.  

That reduced bass the main difference is that it’s just going to make the voices a little bit clearer and it also makes it so that these things wiggle your head a little bit less when you’ve got the volume maxed out.

Battery Life of Aftershokz Aeropex

There’s actually one other big difference with the aeropexs are the battery life. So, the tracks air the battery life is rated at around six hours which is not super long I found in practice. Maybe seems a little bit longer than six hours especially if you listen to it for six hours straight. It seems to last a little bit longer but I mean that’s roughly what you can expect.  

Now the claimed battery life here with aftershokz aeropexs is up to 8 hours and that’s a pretty useful difference especially if you’re in a scenario where like you need something to listen to during work and you happen to be working for eight hours. A six-hour battery life is going to let you down somewhere in between and these aeropexs, they’re going to last the whole time.

My Overall Thought on Aftershokz Aeropex

I don’t know for the way that I use bone conduction, it’s not really a make-it-or-break-it feature but depending on your personal lifestyle I could see that actually being pretty significant difference. so out of five stars I’m going to give the aftershokz aeropexs another solid five stars but it’s a little bit of a qualified five star. 

So, look just as a product on its own this thing is pretty awesome. If you haven’t used bone conduction again if you’re a podcast listener and a workout person, I think you owe it to yourself to get yourself pair of bone conduction headphones. 

As far as the bone conduction headphones go, these are among the best of all the ones that I’ve tried. These things are excellent. They’re super lightweight, super comfortable and I wear these things all day. Forget they’re on my head the sound quality is I mean it’s as good as you’re going to expect from a bone conduction headphone.  

To get battery life on these things is pretty strong and the fact that they’re waterproof could be pretty appealing to you. My biggest issue with these things is the fact that the aftershokz treks air still exists and now that these things are out, they’ve discounted the treks air to something close to $100.  

I gave him five stars and I loved them I still love them and they’re even cheaper so now there’s a $40 gap between the treks air and the air OPEX and you kind of got to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth it. Is it worth it to have it! Won’t be waterproof and have two hours extra battery life.  

For me the bigger difference is honestly the fact that that that button over there is harder to reach and now I can still activate it with my shoulder, it’s just a little bit more of a pain in the butt but then that button does also let me skip backwards 15 seconds in my podcast and that is also a big deal.  

So, I have a hard time deciding for myself which one I prefer. Which one are you going to prefer? I don’t know if you’re interested in checking out the aftershokz aeropexs of course I’ve got links here. 

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