Questions and answers about daily exercise machines and how effective they are in our daily life. Let’s discuss some of the important factors and improve our exercise life. Healthy body, healthy life 🙂

  • How long does a treadmill last?

    Normally a treadmill lasts for 7-10 years and with instructed care and maintenance, it can achieve a longer lifespan. Again, if you buy a treadmill from a bad brand and its build quality is poor then it can become useless in a year or so. It's hard to say for sure given the fact that so many factors go into determining the longevity of a treadmill.

  • What's the weight limit of Nordictrack C 1650?

    According to the manufacturer's website, the weight limit of Nordictrack C 1650 is 325 lbs.

  • What is the electrical draw/ load of this Nordictrack c1650 treadmill?

    The Electrical load of the Nordictrack C1650 treadmill is 120volts/60hz/13 amps, a very sufficient amount of electricity cost for a treadmill.

  • How to know if you’re physically fit?

    So you want to know if you’re physically fit, Let’s do some arms stretching across your body, see if you can touch your toes without bending your knees. If your body muscles feel very tight or feel like it’s pulling you back then it’s means you need to start doing some fitness exercises.

  • How long does it take to get into shape?

    If you do cardiovascular or resistance training regularly, on average it will take almost six weeks to see noticeable changes in your body share. It’s going to be different from person to person given how much out of shape you are in and how hard will you try to get back into shape. the hardest part is finishing the first few weeks.

  • Does walking strengthen your core?

    Yes, walking strengthens your core and also helps you lose any belly fat, love handles, relax your body tension, keeps your blood flow running, also muscles of your body that supports your stomach, pelvis & back.

  • What two things should you consider when you determine the intensity of your workout?

    Daily activity and your body fitness level are the two things you should consider when you determine the intensity of your workout because you want your body to be active and daily activities are not that stressful and you don’t want to feel dizzy when you do some heavy work like Weightlifting.

  • How do you maintain a ProForm treadmill?

    Proform treadmills are made to last in extreme situations such as hot garage temperature, heavy usage, and the likes. However, to maintain it, there are a few steps you should take. First, ensure to wipe it after each use because sweat encourages germs and bacteria to be bread on the surface. Secondly, ensure you periodically add lubricants to ensure things keep running smoothly.

    1. Proform 600i maintenance
      Furthermore, ensure to take a good look at the screws and belts from time to time.

  • Which ProForm treadmill is the best?

    The ProForm SMART Pro 2000 Treadmill is the best treadmill in all of the proform treadmills for home use. Highly comfortable, effective, easy to use, and filled with pro features in an affordable price range if you want to buy it for your home exercise. 

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  • Which treadmill is better NordicTrack or ProForm?

    Both NordicTrack and ProForm are made by one of the leading gym equipment companies in the world named ICON Health and Fitness. They are neck to neck in competition with each other when it comes to residential work equipment. NordicTrack, however, has an advantage over ProForm because it is of a higher quality for runners and it is more durable.

  • Should you unplug your treadmill when not in use?

    Yes, you should always unplug your treadmill after each use. Ideally, a good power surge strip should be able to shield the electronics in your treadmill from fluctuations in voltage the same way it would with your TV or computer.

    However, the power needs of your treadmill may greatly vary when it is in use. This is dependent on the speed and size of the user as well as the treadmill model, make and age. This may lead to the trip and cut off the power being supplied to the treadmill when using it. It is therefore ideal that instead of depending on a power surge protector that you unplug it when it is not in use.

  • How long does it take to lose love handles?

    You should be able to lose your love handles within two months if you religiously engage in diets and workouts. Note that your waist is perhaps one of the last and most difficult places where your body will lose weight. Hence there is a need to work hard to get it done.

    It is however imperative that you adopt the right diet and exercise to ensure that this is achieved with great speed.

  • What causes love handles?

    The primary cause of love handles is fat retention. Fat cells tend to build up when your body consumes too many calories.

    Love handles can be caused by several factors. These include the accumulation of belly fat as you become older. It can also be caused by hormones especially if you have too much cortisol. Other factors include sleep deprivation, absence of physical activity, taking in a diet that is high n sugars, fats, and calorie content.

  • What is the best exercise to lose belly fat and love handles?

    The best way you can burn body fat generally is by engaging in cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, cycling, and elliptical training. By engaging in these exercises regularly, you can lose your love handles and belly fat in a good time.

    While doing these, ensure you cut down on your calorie intake while also adopting a proper diet. It, however, requires discipline, consistency, and focus to achieve.

  • Is it better to workout in the morning or at night?

    Work out in the morning before breakfast is the best way to burn more fat when compared with working out in the evening. In addition to this, morning workouts are the ideal way to kick your metabolism starting. This leads to a burning of calories all through the day instead of evening workouts where metabolism is quite lower.

    One of the unique benefits of working out in the morning is that it gives you the required energy boost to get you through the day.

  • What exercise machine is good for abs?

    The best abs exercise machines include cable machine Pallof press, captain's chair leg raise, rowing machine knee tuck, glute hamstring developer situp, and incline bench situp.

    Abs machines represent a departure from the norm. They allow you to keep your muscles and midsection doing more work on your journey to physical awesomeness. A machine will assist you in amplifying the effects of the workout and as such help in strengthening your core even further.

  • Which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat?

    Treadmills are the best machine for those looking to lose belly fat. This is because running or walking are both great exercises in that regard. This is why elliptical trainers and treadmills are tools that should be part of your daily training routine.

    In a case where your elliptical trainer comes with handlebars, it is even better because you can exert your upper body even further and thus burn more unwanted calories.

  • Can I workout at home and gain muscle?

    Yes, you can workout at home and gain muscle. However, this is subject to what you have at your disposal at home. You need a serious home gym and not just a Bow-Flex contraption. For your home gym setup, you will need a bench, a rack, and weight plates that are up to 600lbs.

    You can progress by adding to this basic requirement with time.

    One of the most important things required to build muscles is referred to as progressive overload. This implies the stimulus needed for the muscle to keep increasing every time you work out.

  • How can I build muscle without going to the gym?

    There are certain steps you can take to build muscles without going to the gym. First, you can begin by jogging or running to help improve your physical stamina. You can proceed by engaging in push-ups to help build muscles in your upper body.

    Furthermore, engage in crunches to help build muscles in your waist. Dips are also encouraged as well as pull-ups for your upper body. To increase your portion muscular body engage in squats and engage in bodyweight exercises.

  • How can I get huge muscles?

    If you are looking to get huge muscles you need to get to work right away! Begin by getting stronger, follow this by adding some weight. This is to be followed by doing exercise that works different muscles simultaneously.

    The next step is that you should use barbells and increase the frequency of training your muscles. Your muscles also need to recover from the workouts if they are to grow bigger and stronger. Also, ensure that you eat more food especially proteins, and maintain consistency.

  • Do you need to lift heavy weight to get big?

    Contrary to popular beliefs, you can build muscles using lighter weights the same way you would using heavier weights. What heavyweight does for you is to help you improve your strength and not your body mass. Note that there is a difference between strength and muscle mass. It, therefore, suffices to say that it is not a function of how much weight you lift how well you can tire out your muscles and cause the synthesis of proteins.

    In summary, lifting heavy weights is not the only way to increase your muscle size.

  • How do spin bikes work?

    Indoor Cycling spin bikes challenge you both physically and mentally, stressed your body, and speed up your blood flow at the same time, which help's your body fat burn quickly. Get your heartbeat up high in a Spin bike, move your body muscles fast so your calories will burn out in the process, and keeps your body active for a long period of time during the day.

  • What to consider when buying a indoor spin bike for home?

    Before buying an indoor spin bike, consider checking these things first a spin bike buying guide.

    1. Frame: For any type of spin bikes, it's the frame is the most important part to check and make sure it's quality is good. Make sure it's wide enough for you.
    2. Flywheel: It's located on the front side of the bike. Check the weight of the wheel, it will be spin more smoothly depending on its weight.
    3. Resistance: 5 types of resistance mechanisms can be found in a spin bike. Cable, manual screw, electronic, magnetic, and electromagnetic resistance. Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable controlling your bike's resistance.
    4. Chain or belt: There are two types of drive systems, chain, and belt. Try to go for the best type of drive system.
    5. Adjustment: Most of the spin bike's now have adjustable seats. It's important to be able to adjust the height and position of your seat according to your physical structure or you won't feel comfortable riding it.
    6. Breaks: You can find three types of brake systems which are fabric breaks, leather breaks, and magnetic braking. Magnetic breaking ones should be your first choice as it requires less maintenance and noise-free.
    7. Display Screen: Most spin bikes come with a display screen, although not all of them. The display screen helps you measure your workout progress, like distance, bike speed, calories burn count and many more.
    8. Pedals: You should not worry too much about the bike pedals as almost all of them have quice good pedal for you to put your feet comfortably. But still, just check before you buy it.
    9. Transportation Wheels: If you are buying a spin bike for home, then, you should check if the bike has transportation wheels attached to it. It will help you move around your spin bike from one room to another, as it can be very heavy.

  • Are spin bikes good for weight loss?

    Cycling spin bikes can definitely help you lose weight, "how much" is depends on how you use it. It helps you burn more calories and increase energy use. Next are how long, how frequently, and how intensely you exercise on your spin bike. All of them are accountable for how many calories and fats you will burn throughout your exercise. If you maintain an effective exercise routine for spin bikes, then you will start losing weight in a noticeable manner quickly.

  • What are spin bike shoes?

    Spin bike shoes are made of materials that are lightweight, thin enough so your feet won't get wet easily and comes with a stiff soles feature that gives more power to pedals and stick with them more tightly.